Revised committee composition approved over Z-DRP MPs’ objections

Pandemonium broke out in the chamber tonight as Speaker Abdulla Shahid called a vote to approve a compromise reached by parliamentary group (PG) leaders over the revised composition of standing committees.

In a riotous sitting that saw Jumhooree Party (JP) MP Ibrahim Muttalib tear off his mic and opposition ‘Zed-faction’ MPs on their feet in protest, the proposal agreed upon by the PG leaders was passed with 36 votes in favour and one against.

MPs of the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party’s (DRP) breakaway Z-faction and some MPs of the coalition partner People’s Alliance (PA) were gathered in front of the Speaker’s desk when the vote was taken. The MPs contended that the agenda item was tabled against parliamentary rules and did not participate in the vote.

After the result was announced, some MPs were seen screaming and chasing after their erstwhile colleague.

Minivan News understand that Shahid was unharmed after security personnel stepped in between the Speaker and irate MPs.

The Z-DRP and some PA MPs had objected that they were not consulted before the committee lists were agreed upon by PG leaders.

The revised composition of the committees and list of MPs will be announced tomorrow.


The dispute over control of voting majorities in powerful and influential committees was sparked by the defection of two opposition MPs to the ruling party in May. It has since led to forced cancellations and rendered the 12 parliamentary committees dysfunctional.

As parliamentary rules dictate proportional representation, the committee reshuffle was necessitated at the beginning of the current session in June when the MDP became the majority party with 34 seats.

The increased share of the ruling party in parliament (45 percent) had to therefore be reflected in the 11-member standing committees (45 percent or five seats).

With the DRP-PA coalition entitled to four seats, the dispute got drawn out with disagreements over filling the two remaining seats with either one of eight Independents or four minority opposition MPs (three Jumhooree Party MPs and one Dhivehi Qaumee Party MP).


9 thoughts on “Revised committee composition approved over Z-DRP MPs’ objections”

  1. The Master Puppeteer our dear OLD Leader "Zaeem" Maumoon is enjoying playing havoc with our country.

    He must have been laughing watching his goons disrupting the sanctity of the Majlis just for the sake of it and because he just could do it from a distance.

    Z-DRP or whatever the Maumoonists call themselves and PA know that they just don't have the numbers in the Majlis to get things done their way.

    Yet these antics are all calculated for the eyes of the masses (who are watching these reality TV shows of Majlis in the absence of any real entertainment in the country) and creating the havoc just to demonstrate how "fierce and strong" these "Z-DRP/PA" gang is so that they could attract more followers and to convince the public that the only team strong enough to challenge HEP Nasheed is MAUMOON and YAMEEN. And that only one of these two is going to rule this country in the future.

    Maumoon and Yameen should keep on with their pathetic theatrics. When the time comes these two maniacs will be dealt with.

  2. Who are to blame for what is happening in Majlis?
    The answer is the Maldivian pubic. Majority of the population sold their vote for Mrf 500.
    Can anyone explain how a lunatic like Muthalib can get elected? He does not know what he is talking in the Mjlis floor! Most of the time he talk of beloved Allah and the beloved Islam!

  3. Please inform me, is the Speaker, Honorable Abdullah Shahid in DRP or in Z-DRP? The jigsaw puzzle has become - disjointed at best?

  4. Really Ben? How has it become so "disjointed" lol please elaborate to me how you think Shahid is in anyway affiliated with Z-DRP when certain members of that faction go to try and attack him in the parliament? Surely its clear cut. Hope this helped you out.

  5. In case of honorable Shahid it is hard to analyze; he is like a cunning jackal.
    Gay yoom or one little too little faction will be ok with him, so long they serve his purposes.

  6. @abu: I know, I know...

    My question about the jigsaw puzzle was really about ppl, friendships, alliances. Just when you think two people fit together like brothers, all of a sudden they no longer seem to fit with each other, my question is, whish alliance, friendship is really sincere?

    I ask this because I had been told that Maumoon and Shahid were like Brothers?

    So it is just a big surprise for me to see he has made a decision which must be unpopular with Gayoom, though I CAN read so I obviously see he has... So, really, what happened?

  7. Fair enough I see what you mean.

    All I can say is who are we to say, assume or believe that they behaved like brothers when we can see actions being done by Shahid and others who were considered close to Maumoon.

    In my opinion, and this is just my humble own opinion, I think its great Shahid is working against Maumoon and as you have probably read he is also working closely with the MDP whilst still close to his own party DRP.

    In my view I couldn't care less why or what happened (Between Shahid and Maumoon) thats petty gossip and something we in the Maldives need to step away from within our political arena at least.

    You seem like a smart well educated individual and I urge you to instead of asking that question about what happened between Maumoon and Shahid. Ask why Maumoon is still present in our country cause disruptions and practicing a medeval form of politics if you can call it that to prevent us from moving foward with a new DRP and MDP.

  8. *causing disruptions and practicing....etc etc.

    My bad 😛

  9. Gay yoom treat Mr. Shahid very shabbily during his last years in power.
    He was unwanted in Gay Yooms inner circle. Probably Shahid had a habit of swindling things without Gay Yooms knowledge and approval!


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