Resort tycoon unveils “Religion and Nationalism Policy”, promises to strengthen Islamic faith

The Jumhoree Party (JP) has unveiled its “Religion and Nationalism Policy” – a set of objectives focusing on strengthening Islamic faith and national identity in the Maldives – as part of party leader Gasim Ibrahim’s bid for presidency in the upcoming elections.

Both the religious conservative Adhaalath Party (AP) and Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) recently defected to Gasim from President Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s coalition, forming the ‘Jumhoree Alliance’ – a coalition consisting of the three parties.

DQP Leader Hassan Saeed was subsequently appointed as Gasim’s running mate.

In a rally held to unveil the policy on Tuesday, Gasim stressed his “personal efforts” defending national identity and the religion, claiming to have been the mastermind behind the constitutional prerequisite that in order to be a Maldivian, one must be a Muslim.

During the constitution drafting process Gasim claimed that, despite a small group of people objecting to the mandatory requirement, it was he who forced the article into the constitution by invoking his power as Speaker of the Assembly. As a result, Article 9(d) of the constitution states “a non-Muslim may not become a citizen of the Maldives”.

“I made the proposition to include the article demanding that every Maldivian citizen must be a Muslim. I did this by invoking the powers vested to the Speaker of the Constitutional Assembly under the previous constitution,” Gasim said. “Despite opposition from a few, I carried out my religious and national duty courageously believing in Allah. By the will of Allah, I was able to succeed.”

Gasim also he had worked to include the article because 99 percent of Maldivian people did not want any other religion allowed in the Maldives, although he admitted that a few individuals did not share the same view as he did.

Meanwhile as head of the Villa resort chain Gasim remains one of the country’s single largest importers of alcohol, with customs records for 2011 revealing that his hotels – including the Royal, Paradise, Sun, and Holiday Island resorts – imported approximately 121,234.51 litres of beer, 2048 litres of whiskey, 3684 litres of vodka and 219.96 kilograms of pork sausages annually, among other haram (prohibited) commodities restricted to ‘uninhabited’ islands.

Focus on Islamic education and an Islamic University

The Chairman of Villa Group also promised that in his future government he would make the subjects Islam and Quran mandatory in all schools up to grade 10. He said he was promising this because people wanted it to be that way and that no one can “challenge” the wishes of the people.

“I do not wish to rule upon you as a king, but rather as your servant,” he claimed.

Gasim also said that the Jumhoree Party intends to establish an Islamic University in the country that would teach Arabic and Islamic Studies. He also promised to establish Islamic education centres in other regions of the Maldives as part of his government’s bid to strengthen people’s faith in Islam.

Speaking during the rally, Minister of Islamic Affairs Shaheem Ali Saeed – who is the Chair of Adhaalath Party’s Foreign Relations Committee – said the Jumhoree Alliance was the only political group with the technical people required to defend Islam.

He claimed there was no other political party or political group able to overpower the strength of the coalition in academic merit or experience.

Strengthening Islamic faith among youth

Shaheem meanwhile claimed a Jumhoree government’s educational focus was the establishment of an Islamic University. He promised that within the first year of government, legislation would be proposed to parliament to upgrade the current Islamic College Kulliyath’ Al Dhiraasath al Islamiyya to an Islamic University.

He also promised that schools teaching in the Arabic medium will be set up in four regions of the country other than in Male’, claiming that a lot of people had complained to him over a lack of Arabic teaching schools.

“These things will turn out to be a defining step in renewing our Islamic identity. These policies are important steps that will be taken for the benefit of this country. The most prestigious promise made by our leader Gasim Ibrahim is to keep this country as an Islamic state,” Shaheem said.

Shaheem claimed that making Quran a mandatory subject for students was part of Jumhoree party’s belief in strengthening Islamic faith among young people.

“The result will be that young people will have stronger faith in Islam and a renewed spirit of nationalism,” he said.

The Islamic Minister said under a Jumhoree government, efforts would be made to strengthen ties with Islamic states that would help other Muslims living in difficult situations – such as Maldivians.


23 thoughts on “Resort tycoon unveils “Religion and Nationalism Policy”, promises to strengthen Islamic faith”

  1. As things are in Maldives now, Nationalism is the only policy that can bring stability. Too much have been chiseled away from the society in the name of liberalism and democracy, including some very good aspects of Maldives

    Thus I support the policy from Qasim. But I will not vote Qasim bec he is too chaotic person

  2. You ignorant fool. The students who study in your Islamic school will eventually grow up and shut down your resorts.

  3. He actually means a focus on a dictatorship. Prior to the writing of the new constitution Islam wasn't a requirement for citizenship or proof you were a Maldivian National, but he freely admits he was responsible for making over 4000 Maldivians stateless because they weren't Muslim.

    For this one offence he has broken the tenants of Islam and should be ashamed to call himself a Muslim. Respect for all faiths it states in the Quran, yet he chooses to compel Islam as a means to retain citizenship.

    As for the teaching of Arabic, why? Will this help your students enter the world of commerce, business, trade or international studies? Put their efforts into your own language without outside influence and corruption of this historic cultural language. The only other language should be English as this is formally the internationally agreed language of Aeronautical and Maritime communications so even your fisherman are required to operate under these terms when in international waters.

    Even the internet is driven by the English language, so may be he has decided to opt for Arabic so the youth won't be able to understand what is going on in the outside world or educate themselves to what really constitutes a democratic process.

    The man preaches Islam, yet does not live by it. You cannot promote Islam and sell alcohol and pork for profit and expected to be taken seriously. Vote for a man who believes in what he says and his actions, not to gain votes by getting in bed with radical zealots.

  4. I regret not taking up Arabic in school. The mullahs have written a lot of crazy stuff in their books in Arabic which don't usually get translated in the sanitized Wahhabi English propaganda published by the likes of Darussalaam. (an example is Tafsir ibn Kathir which has lots of sections censored in the English translation).

    Hopefully kids who go to this University will learn Arabic and be able to enjoy that mullah-speak without the picking and choosing. A little knowledge about Islam will make you a Wahhabi. A thorough knowledge of Islam will make you an ex-Muslim. When it comes to parodying the Quran, you can't beat those Arab atheists at the ladeenyon forum.

  5. Burma Gasim, spinning the web using Islam. No other candidate is a threat to Islam, and Islam would continue on here despite who gets elected.

    Whats really important is thinking about the economy the Maldives is on the brink of Bankruptcy. Maldivians need to think critically, what the country needs is investments that would give a return, and create jobs. Maldivians needs the technical and vocational training to perform the Jobs.

    Every Maldivian knows how to read Islam thanks to the Dhivehi translation very Maldivian know the meaning of Quruan. Spending money to build Islamic University and faculties across the country is not mission critical.

    What is mission critical?!!! The ship is sinking.

    Reform the Judiciary, improve the Legislative laws. Improve the teaching standards of the current educational infrastructure, and build human capital.

    Burma Gasim .... think

  6. Let's take a look at these points in turn:

    (1) Gasim is claiming to have been the mastermind behind the constitutional prerequisite that in order to be a Maldivian, one must be a Muslim.

    He's also the mastermind that has defended porn star Ali Hameed who continues to sit in the Supreme Court. How Islamic is that?

    (2) His future government would make the subjects Islam and Quran mandatory...

    Nothing wrong with that.

    (3) Jumhoree Party intends to establish an Islamic University in the country that would teach Arabic and Islamic Studies.

    This is a step in the wrong direction. In the 14th century, that might have made sense. Not anymore. Coming out with an Arabic + Islamic Studies education won't get you far in either this life or the next one.

    If you doubt me, take a good look at our porn star Ali Hameed. After all, he studied all that in the heart of Arabia! What's the result? Garbage!

    (4) The Jumhoree Alliance was the only political group with the technical people required to defend Islam.

    We keep hearing this non-sense about "defend Islam". Defend Islam from what? Islam has been on planet earth for 1434 years and is expanding. Maldivians have been 100% Muslim for over 800 years. There are over a billion Muslims in the world to defend the faith. So, how does Jumhoree Alliance defend this religion?

    (5) The most prestigious promise made by our leader Gasim Ibrahim is to keep this country as an Islamic state,

    That's the most un-prestigious and downright Haram lie! Gasim doesn't decide the identity of the state. Our constitution guarantees it! The people chose that constitution.

    (6) The result will be that young people will have stronger faith in Islam and a renewed spirit of nationalism...

    Ladies n gentlemen, I thanks Laura once again for Islam and nation thanks once again.

  7. So will he ask "white" women in his resort to wear burqa or abhaya, the next time they decide to sun-bathe or go snorkeling? And will "white" men be asked to drink only coconut water and camel's milk - no beer.

  8. So this idiot is to blame for that moronic rule.
    Being a muslim is a choice, when you force perverts, drug addicts & psychopaths to pretend to be muslim, it degrade islam just look at porn star Ali Hameed, look at all the drug dealers rapists & pedophile, wouldnt it be better to call them kaafaru.

    ps what happens to people who arnt muslim that are born in maldives?

  9. @Mohamed on Wed, 7th Aug 2013 11:33 PM

    "ps what happens to people who arnt muslim that are born in maldives?"

    Good question. Under the conventions that Maldives have signed up, it cannot make a person stateless regardless of what religion they advocate. I'm also not aware of any test (to very Muslim-hood) carried out before granting a Maldivian national a passport.

    Perhaps Gasim will introduce such a test. The irony is that he himself will actually fail such a test, if carried out properly and rigorously! If "the Laura" is anything to go by, Gasim's Arabic will leave much to be desired. In fact, he probably will be better off NOT reciting the Quran at all, since it's actually a sin to recite it wrongly or in a way that messes up its message.

    There are a number of other politicians who will fail equally badly. Anyone ever heard Waheed recite a single verse of the Quran? Can he even read the Quran? I doubt it.

  10. "The result will be that young people will have stronger faith in Islam and a renewed spirit of nationalism…'

    I thought about this one again, and realised what this is actually saying. Young people up to a certain age DO have strong faith in Islam (or whatever other religion they believe in). At a certain point, it suddenly dawns on some of them, that there is something not quite right about all that they have heard and read.

    Look at "homosexual" and some other characters here. I bet they were pious, mosque going, Muslims at some distant point in the past. Cynicism has taken its toll on them now and are forever bound towards the gates of hell, with not a chance of escape.

  11. I might also add that the so-called "Sheikh" Shaheem owes his career and his status to his knowledge of the English language. He said so in a public interview. When he got a scholarship, (thanks to uncle Gasim), to study in Malaysia, he had to acquire a working knowledge of English, having "graduated" from an Arabic Madhrasaa!

    How deceitful and conniving is it that he is now trying to confine fellow Maldivians into oblivion by sending them to a life of "Islam and Arabic" misery. I can foresee these people having a conversation along the lines a famous clergyman once had with the Pope:

    Clergyman: Holy Father, I don't believe in God anymore.
    Pope: (in a rather stern voice) Fake it!

  12. @Mohamed: They are taken as prisoners of war, forced to become the ruling elite's concubines, or be beheaded.

    Also, the maldivian constitution as it is today is against islamic tenents, and therefore, is now null and void.

  13. Can someone ask the man trying to defend Islam about the time he fornicated with some random woman and was sentenced to house arrest? Also, someone should ask this man about the rumors of him bringing in prostitutes to sleep with in his resorts, where alcohol and pork are sold to infidel tourists.

    The thing is Mr.Buruma, no matter how hard you try, the number of people leaving Islam in the Maldives is on the rise. Most of these ex-muslims are quite young, and I think they all leave because your fellow haabees teach them what Islam is all about.

  14. Oh how about the prostitutes employed as massage therapists in Gasim's resort who does special services for Gasim and friends. Now is that also an Islamic obligation Gasim?

  15. Gasim speaking about his love for Islam and the nation? A pimp speaking for family values women's rights would be more convincing.

  16. Religion and National Identity did exist in this country.
    It has never been lost in the recent past before a group of said to be "Sheikhs" like Imran, Ilyas, Shaheem, Didi, Abdulla and so on came and started preaching the version of religion they were implanted and started auctioning religion for the highest bidder and down graded National Identity by snatching people's votes and became political prostitutes!

    Gasim along with this bunch would never know shame!

    To my belief, Gasim and this bunch, can never have any say about religion or national identity before repentance and public apology!

  17. Adhalath party has been ruling Maldives Islamic development for the past 5 years. They own the Islamic ministry since Nasheed came to power. There was some development under minister Bari but after Shameem over threw Bari, we hear nothing much except what they will do after the election. What can they do when they didn't do anything for 5 years. On the other hand Gasim who the owner of bars & porck chops talks of ruing with Islamic shariya, what a joke.

  18. Ghasim is bankrupt.. nobody is lnding to Villa Gp .. brillinat if these dumb maldivians end up beinging such a idiot into power. He cannot run his company properly...

    He has got the rabid mullah s on his side and is trying to preach islam..

    what he and his bearded Adhalath party will do is to rape young women / girls... then flog them.... probably bring a presidential decree to save Villa Gp who cannot even pay their water bill... and then permit any bearded person / goat to have sex with who ever or whatever they please...

    Shame on Maldives!!! this is the begining of th end... save this and re-read this in June 2014.. when reality would have hit.

  19. Mordis is doomed. None of the candidates is going to save us.

    We now need an ironfist dictator, with a heart and mind for saving the nation from this pit hole we are spiralling into.

    Democracy for dumb or dictator without personal business influences? I would go for dictatorship now.

  20. *undulating voice*
    I hereby make it legal for Gasim to engage in pimping, the sales of pork and alcohol, and drug trafficking, for the following reasons - prostitution breeds more soldiers for our Jihad - our Holy War against the west. While the cannon-fodder is sacrificed, we can make lots of money from donations from idiotic and gullible people worldwide.

    Alcohol and pork, are both harmful things, so we must invite our enemies of the West to partake them. Deceit is a part of war. The drugs we produce are consumed by non-muslim scum who don't deserve to be citizens.
    *finger into the sky*

    I hereby give my Holy Permission to Gasim to do all these things, as I can trace my lineage to some Qureysh guy who sold dates next to Prophet Muhammad's house IN THE GOLDEN AGE OF ISLAM and remember - going against me, a COMPANION OF THE PROPHET is BLASPHEMY! HERESY! AN INSULT TO THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD HIMSELF! MAY ANYONE WHO DARES TO QUESTION ME SUFFER HELLFIRE IN THIS WORLD AND THE NEXT! FIISABEELILLLAH! ALLAH ACKBAR! FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF VILLA CORPORATION!

  21. Sheikh Shaheem makes deals with Feeroze Gulam

    Qasim needs free sovereign guarantees to finish all resort islands.

    Islam is now being used as a business strategy.

  22. Interesting to read the comments. It clearly demonstrates those who have commented here are highly intelligent individuals who could make a fine distinction between rights and wrongs. What strikes me more however is, where are the pro-Gasim-Wahhabi-Wanabbas commenting in to defend their newly found bullion? I guess they realize they have no constructive argument in support of this Rannammari. (Every man in this country with a head on his shoulders know that Rannamaari was a womanizer, and nothing else).


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