Supreme Court Justice’s sex tape a fake, claims business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim

Leader of the Jumhoree Party (JP) and business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim has defended Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed, dismissing the alleged sex-tape involving the judge as a fake.

The video of the Supreme Court Justice allegedly indulging in adultery came into media limelight following the arrest of Ahmed Faiz – a senior Council Member of President Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s Gaumee Ihthihaad Party (GIP) and former Project Advisor at the Housing Ministry.

Snapshots taken from the video began circulating on social media networks Twitter and Facebook, prompting a police investigation. Last week, the police formally notified relevant authorities including the JSC, the Prosecutor General and President Waheed regarding their investigation into the case.

The notification led the JSC to form its own five member committee to look into the matter.  According to JSC, the committee comprises of three of its members including Vice Chair of the commission Abdulla Didi, commission members Latheefa Gasim and Ahmed Rasheed. Two additional attorneys outside JSC have also been selected to sit on the committee.

Earlier this week local media reports claimed the JSC, in addition to the sex-video, had begun investigating videos of Hameed discussing political corruption of the judiciary with a local businessman, and a meeting with former immigration controller Ilyas Hussain Ibrahim. Both have been circulating on social media.

Speaking during a campaign rally held at Thaa Atoll Veymandoo Island on this Saturday, The JP Presidential candidate – who also sits in the JSC as a representative of the parliament – claimed that Justice Hameed had been victimised by the aides of former President Mohamed Nasheed.

The resort owner alleged that Nasheed – who is the presidential candidate of the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) – commands “a large group of vigilante criminals who will do whatever he demands.”

“They blackmail people in order to keep them in check. They do all kinds of things. Even today, look at that fake video of the judge. [Nasheed] will do what he wants by using blackmailing and other tactics,” Gasim claimed.

Following the MDP’s launched of its youth policy, dubbed ‘Entertainment without fear’, Gasim labeled Nasheed a “monster” claiming that he had done every “despicable act ever to be found in the world”.

The owner of Villa Group also alleged that there were “external forces” assisting those behind the video of the judge, and alleged that the motive of these unidentified forces were to take over state assets, introduce other religions to the country, and create infighting within society.

“There are people in the world that cannot digest the fact that Maldives is a 100 percent Islamic country,” said the resort tycoon, whose Villa Hotels chain in 2011 imported approximately 121,234.51 litres of beer, 2048 litres of whiskey, 3684 litres of vodka and 219.96 kilograms of pork sausages, among other haram commodities restricted to islands deemed ‘uninhabited’.

Violation of JSC Code of Conduct

President of Maldives Bar Association and former Attorney General Husnu Al Suood criticised Gasim’s remarks, alleging he had violated the code of conduct of the JSC.

Suood claimed that Gasim had violated section 24 of the code by making statements in a political forum on a matter currently being investigated by the JSC.

Section 24 of JSC’s Code of Conduct states that a member of the commission shall not disclose any information obtained from the commission by being its member to a third party, except for the purpose of executing the member’s duties.

“In my opinion, it is not fair for Gasim Ibrahim to sit on the JSC while being a presidential candidate.  He must leave the position. That is because these types of conflicts will arise when a commission member is campaigning for the position of presidency,” Suood said.

Suood further highlighted that Gasim, by misusing information from the JSC for his political benefit, had undermined the credibility and impartiality of the state institution.

The opposition MDP followed Suood in criticising Gasim’s remarks, claiming that the JP Leader was defending the sex-tape scandal and incompetent judges for his own benefit.

Speaking to Minivan News, MDP Spokesperson MP Imthiyaz Fahmy claimed Gasim was “hell bent on preventing the judiciary from being reformed”.

“Gasim Ibrahim is trying to undermine the entire judiciary for his own business and political interest. Why else is he sitting in the JSC while campaigning for presidency?” Fahmy questioned.

Fahmy alleged that Gasim’s greatest fear was a free and fair judiciary, “where his bribes will not work”.

“Look at his past track record. He has criticised reports produced by top technical experts from reputed international organisations regarding the judiciary. We all know how low he went in dismissing UN Special Rapporteur Gabriela Knaul’s report,” Fahmy said.

Gasim had previously accused UN Special Rapporteur on Independence of Judges and Lawyers Gabriela Knaul of “lying and joking” about the state of the Maldivian judiciary.

During her preliminary observations on the country’s judicial system, Gabriela Knaul expressed concern over the politicisation of JSC – the body constitutionally mandated to oversee the functioning of the judiciary.

“[Gabriela Knaul] claimed that the judges were not appointed transparently, I am sure that is an outright lie. She is lying, she did not even check any document at all nor did she listen to anybody. She is repeating something that was spoon-fed to her by someone else. I am someone who sits in JSC. She claimed there were no regulations or mechanism there. That is a big joke,” Gasim claimed at the time. “She couldn’t tell a bigger lie.”

Fahmy meanwhile called on the parliament members to initiate a motion to remove Gasim Ibrahim from the JSC.


14 thoughts on “Supreme Court Justice’s sex tape a fake, claims business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim”

  1. What's fake is this oily oligarch's commitment to religion and claims to uphold justice. Recently a picture was leaked of this sleazy worm lighting incense at a Buddhist shrine. I'll bet that's fake too. So are the profits he makes from alcohol and pork sale. He represents everything that is wrong with Dhivehistan - the idiotic, loudmouthed, powerful, religion-abusing rich Dhivehistani.

  2. People who listen to this Man Gasim Ibrahim is gone mad.

    One he is been sentence for flogging, by having Illegal sexual relations with a women unmarried.

    I simply cant understand how he got his name as a candidate last lime and this time also having a chair In JSC?

    Probably his money could buy.

  3. Ah yes, the fake islamist speaks again lol !!! Let's all be good muslims now, as long as it doesn't affect my business 😉

  4. How is Suood so apparent that Gasim obtained the information from JSC?

    If he obtained the information from JSC, what steps are required to take against him? Being the representative of the representatives why should not the parliament take necessary steps against him. The parliament members, the remaining 76 members, have failed so far to propose a motion against him. He has been actively participating him presidential campaign in the last 3 months. A possible presidential candidate in JSC undermines the judicial independence.

    All the political leaders are “hell bent on preventing the judiciary from being reformed”. Inthi has accused Gasim of bribing; which JSC must put an investigation in to effect.

    Neither any party nor any politician is serious in reforming any institution. We have witnessed it in the past Four and Half Years.

    Addu City Council was formed by resolution of the Supreme Court. The resolution follows nothing other than a political understanding in 2010. For MDP, the resolution is extraordinary upholding the article 4th of the Constitution.

    Hulhu Male Magistrate Court: Supreme Court legitimised an illegitimate court, for a political reason. No one is serious in reforming any institution in Maldives. Everyone is taking advantages.

  5. "Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) – commands “a large group of vigilante criminals who will do whatever he demands.”

    “They blackmail people in order to keep them in check. They do all kinds of things. Even today, look at that fake video of the judge. [Nasheed] will do what he wants by using blackmailing and other tactics,” Gasim claimed."

    Oh Boy!
    He's got such a crush on Nasheed!
    Can imagine what will happen to this "Saint" if he is not elected!!!!

    Mr. Gasim seems to be cracking; but in a very different way!

    He seems to be passing the buck and blaming others for the many things he probably could have done at the JSC!

    If he was aware of these things, being the "Saint" he seem to be claiming, he should have been the first person to blow the whistle!

    Being an MP and a member of the JSC, just cannot see why he should be defending such a tanned person!

  6. Mullah: Gasim, what about the alcohol and pork that you sell to make money?

    Gasim: In Islam, sometimes it's OK to do that kind of thing, didn't you know? I have enough knowledge as a Muslim.

    Mullah: OK, fair enough. Can I join your party? How much will you give me?

    Gasim: Er... let's see, 7 days of alcohol and pork sales, ... 300 * 20 * 1.5 = 9000 dollars. How's that?

    Mullah: Deal. Let's shake on that.

  7. Its natural that Qasim;s sympathies will lie with the accused judge.Apparently he was lashed for fornication in the past. One of his staff once told me he was trying to 'charm' a Russian guy's wife at one of his resorts. The husband got so mad he ran after Qasim who fled towards the jetty. He was saved by one of his staff who knocked the Russian into the sea. So much for 'Laura; The man should buy playboy magazine instead of running for President.

  8. I thought it was a member of Dr Waheed's party Faiz who was trying to sell the sex video? Where does President Nasheed and the MDP come into the equation?

    Looks like Gasim doesn't watch his own news. How could he get this bit of information wrong?

    Thank you Husnu Suoodh for calling Gasim into account over these accusations. Gasim must be asked to resign from the JSC. What a disgrace and embarrassment this man is turning out to be for the Maldives.

    For goodness sake, this is the Holy Month of Ramalan, Gasim. Can you stop your lying and speeches inciting hatred of another human being for just one month?

    And seriously, Gasim, take heed of Allah's wrath when HIS name is spoken of in vain and exploited. Gasim, as chair of the 2008 constitution being drafted insisting on the clause to make it mandatory for Maldivians to be muslims and then carrying on selling alcohol and pork. WALK THE TALK GASIM.

  9. Mr Gasim seems to be having such a grudge and virtual fear of Prez Nasheed he now have very conveniently forgotten that the culprit behind the leaked video is done by none other than someone who claimed to be in the thick of things in related to the coup took place on 7th.Feb.2012. He is blind and now I have changed my mind of giving mine and my family's votes to Gasim. Instead I ll settle for the new comer Mr. Ahmed Suood.

  10. Exactly what I expected from him, a Mordis boss.

    The sad truth is majority would believe him. We have this believe 'whatever boss says' history.

    After all, every single Mordisian believed the rapist Jinni, and the subsequent salvation mullah from Morocco.

    Great job, majority of Mordisians!!!

  11. I understand calling Gasim a hypocrite for claiming to defend Islam whilst owning resorts which sell alcohol.

    I also disagree with Gasim that this video is fake. I have heard way too many first hand accounts of politicians paying gangsters to drug their political opponents, have sex with them, film the sex and blacmail them with the film, that, I can't help but see that this is the TRUTH of what is happening.

    HOWEVER! Who the hell has the right to look down on Gasim for getting whipped for zina (fornication)?? We scream for others to be flogged for zina when we are guilty of it ourselves! At least with THAT ONE, Gasim was not a hypocrite like the rest of us barbarians! I respect that IMMENSELY! If anything, I have compassion on Gasim for THAT one!

  12. If the naked guy seen in the video is not Ali Hameed then it could very well be Gasim himself. Therefore thank you Laura once again thank you Laura


  14. Gasim always talk about rule of law but it seems even before the election he broke a serious law.


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