Second escaped convict Shahum apprehended in Malé

The Maldives Police Services have apprehended the second convict who escaped from Maafushi Jail, Ibrahim Shahum Adam, 23 years, in a guesthouse in Malé at approximately 7:40 pm today.

Although Home Minister Umar Naseer had said an armed team of soldiers would be working with the police to catch Shahum yesterday, only police officers were involved in the operation and weapons were not used, the police said in a tweet.

Local media have identified the guesthouse as Midnight guesthouse on Maaveyo Magu in Machangoalhi ward.

A SWAT team and officers from the intelligence, traffic and central operation command were active in the operation, a statement by the police said.

Shahum had escaped from Maafushi Jail on Friday (October 17) along with Fariyash Ahmed, 26 years. Both were serving life sentences for murder.

Fariyash was apprehended yesterday afternoon while drinking a coffee at Tatians café in the Henveiru ward of Malé. He had shaved his beard off, taken off his glasses and was wearing a wig.

Shortly afterwards, Naseer held a press conference in which he announced a prize of MVR 75,00 (US$4,854) for information and a second convict who had escaped from the authorities in 2010.

The two inmates had used a broken saw to cut through 22 bars on a window, climbed onto the Maafushi Jail roof and used a rope made of bed sheets to reach the ground.

Naseer in an appearance on state broadcaster Television Maldives on Sunday night revealed that investigations were ongoing to determine whether prison guards were complicit in the escape.

“Nothing we have so far found in the investigation indicates any negligence or involvement of prison guards. However, if such a thing comes to our notice, we will take immediate action,” he said

Jumhooree Party MP and former Commissioner of Police Abdulla Riyaz has called for an independent inquiry into the jailbreak.

Opposition MPs meanwhile contended that the government’s “negligence and irresponsibility” allowed the dangerous criminals to break out from a high security prison.

The Maldives National Defense Force’s (MNDF) appeal to MPs to stay in at night following the jailbreak is indicative of the prevailing state of fear and the government’s loss of control over “terror activity in the Maldives,” MP Imthiyaz Fahmy said.


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  1. A very short episode of the PB.

    He will once again, in Jail, get better food and accommodation than 23% of the Maldivians. He wouldn't regret going back.

    Did he play the psychotic role, and tagged along the other 'do-not-approach-extremely-dangerous-4ft10inch-guy"?

    This guy doesn't look like he can even attended primary school.

  2. often in damp weather when you light up a fire cracker, the fuse sparkles and and dies off without exploding the fire cracker. the local dhivehi word "fuh valhun dhiyaee"


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