Rumours of DRP leadership split “MDP media campaign”, claims MP Mausoom

Opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Dr Abdulla Mausoom has dismissed reports of a split in the DRP leaderships as “a media campaign conducted in the interests of” the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

Rumours of an internal dispute surfaced in the media on Thursday after the party issued conflicting statements about a protest planned for Friday night, which was later postponed due to bad weather.

After Deputy Leaders Umar Naseer and Ilham Ahmed informed media of the “Government For Sale” protest, DRP Secretariat Abdul Rasheed Nafiz sent out text messages to media claiming the party’s leadership had not approved the decision.

DRP Media Coordinator Ali Solih told local daily Miadhu that action would be taken against the Deputy Leaders for “forging a press release” and announcing the protest before either the DRP leadership or the party’s council approved it.

Umar Naseer however claims the four deputies had the authority to use the party’s logo, letterhead or stamp.

Moreover, a resolution submitted to the DRP council by Umar Naseer and MPs Ilham, Ahmed Mahlouf and Ali Arif to terminate talks with the government has not been included in the agenda for tomorrow’s council meeting.

“Solid and united”

”The last DRP council concluded very smoothly and its outcome was also very productive,” said Mausoom. ”I have not noticed that there are any disputes between the leadership of the party.”

Mausoom claimed MDP was attempting to divide DRP’s leadership as the ruling party stood to benefit from a weakened opposition.

”I said this recently also, during the speech I gave at DRP’s first rally,” Mausoom said. ”MDP will seek loop holes to get through the party and will try to divide us.”

”The bond between the party’s leadership cannot be broken although they tried, for we are solid and stay united,” he added.

The only hope MDP had of winning the presidential election in 2013 was if “DRP fell apart”, said Mausoom.

”I am not saying MDP is spreading the rumor, but some people are attempting to divide the leadership with the interest of MDP in their minds.”

Secretary General of MDP Ahmed Shah said he was saddened by Mausoom’s comment.

”We have not been focusing on DRP, especially these days,” Shah said. ”We are mainly focusing on the upcoming local council elections and the whole MDP is busy on that.”


9 thoughts on “Rumours of DRP leadership split “MDP media campaign”, claims MP Mausoom”

  1. Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!

    There is a divide. Two main fractions, camps. It is very clear to the entire world - or at least all of it that pays attention to our politics, that DRP's Vice Presidents are against the government and cooperation with the government. It is also obvious that Thasmeen is scared of how his business interests may be compromised by the government if he takes a stand against them. All these Tricksy Tricksy people.

  2. Scapegoating is nothing new in EXTREME Politics...., beautiful how people tries to hide their own trash by doing so.

    We are witnessing a very childish and chauvinistic approach in our so called matured "politicians" (in anything they are trying to do right now).

    How much is enough for them to realize or say it's enough of this childishness?

  3. Yeah, way to go Mausoom, always put blame on someone else. It's never the fault of your party or its moronic deputies.

  4. Dr.Mausoom,

    Don't lie!! We know Yameen planted his agents in DRP long back and also in DRP vice President posts!! Yameen wants to outset Thasmeen!! Yameen is power hungry!! He controls the street mobs and the drug and dollar lords! And then their are the true DRP loyalities such you who wants to avoid the party been torned apart! May Allah Sw help the likes of you and protect DRP from Yameen his thugs!

  5. True, MDP gains without a strong opposition. If MDP thinks that it can split DRP, than it is wrong. We are just testing the public and media sentiments on what happens in DRP. Mausoom, you have just said right

  6. it's obvious that there are many issues within DRP. i hope the clash happens now, as soon as possible and as an outcome to born new and strong opposition. it is best for all of us. too much corruptions and self-interest in DRP as well and MDP.

  7. DRP is loosing members!
    More and more of them are joining MDP (their reasons, though remains a mystery!).
    DRP is getting weak and so is the leadership!
    Yaameen has done what he intended to do!
    He has yanked out Gasim out of the way from a possible DRP leadership!
    Now Thasmeen is in line!
    Deputy leaders are pawns for Yaameen! Accumulated money from Yaameen (Lord of STO, Lord of STELCO) plus the Gayyoom coffers will do its work!
    So, Dr. Mausoom, no use blabbering! Believe it or not; Yaameen will make broth out of you and Umar Naseer for sure! Ilhaam and Ali Waheed can be loud mouths, but they being Kulhudhuffushi and Addoo related people, Loyalty to DRP remains in balance!
    But what Mausoom will know is; that Yaameen will take over DRP, join it with his PA before Council Elections!
    But if this story is too heavy on the balance, I am sure the never ever relenting ZAEEM, will wear another thinking cap to seek other avenues to scure majority!

  8. possibility of a split sooner than later is very real. recent drp vote on the former president of the hrcm is an example. the pg was divided in the middle on whether to reject him or not. finally, the vote not to reelect him was a compromise to keep the party together. but he was the victim.


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