Criminal Court sentences Shahum to life imprisonment for terrorism

The Criminal Court has sentenced 22 year-old Ibrahim Shahum Adam to 25 years imprisonment after the court found him guilty of terrorism.

The Prosecutor General pressed terrorism charges against Shahum after he murdered Mohamed Hussain, 17 of Beauty Flower House in Male’ in 2010 July.

Criminal Court’s verdict stated that according to witnesses, on July 30, 2010 at 4:45pm Shahum used a knife to attack Mohamed Hussain and other people who were watching a football tournament held in Maafannu stadium.

The Criminal Court said that Mohamed Hussain died from the injuries he received at 6:00am on July 31 and sentenced Shahum under article 6[a] of Terrorism Act, Act number 10/90.

Judge Abdulla Didi was the presiding judge in the case.

In August 2010 police arrested Shahum in connection with the murder of Mohamed Hussain. After extending his detention for six months, the Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed released him citing a lack of cooperation from the then Nasheed government.

In June 2011, the Criminal Court sentenced Shahum to one year imprisonment after the court found him guilty of assault and battery.

The victim told the court that Shahum attacked him with a wooden plank after he refused to have tea with him.

Shahim is also charged with murder for his alleged involvement in the stabbing of 21 year-old Ahusan Basheer in 2011 near NC Park in the Galolhu district of Male’.

The trial continues in the Criminal Court.


3 thoughts on “Criminal Court sentences Shahum to life imprisonment for terrorism”

  1. it should be prison or death sentence when he commit the murder.tsk tsk

  2. Isn't Adaalath party interested in getting this guy a punishment as per Sharia? For a murder shouldn't he be getting more than term in jail? Where are those morons who were quoting that lashes and executions are better than keeping in jail. Perhaps they are not interested as the accused is not a 15 year old girl.

  3. @Viredra: Very good point, Virendra. Their silence on this matter is very telling.

    Also what does Nasheed's government have to do with sentencing a criminal to jail? That's the job of the Police and the courts. This is exactly the kind of strange logic I've heard being used in cases relating to Abdhullah Ghazee. Wasn't this the guy who let Yameen and his son go after they stole money from the Japanese government when Yameen was still the head of the Department of Meterology?


    I now know why Nasheed wanted this man out.


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