India to grant essential commodities to the Maldives

The Indian government yesterday approved the supply of a list of essential commodities requested by the Maldives government for the remainder of 2011, the Foreign Ministry has said.

According to the ministry, the government of India has approved exports of essential food commodities such as sugar, eggs, potatoes, onions, dhal, and wheat flour.

‘’While these commodities have been approved for a period of three years, construction materials such as stone aggregate and river sand have been approved for a year,” stated the ministry.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is still waiting for the authorisation of rice from the Government of India.’’

Alongside India, the Foreign Ministry said that the government of Bangladesh had also authorised the export of stone aggregate to the Maldives resulting from negotiations held last year.

‘’During the recent visit by Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem, the matter was expedited by Bangladeshi authorities,’’ the foreign ministry said. ‘’The Bangladeshi Government had requested the State Trading Organisation (STO) to conduct a feasibility assessment to work out the details between the two governments.’’

In his recent visit to Bangladesh, Naseem signed a memorandum of understanding “Concerning Placement of Manpower” with Bangladeshi government.

Officials at the Foreign Ministry claimed at the time that the MOU will help preserve the rights of the Bangladeshi labourers in the Maldives.

Amidst pledges of increased commodity supplies, The King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has granted 5 scholarship opportunities to the Maldives.

The Rector of the University, Dr Abdulla Al Usman noted that the scholarships will be available for the upcoming academic year during a meeting with Adam Hassan, the Maldivian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

”The scholarships granted by King Saud University are for postgraduate studies, and according to Dr Al Usman there were no specific allocations for either Masters or PhD,” the foreign ministry said.

The ministry also said that King Saud University is one of the oldest Universities in Saudi Arabia, with courses are available in the fields of engineering, sciences, food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, Applied Medical Science and Nursing amongst others.


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  1. Well its a privilege which the country got in form of help from neighboring nations. Why youth is kept silent on some good issues???? is isn't we should thanks other nations and the government efforts for stabilizing the downfall economy????

  2. Anormous: It is the very nature of all human beings that when it comes to evaluating authority figures, we tend to emphasize the bad rather than the good, unless we are part of the authority.


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