Roadmap parties agree on agenda, order of preference to follow: Mujuthaba

President Mohamed Waheed Hassan’s nine-party “Roadmap” talks – an attempt to diplomatically resolve the current political crisis – have resulted in a series of agenda items, mediator Ahmed Mujuthaba told media today.

“We held the first meeting on February 20, but unfortunately because one of the relevant parties (the Maldivian Democratic Party) was not present we could not continue with the meeting. So we just had some informal consultations on that day,” he said.

The MDP initially boycotted the first round of talks – initiated by Indian Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai – “when it became clear that the talks were to include political parties with no democratic mandate, and that they would focus on procedural issues such as the timing and venue for future talks – a clear effort to delay substantive discussions,” the party said at the time.

MDP’s Parliamentary Group Leader MP Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has since represented the MDP at the talks.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mujuthaba said agenda items had now been agreed, although the order of preference remained under discussion. The items, he said, were:

  • Which laws have to be amended, and what new laws are needed.
  • Discuss and determine the changes that need to be brought to independent institutions and independent positions in the Constitution
  • To discuss amendments that need to be brought to the Constitution
  • To determine a date for the next Presidential elections
  • Find out the present condition of the budget
  • How to have the March 1 Majlis opening proceed in a peaceful manner
  • How can to tackle and solve the present discord in Maldivian society

Speaking to the press, Mujuthaba acknowledged frustration at the speed of the talks.

“I am not happy at the speed of this. I would wish today or tomorrow that there would be some kind of agreement,” he said.

Asked his opinion as to whether early elections – the MDP’s primary demand – were a likely outcome of the talks, he replied that “until a time when I can say really there is a deadlock I don’t want to give up hope on any option in this agenda.”
He acknowledged concerns from the MDP over the composition of the talks and whether the other parties in attendance had a democratic mandate, but said this had only been raised with him minutes before commencement of the first meeting on February 20.

“I said look, you can come to the meeting and say these reasons. It would have been better if you had told me [earlier]. What you say is probably right, but I wish I knew about it before the first meeting,” Mujuthaba said.

Mujuthaba was a former Tourism Minister and was the first chairman of the Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM), appointed by former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Dr Waheed appointed him to chair both the roadmap talks and to the government’s independent inquiry into the circumstances of the change of power. Mujuthaba subsequently excused himself from the latter.

“From the way these discussions were going I thought there would be a terrible conflict of interest if I was involved in both at the same time,” he noted. “Better to concentrate on one.”

Solih said Tuesday evening after another round of talks that no agreements had been reached.

The MDP has meanwhile maintained that it will escalate protests until an early election date is declared. Despite the present calm, both the resultant political stalemate and the prospect of chaos when parliament resumes remain a key source of tension in the capital Male’.

Minivan News understands that Indian Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai briefly visited the Maldives today for the second time since the political crisis erupted on February 7.


38 thoughts on “Roadmap parties agree on agenda, order of preference to follow: Mujuthaba”

  1. MDP thugs (mariya, rekko Moosa & Sarangu Adam's thugs) needs to first behave in a rational and human manner before the talks go on! Mr. Nasheed needs to act more responsibily! First and formost Mr.Nasheed needs to take the sole responsibility of MDP government failing due to his fun and party mood! Specially enjoying nights with drinks and girls/boys! Nasheed needs to wake up or leave politics!

  2. I am responsible for the down fall of MDP! I wanted power, jobs for my family and money money!! I betrayed the Maldivians and Nasheed. I am never a fan of MDP. I joined MDP because I desire for Nasheed and his power! I had always like Gayoom! I also hate the Islamic scholars or any pious muslim in this country. If I gain power I will ruin the youths of this country with wine and beer!

  3. MDPs problem is their leaders: Nasheed, Mariya Didi, Zaki, Reeko Moosa. These people have no sincere interest in resolving issues like descent people. They don't like sitting and ralking to find out solutions problems. They always want to run things by tight fist and dictatorial orders. And when others don't let them behave like that, they come on to streets and protest with violence, vandalism and terrorist behaviours. Its time MDP change their leaders or leaver politics. The government has been giving enough chances now to MDP to behave like normal humans and come to negotiations to bring peace and harmony in this country. But all MDP wants is power and protests if not. MDP messed up things and for them to come back to power, its time they realise that they wont get power again unless they know how to behave normally first. We have no space in our country for people with terrorist, vandalist and violent ideas and policies.

  4. Kerefa : typical, using foul words and calling names when you do not have facts and arguments left.
    Though - I like your words. Because they show exactly what is going on with the coup d'etat and the new old regime in Maldivistan. It shows exactly how democratic in fact that coup regime is. It shows the real face of a regime, supported and commanded by extremists - see website Adaalath party as example.
    And more than that - thank you again Kerafa - it shows also the outside world the real face of nowadays new old though temporary regime. It shows perfectly well why foreigners already now are chased by extremists. It shows exactly why tourists indeed get scared and do not want to come anymore to Maldives. They think and they see it becoming Maldivistan. Despite all concerns and denials of tourism department. You cause this, but maybe that is knowingly and willingly ... ?
    Tourists will come back, sure that, but only when there is again freedom and democracy in Maldives. Elections only are the real show of numbers. You and the regime you excuse, do you have the GUTS for that ??
    Enjoy - instead of natural Maldives - the new speak F*side of it !
    See :
    and DRP's :


  5. The only thing that we are asking for is an early election. Why coup leaders can't agree on this simple ask to prove the legitimacy of their govt. No confidence of winning agains Anni, that's right!!

  6. Isn't it funny that This Baagee Waheed has not mention about the brutal beating of his citizen in Male' and Addu whom he is suppose to rule over.

    All he is worried about is few burned out buildings.

    When is the right time for an election?

  7. Yasir, you have said what needs to be said here. completely agree. The problem with MDP is to begin with Nasheed. The sad thing is most MDP members (not all) are so thick that they feel MDP evolves around Nasheed. To be honest if MDP takes Nasheed out of the equation there is a greater chance of them winning next election and MDP becoming a more civilised party.

  8. The Indian Foreign Secretary has now learnt first hand, how sincere Waheed and his compatriots really are regarding this dead end "roadmap".

    This "roadmap" was a facade to deflect international attention and a stalling tactic; nothing more. You'd have to be blind and deaf not to realise that. At every single rally, Waheed and his new found mates are claiming that Allah gave them the seat of power and they are here to protect the nation as Allah has guided them!

    Now, if you believe there's a purpose to this so-called "roadmap" inspite of fist thumping speeches like those, then you need to wake yourself up, fast!

  9. dictatorial orders eh yasir? was it not dictatorial when dr. waheed ordered the rogue elements in the police & mndf to open up the gates of mnbc one with gunfire? was it not dictatorial when he ordered the smashing of all the artifacts that stood in museum? and was it not dictatorial and unconstitutional when he ordered to brutally beat demonstrators over and over again?

    Just because you are a blood relative of Dr. Waheed himself, does not give you the privilege to the truth.

    Do not think that no one knows who you are when you frequent mdp rallies.

  10. @kerefa naseem
    Yawn. I've spotted these exact ridiculous propaganda remarks on almost every article since the coup.
    1) There are these 3 thugs, namely Mariya, Reeko Moosa and Sarangu Adam.
    2) MDP have failed miserably becuase of all the partying.
    3) Anni enjoyed nights with drinks and girls and boys.

    Eh? What nonsense is this "kerefa naseem"? I mean, it doesn't even start to come close to a credible fact. Where has your friend @tsk tsk gone to with all his propaganda mumbo jumbo? Oh yeh that's right, Hassan got a new job as political advisor right 😉
    Please stop these lies or verify your baseless statements? The propaganda machine continues...

  11. Yasir, you are talking about decency while defending a government that gained power from a coup? lol!

  12. When the notorious power-hungry crooks (who are the founder members of the world-famous silent DICTATORSHIP of the Maldives) are seen by the people of Maldives carefully organizing and telling to the country's security officers openly not to hear the elected President but listen to the Vice President & that they will look after those officers even if they lose their jobs & paying money to those national security officers with the help of the country's businessmen where the Presidency name hungry Vice President Waheed was leading the operation, can President Nasheed sit and discuss this issue like other issues we sit and discuss?????

    Boaburaanthimennney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this is a COUP brought by the Military & the Vice President of Nasheed's this has to be investigated by an independent body not by the DICTATORS close friends....

    Without investigating & without setting a date of election, MDP shall not take part in any discussion...if they do that shall be not for the sake of DEMOCRACY my dear fellow citizens!!!

  13. The Maldivian youth are experiencing very bad examples from our leaders. Just look at the way Dr. Waheed speaks. He is supposed to be the President. He has no love for this country or its people. He has no experience or the knowledge of the needs of our people. Most of his life he has lived abroad. Nasheed made a huge mistake in taking him as his VP. The only thing he wants is the post of President. People call Nasheed un Islamic. What about Waheed. Did anyone find this out. I rather Gayoom take over and bring peace to the Nation. I am disappointed that party’s are not discussing a referendum to find out if the people of this small country wants party system or not. The leaders of this country never bothered to find this out. Its very disappointing to see a good amount of funds being given to each party even to party’s that do not do any work. When the Election Commission withheld the funds of inactive party’s the judiciary stepped up and the EC had to release the funds. Its just unbelievable that leaders from the Majlis, Judiciary and Executive have there own agenda and the people of this country are just left out. Maybe that’s why people are increasingly preferring to live abroad. Living in Sri Lanka and India are increasingly getting difficult. What can the common Maldivian do? We can only appeal to the International community to intervene but our leaders are so arrogant . They think they know a lot more about democracy and forget we live the way we live is because of the assistance from International community. The wealth of this country is in the hands of 5 or 6 businessmen the common Maldivian have no peace and no money. Before 7th February 2012 we at least could depend on the security forces of this country but today we lost that too. I weep for this country and its common people.

  14. I too agree that MDP needs to stop the rhetoric. MDP ran the best campaign in 2008 and that's part of the reason they won. They need to get back to that. They need to calm down, sit down and be strategic. I voted for MDP and I'll still vote for them. However in order get the deciding votes they need to stop doing what they are doing now. Have planned speeches. Listen to what people opposed to them are saying and counter attack with solid facts.

    Yes, and Mariya and Reeko Moosa needs to calm down too. Involve others. They are not the only people in MDP. You have such strong supporters.

  15. Why do we need Ranjan Matai to be the middleman?
    Does he not have better work to do?

  16. This illegal government has taken power with the gun, not the vote.

    Given that situation and the fact we are internationally on the naughty step and therefore impossible to attract new investment and develop the economy, an election has to happen now.

    In addittion to this, with all the social media evidence available, clearly there is a case for Treason now - not a fresh election. Just liten to how desperatley Yasir and Kerefa defend their illegal position. Tsk tsk is far too busy in her corrupt job in the illegitimate government to comment these days!

  17. This is all stalling tactics. There should be a clear cut trial for Treason what with all the evidence via social media and Youtube. Well done Umar!!

  18. Did you see the report on the evidence of the coup in Australia last night??? No argument there!

  19. we only ask simple thing, election NOW!! let people speak!!

    this country is not belong to coup group only!! let us speak!!

  20. @ Kareemuddin

    " Why do we need Ranjan Matai to be the middleman?
    Does he not have better work to do?"

    I think he is paying a courtesy call to Dunya Maumoon.

  21. Its a piety that people like Hassan Saeed and other young politicians in maldives destroyed their political career and lost their respect and dignity in the eye of Maldivian people, for bringing down the very first democratically elected government.

    They all destroyed their political career to save Gayooms family, for their 30 years of thievery and corruption.

  22. Exactly this moron Waheed is more worried about burnt out buildings and burnt out divorce certificates.

    His action or inaction has resulted in the death of one bystander due to police brutality, and numerous other head injuries and other fatal injuries to many people who protested for bringing down the democratically elected government of maldives. .

  23. I do not understand how a single Maldivian can accept the rogue behavior that bring this change .. There must surely be ways to bring down a president if he fails to work in the best interest of the public... shame on the Maldivians who was a part of this dirty act ... So shut up n stop blaming MDP ...I am utterly disappointed with dr Waheed's behavior who came to power to bring peace n stability in this country... Firing educated hard working people from the government, smashing the dreams of vulnerable people especially women using his power, talking with an iron fist , and using the little money left in the government for the luxury trips .... These terrorists must leave NOW

  24. Has Hassan Saeed opened his mouth morning.

    Umar Naseer is no fun any more.

    Hassan Saeed Hope Hope. Please spray more theories of yours.

    Thank you Hassan Saeed / Umar Naseer for bring us such humor when the country is passing through this calamity.

    There is hope every time these great advisers open their mouth.

    Judas B. Waheed, I seriously suggest you employ some of your enemies to whisper to you when you speak in the public or when you give interviews, Please don't allow these morons to whisper while you speak, even if you are a Baagee President please try to act like a original fake president.

  25. Its me Mariya who has distoryed MDP for my own greed with Rekko Moosa! Its me who wants to takeover! Its me Mariya who loves to spoil MDP MP's with drinks and then control them. Its me Mariya who wants corrupt money! From the times of Rome to current day politics one must study and appreciate that seductive and powerful women do control rulers and they rule under a veil. And its me MARIYA!!

  26. @basher!!
    NO ONE has to verify how Mariya, REkko and other cronies distroyed this country! Its so obvious!! Open your eyes, hear from the ear and will hear and it would echo what Nasheed said and did! Its sad this country has no hope as opposition members are neither honest and sincere! But greatest of all of them are some of the MDP core who needs to take a vacation and retire before this nation awakes!

  27. Where is the shame in Dr. Waheed. Does he have no feelings at all. Does he not remember the torture his family went through during Maumoon's time. Its so disappointing to see him holding hands with Maumoon today bowing down to Umar Naseer, Qasim and Yameen. If he was so innocent in all this why did he not bring people into his cabinet who has no connection to these three people. It is utter shame that he does what these people ask him to do. I find it absurd that most people are so naive as to what is happening in MAldives right now. This is not about Anni. for god sake this is about bringing down a government from the street. If they can do that to a democratically elected leader Waheed please do not fool yourself your honeymoon period will be over soon. grow up man!

  28. No arguments left, scolding and foul language instead ... sighting ...

    It confirms : education will help to set their mind on their nation instead of on extremism. You need development. Which was there under Anni. Which get destroyed now by your funny regime. Destroying history in museum. Destroying art objects in Addu. Destroying all MDP offices around. Brutalising your 'brothers' (the bad kind I guess ?). Looting houses and properties. Women, children, older ... no issue. More of the same is happening, every day now. The funny side of Maldives ?

    And do not play 'lustful music", "Small brother' Adaalath is watching you -

  29. these coup ppl are lust for power!! this country is destroyed becuz of them!! they forget there is Allah who always watch them anytime, anywhere..

    May Allah shows HIS punishment to them not only hereafter but in this world, amin

  30. Unfortunately, Maldives is under a scanner and Waheed's response to the protests tomorrow will be keenly watched by the international community. He has a good opportunity to recover some lost ground by reigning in the police and defence forces and allowing the protests to go on peacefully. The more he tries to crackdown, the more he opens himself and his cronies to consequences.

  31. There is no need for any ROAD MAP!

    This a shame real slap on our face!
    No Maldivian should forget about this injustice!

    Waheed & Co., do not seem to have common sense.
    They do not seem to understand common language.
    They cannot hear people's cry.
    They cannot see beyond their noses!

    However much distasteful it may be; these people need to be given a good lesson. They do not seem to understand the Rule of Law they are promising they will deliver!

  32. Fresh Presidential election should be conducted at Maldives as elected democratic Government is ousted in a military backed coup following weeks of opposition protests. For the time being, an interim Government may be formed by major political parties. They will conduct a new presidential election within the next 6 months. For the restoration of peace, the members of all political parties and the peoples of Maldives are requested to abstain from any kind of violence. We shall try to “ascertain the facts surrounding the transfer of power in the Maldives, a chain of 1200 Islands in the India Ocean that is a favorite luxury holiday destination”. We expect good conduct from the present president Mohamed Waheed Hassan and the former president Mohamed Nasheed for the peaceful solution of the political crisis in Maldives.

  33. Unfortunately, Maldives is under a scanner and Waheed’s response to the protests tomorrow will be keenly watched by the international community. He has a good opportunity to recover some lost ground by reigning in the police and defence forces and allowing the protests to go on peacefully. The more he tries to crackdown, the more he opens himself and his cronies to consequences.

    For more details

  34. Commonwealth is also watching the situation. Any use of police and defence forces to suppress tomorrow’s demonstration could be taken seriously.

  35. Waheed and company would not only be doing themselves but Maldives heaps of good if they dont harden their stance and use the forces against the protesters tomorrow. The whole world is watching!

  36. @tsk tsk

    A lot of talk about how the country has been destroyed by President nasheed and his cronies.

    Can you tell us what was destroyed? Really, spell it out.


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