Salaf to research and determine “the right president” for 2018

Religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf has issued a press statement calling on Maldivians to be patient while the NGO researches possible candidates that may run for the Presidential elections in 2018, and determine whether he is the right person to rule the country.

Salaf claimed that the presidential pledges candidates make during the campaigns are “nothing but poems”.

Salaf said that politicians and all the country’s democratic and irreligious systems had been unable to direct the Maldives towards a safe harbour.

‘’Those who are trying to change the laws concerning religion to destroy the country, have been granted more protection than Maldivian citizens,’’ Salaf said in the statement.

‘’We would like to announce that it is not something that Salaf will tolerate.’’

The NGO claimed that there were people in the Maldives challenging Islamic Sharia, criticising the religion of Islam and calling for the permitting of alcohol, homosexuality, and fornication.

‘’We are preparing for 2018. We will scan everyone that may run for the Presidential Elections and will advise the citizens about the right person,’’ said President of Salaf Sheikh Abdulla Bin Mohamed Ibrahim.

‘’We will form a committee and they will obtain information on figures who will run for the elections.’’

He said the NGO would  write letters to all political parties and request they inform Salaf about their presidential candidate and provide profiles, as well as information on the the services they have provided for Maldivians.


32 thoughts on “Salaf to research and determine “the right president” for 2018”

  1. I accuse Salaf of not being capable of any such thing. So there.

  2. Are not words such as "research" a bit heretical to be used by Salaf?

    As far as i have seen, Salaf does not promote anything but blind acceptance, and says hey, take our words for it, we know its true, as we are ...the Scholars... If you are not getting it, then you dont have faith, so pray to God to give you faith and the ability to understand what you dont understand.. Well..its all your fault if you dont get something this obvious , but dont think so much... Logic will lead to questions you cant answer and that means you have crossed the line..repent..and so on.

    Salaf, your message is Dont think,believe, (cuz we say so, and we know better and ur stupid)

  3. Salaf's statment is very encourageing.It is a very good thing to have an independent body to bring forward a credible presidential candidate to the public or to screen the presidential candidates to help public to choose the right one for them. But Salaf's screening criteria must be well informed to the public beforehand and should not be narrowed down to the Islamic Sharia only.
    Salf's deceision (if done prperly) will play a positive role in bringing a more islamic style democracy to the nation.

    In the current western style democracy the hypocratic lobbyists or the influential buisness elite are the real winners. This ultimately bring powers to the wrong hands leading the country to more chaos and corruption. We now have more gangstars, thugs and criminals in a our political sytem then ever before. We should not let this happen again.

  4. "Research"? JUS you are NGO and try to remain so.

    "We would like to announce that it is not something that Salaf will tolerate".

    Just by growing beard and wearing short trousers does not mean that they have backing of majority of "true" Maldivian Muslims.

    Do not try to create "bin Ladens" in our peaceful country.

  5. Salaf is struggling to find a way to be a major player in politics. They have a big problem having announced that democracy is haraam. It is possible for them to influence or force any legislations because they are not a political party and have zero say on the parliament.

    It is important for Salaf to learn from the humiliating experience of Adhaalaath party. when it comes to governing a nation, extremists never enjoy the trust of the majority. This of true not only in the Maldives, but the rest of Islamic world where on average Islamists never won more than 10% of the votes.

    the fact they want to field a Presidential candidate for 2018 makes me ask the question, why not they offer one in 2013? Maybe because they fear that running against a sitting president would be certain death.

    Someone from the skies has to descend to meet the rigid requirement of a potential candidate of Salaf.

  6. "when it comes to governing a nation, extremists never enjoy the trust of the majority. This of true not only in the Maldives, but the rest of Islamic world where on average Islamists never won more than 10% of the votes."
    It was only yesterday that the turkish Islamic AK party won the majority for the 3rd time in a row!

  7. Who the hell do Salaf guys think they are? They have no locus-standi to research the people's choice for president. They better stick to research on goats and camels.

  8. @MKH:
    "Salf’s deceision (if done prperly) will play a positive role in bringing a more islamic style democracy to the nation."

    How can it be possible?
    Ask an extreme group to play democracy!!

    Wondering why Salaf needs to wait till 2018? 7 years for "research"?

    If Salaf is truly want to bring a "more islamic style democracy to the nation", please "research" on the other 99% of the Muslim majority Countries in the world, don't just receive oil money and being mere puppets for extremism. You are destroying your own beautiful country!

  9. i believe it is a fault to assume that an NGO like salaf does not have a major role in politics. Take the example of Qaumee party's leader Dr.Hassan Saeed's case. According to Dr.Hassan Saeed's post campaign report, the major defeating role was played by a report issued by JSalaf. In a Muslims country, a religious NGO which has gained the trust of public, like Salaf, its not politically un-wise to under-estimate their powers and influence. Salaf has very skill fully captured the love, trust and loyalty of many Maldivians. This is widely seen in islands specially.

  10. Salaf would only tolerate peodophilia, and dumb followers of their 'master'.

    And truly, however way you position it, it was and always would be child abuse in Arabia, 15 centuries ago.

    And Salaf wants that life now, legally.

  11. Jsalaf, why not you register yourself as a political party? You are in fact partisans. Aren't you?
    Jsalaf, you make us laugh with your odd statements and press releases.

  12. For your information erdogan's AK party is not an extremist party. AK party advocates secularism and adheres to western style democratic politicies.

  13. Yaamyn, we won't know if you are the only one who already knows the outcome of this “research" if you don't tell us what you know. Would we?

  14. To all the secularists out there!

    "Salaf would only tolerate peodophilia, and dumb followers of their ‘master’..."

    This statement implies an insult to our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw). As long as you insult our religion and our prophet we will make sure anyone who goes on the islam-ticket will have our full support. If you want MDP to succeed or wish Anni well, then atleast keep your hatred to yourself and refrain from insulting islam. I also call upon Minivan editors to be more sensible in approving comments which are hateful in nature.
    May Allah bless us and guide us.

  15. Right president for Salaf:
    Intolerant, misogynist, hypersensitive to criticism, hysteric, pedophiliac, rapist, sadist and torturer like Maumoon, theophobiac. A perfect president for Salaf should qualify with these traits.

  16. So i am thinking Ali Rameez for president? He is well known, used to be very much loved and is a good muslim maldivian son.

  17. @ Jamalu:

    Why do you quote some words and address it to all "secularists"? A secularist should not disrespect the Prophet, but a secularist could disrespect Salaf. For your information, that is not the same thing.

  18. I welcome Salaf's idea to research, as long as they dont believe doing so is a heavenly mandate that they must promote or defend by using Islam.

    Salaf should accept that criticism of their research findings is not an attack on Islam. Sorry, but please dont confuse yourselves.

  19. Salaf will support Adhaalath Party's presidential candidate (may be shaheem ali).

    All islamic NGOs like JUS, IFM etc and Adhaalath Party wants to bring in Salafi Islam in the country so that they could cover us women in black and take back the country to Prophet's time. Hmmm. Not acceptable to us.

  20. Why bother even voting then?

    Just let Salaf choose whoever they want. The rest of us clearly aren't worthy of independent critical thought.

    Thank you Salaf. I will patiently wait while my country loses every shred of identity and culture it's ever had.

  21. I suggest we let Salaf choose our life partners for us as well. Clearly they are the only ones who knows whats good for us, we all lack brains to think for ourselves.

  22. do you guys in maldives need a Islamic style democracy or a real democracy in your country?? clearly this Adalath, Salaf cannot bring a clear democracy to your country.. if they ever gain power or have anything to say in the perliament they will wanna run your country as how Taliban govern in Afghanistan.. is that what you wanna see in your country .. for those who support them i feel sorry for you for being brain washed.. but for those who dont support Salaf and Adalath I am with you...

  23. Zeenat, I'd say you don't know what Salafi Islam is, do you? I don't think that you know there is a whole lot of difference between Salafi and what the J-Salaf and the Adhaalath are upon. You got to do a little research. I don't like to think that your definition of 'Salafi' came from your Hindu friend.
    As for Shaheem as the president, then the J-Salaf, Adhaalaath, IFM are all for it. Birds of a feather flock together.
    Btw, Zeenat, who is this 'us'?

  24. Simon, J-Salaf are attention whores and Minivannews is giving them that attention by making this news. Yeah WTF, eh? Don't worry, you keep your cool. How's Rajapaksa doing there with all that war crime BS?

  25. @ Z-nut

    You are roasted nut. Please dont show ignorance ahead of everything.


    Actually she means "her" not "us"...its a mistake always expected from Z-nut. Nothing to worry.

  26. @ musician & Ahuren

    Just for once try burqa on yourself. Why a muslim girl has to cover herself? Do these beardee Mullahs have anything else to preach beside lecturing the women folk as to how to behave and cover. Why this fixation on women? Besides, why mix religion & politics. Why young Maldivian men were going to Pakistan? Were they not influenced by this salafi ideology that I understand is extreme. Call me by whatever names U want but I want and will strive for democratic form of govt in Maldives.

  27. Zeenat, you are missing the whole point. Is it that difficult to understand. Nay, I do not want to call any name I want. I do not know why they "have anything else to preach beside lecturing the women folk as to how to behave and cover."
    Why men goto Pakistan? To get their military training from the terrorists, of course! They were definitely not influenced by 'Salafi ideology'. They were influenced by what is called a 'takfeeri ideology'. They are not Salafi. They are Kharijites. Zeenat, we should use the correct terms, we need to be more just. I don't think you understand what I am trying to say here. So I end it here.

  28. Musician, so are you official the secretary of Zeenat? What do you mean by a 'roasted nut'. Please, please.


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