“Some dis-satisfactions” expressed over India’s participation in All Party talks: Mujuthaba

Indian Foreign Secretary Shri Ranjan Mathai has visited the Maldives for the second time in just a few weeks since ousting of former President Mohamed Nasheed, to observe the progress of the cross-party peace talks.

Mathai was a key proponent of  a ‘roadmap’ document proposing early presidential elections, with necessary amendments to the constitution and  laws to be completed within a month’s time. Minivan News understands that Mathai participated in last night’s round of talks.

The Indian High Commission has released a press statement stating that Mathai had “extensive consultations” with all parties individually.

“The objective of [Mathai’s] visit was to take forward the political process and continue India’s engagement with all parties concerned,” the statement read.

“In this connection, the foreign secretary had extensive consultations with all parties individually and collectively. All parties expressed the view that India had played a very useful role in taking the process forward as a facilitator and friend of the Maldivian people,” it said.

The statement also stated that there had been a “broad measure of agreement” during the talks between the parties, which had “identified key important principles”.

Those principles included continuing dialogue to find a possible agreement on the amendment of the constitution and enactment of legislation for institutional reform.

All the parties had recognised the need to undertake the necessary amendments and legislation within a short time period in parliament, and highlighted the importance of parties continuing consultations for a possible agreement for early elections within and out of the All Party Consultative Committee (APCC)

Local media had reported that the meeting was “heated” due to the participation of Mathai, with representatives of some parties expressing their “dismay” at the Indian government “interfering in the domestic affairs of the country and trying to rush towards an early election.”

Facilitator of the talks, Ahmed Mujuthaba, told Minivan News that he was too busy to speak about how the meetings went last night.

However, local newspaper Haveeru reported that Mujuthaba had admitted that there were some “dis-satisfactions” during the talks regarding Mathai’s intervention, but said the talks had gone well.

The roadmap document promoted by India was “not something proposed formally”, he told Haveeru, and that “the agenda of the talks has been decided by the participants of the talks.”

Former President Nasheed said this morning, amid ongoing protests calling for  early elections, that the parties in support of the current government of President Mohamed Waheed Hassan had now showed hesitation towards early elections “despite agreeing on it earlier.”

MDP Parliamentary group leader and the party’s representative at the talks, MP Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, had not responded at time of press.

However Haveeru reported that the MDP was waiting for the outcome of the roadmap talks before deciding what stand the party would take on protests tomorrow.

President Waheed, who assumed power after the events unfolded on February 7, has called all political parties to join his ‘National Unity’ government and come to the negotiation table to discuss a peaceful political solution to the current political turbulence. MDP has refused to recognise the Waheed government’s legitimacy, and has been calling for early presidential elections.


16 thoughts on ““Some dis-satisfactions” expressed over India’s participation in All Party talks: Mujuthaba”

  1. Why is India and the US so interested in Maldive Politics? They want a stake in Maldives? Were these two nations behind the coup? Because they supported it ie Waheed? What next?

  2. Why was Indian Foreign Secretary in the all party talks? To which party does he belong? Does he represent in maldivian political parties? Its absurd an indian official interfere with an internal matter of maldives. Why cant all these foreign people leave maldivians to settle their own issues. I dont think maldivians are that incapable of resolving their problems. India, and all others like you, stay away from our country. We don't need you to tell us what to do.

  3. India is here to protect its corrupt dealings which was done by using the Indian ambassy!! India has far too deep corruption roots connected to Ministers at the Central level at Delhi and to Mr.Ibrahim Hussain Zaki. This includes the various housing Exim loan given to Maldives. Corruption in Maldives politics (both Gayoom and Nasheed) distroyed them and Nasheed and his core was far too greedy! Other than that India is playing central role for an "invisible partner" which has power base in Delhi via its high commission. This invisible power has grand plans to be implimented via Nasheed as he is just a puppet! Watch the game unfold!! Wake up MDP reformist and true reformers!!

  4. India want to retain influence, US wants India out or to balance out the power and also to get votes on climate treaties, China wants a base here. I dont know what EU wants yet.

    I dont believe there are any countries out there fighting for democracy, Maldives is a pie and haggling to slit it. Waheed can get international support by saying YES to all.

  5. Shame on you India.
    What peace talks did you talk about?
    MDP has just decided that they will disallow the President to address the Parliament tomorrow.
    The Maldivian air does not seem very comfortable since you got involved.

  6. India is doing what they have to as the largest democratic country in the world to protect our already fragile democracy. GET A CLUE?

  7. Mathai, Go and fix your discriminatory caste system first b4 coming to Maldives

  8. @Yasir on Wed, 29th Feb 2012 5:21 PM

    "Its absurd an indian official interfere with an internal matter of maldives... We don’t need you to tell us what to do."

    Well, well, the fact that you're breathing the air you breath, if you are in the Maldives and can walk on these islands is thanks to the sacrifice of Indian soldiers on 3rd November 1988.

    If not for them, you probably won't exist and if you did, your first language will be Tamil!

    If not for the generous aid of India, the Maldives would have long gone bankrupt with its citizens left destitute. Everytime the Maldives face a tricky situation, whether its financial, political or otherwise, Maldivian politicians go knocking on the doors of India.

    Now, if you cannot see why the Indian Foreign Secretary has shown an interest in the Maldives, then I'm afraid you should be classified officially as "mentally retarted". India will not lie idle while Islamic fundamentalists turn its southern borders into a zone of terror.

  9. Maldives is an independent country with its own constitution. We have qualified people to resolve this sensitive

    internal matter. No outside influence or direct involvement of another nation should be sought after, specially in

    matters concerning our constitution. However we should welcome all advice and assistance to resolve the

    political differences and should be at most ONLY AT OBSERVER LEVEL !!!

  10. We do not mind traveling to India and getting medical treatments from Indian doctors when we fall ill.

    We do not mind eating Indian food daily.

    We do not mind getting educated from Indian teachers.

    We do not mind getting Indian expatriate workers for the construction industry.


  11. what about the financial aid that the beggars are taking from india

  12. India is looking for stability in the region if violence erupts this will not be only a internal problem independent inquiry n early election will take us out of this deep hole

  13. India is here to get you out of the cesspit you find yourself in.....although I strongly object to my 'infidel' taxes being spent on any sort of aid to your dysfunctional country. Maldives is yet another small insignificant islamic country incapable of managing its own affairs.....no better than Somalia or Yemen. Clearly no lessons have been learnt from the 1988 coup.
    All one sees in these columns is arrogant, anti indian, self opinionated and racist comments from a bunch of retarded fanatics including 'islamic scholar' Dhivehi Hangyourself. What contribution do you have to make DH with your vile, ignorant and stupid comments?
    You morons.....that's 300,000 of you imbeciles.....need a reality check. Why would India.....with the world's fastest growing economy.....need a stake in a small, insignificant, politically unstable and bankrupt country?
    We need you like we need a hole in the head.....next you'll be saying India has designs on Pakistan. The partition of India was the best thing that ever happened!!.....now all the fanatics are on the other side of the border.....hooray!!

  14. National unity government. what a joke. we need our old MDP government back.


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