Senior MDP figures call on party to reconsider protesting on Friday

Senior figures of the uling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) together with a number of supporters have started signing a petition calling on MDP’s National Council to reconsider an earlier decision to protest on Friday.

Secretary General of MDP Ahmed Shah today confirmed to Minivan News that some “hardcore figures” in the party has started signing the petition.

‘’I do not know who is in charge of this petition or who is taking the lead, but I have had reports that it is going on,’’ said Shah.

Asked about his opinion on the decision to hold a protest in support of moderate Islam at the same time as the opposition and religious NGO-organised ‘Defend Islam’ protest, he said that he and all MDP members were obliged to follow any decision made by the National Council.

He said the petition was expected to reach the National Council sometime this afternoon.

Press Secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair today told Minivan News that a media report about a meeting supposedly held by the President this afternoon to meet with MDP National Council members was correct.

‘’The President has assured that he will go out with the MDP supporters to express support for moderate Islam and oppose extremism,’’ Zuhair said.

On Friday opposition political parties and a coalition of local NGOs have planned to conduct a protest to ‘’protect Islam.’’

Following the announcement of this protest, MDP’s National Council had a meeting and decided to hold a ‘moderate Islam’ protest at the same time as the opposition-NGO coalition protest.


8 thoughts on “Senior MDP figures call on party to reconsider protesting on Friday”

  1. there is no moderte islam, dheenah vannan jeheny furihamayah, Allah ge baeh amuru fulhuthakah kiyamanve anebbai amurufulhu thakah uredhumeh noavey, Allah nahee kurevvi baekkan thah thah nukoh aneh bai kanthah thah kurumevves novey - aharemenge raees mee kihineh vegen ulhey meeheththa
    idhikolhu meehun sarukaaraa idhikolhah komme kamakaa evvias mi reedhoo baigandu ethanakah gos hamanujehun hingaane - mee reedhoo meehunge ekani raajje eh nooney olhigen noolhebala

  2. “hardcore figures” is the key phrase. being hard core is the key to success in this country's politics. Reeko is the man on one side. imran is the man on the other side.

  3. Alhan and Ali Waheed finally came out with their true blue color.

    To me moderate Islam is ABSENCE of EXTREMISM.

  4. Islam does not need to be defended in Maldives, yet. Religious Scholars and NGOs could do a lot of meaningful work rather than assisting politicians. Our children need decent and reliable Qur'an teachers! They also assist in reforming the criminals in our society!

  5. The crazy fox like Imraan and Shaheen, both of them are self products the quality of their product label as religious scholars but the secret behind their quality were making money for the benefit of Qasims campaign. Majority of Maathoda people hate them and they are not allowing Mullahs to visit Maathoda anymore. We don’t trust them, they call for 100% Islam but they act like Terrorists.
    Jaiz ( Maathoda )

  6. I strongly suggest, let us feel extremism and the full fledged swords of Islam.
    Then people will come out agains it.

    Remember the riot at the jail because of a death. Everybody knows Evan Naseem urinated and coiled shit on the Korans in the mosque at the jail.

    Even so, public was against punishment. Well stoning to death is horrifying to watch. Let the public see one, which should be easy to convict, with rampant video footage of sex (outside marriage) and DNA verifications. Sex, identified by video, DNA or four eyes, is still sex and since the objective is to punish sex, rule must apply.


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