Police use tear gas to disperse opposition and ruling party protesters as demonstrations continue

Police last night used tear gas to disperse a crowd of protesters who had gathered in an ongoing series of protests, held following the arrest of Criminal Court Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed by the military.

Opposition protesters gathered near the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) office opposite the artificial beach, while  Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) supporters also gathered in the area.

The two groups shouting at each other over loudspeakers until midnight, accusing the other side of corruption along with other allegations.

At one point, according to local newspapers Haveeru and Sun, MDP protesters accused President of the Adhaalath Party Sheikh Imran Abdulla of sleeping with his sister-in-law, to which the Sheikh responded over his loudspeaker, “swearing by God” that the allegation was false and saying he would file for defamation.

Police attempted to enter the DRP head office several times, but were blocked by officials inside who denied then entrance without a court warrant.

After midnight police warned both groups of protesters to leave the area. After warning both sides several times, police threw tear gas canisters into the crowd, which dispersed.

Before the protest was dispersed, opposition protesters announced that they would gather again tonight.

A police spokesperson told Minivan News that police had asked both groups to leave the area.

”We warned them at 12:00am and then dispersed the protest,” he said. “We have not received any information that any person was injured except for a woman who suffered minor injuries.”

He said seven persons who disobeyed police orders were arrested, and one was released.

”The other six persons are still in police custody,” he added.


4 thoughts on “Police use tear gas to disperse opposition and ruling party protesters as demonstrations continue”

  1. Good news.Ban all pointless gatherings and use all necessary forces to bring peace for the nation.

    Thank police team & MNDF.

  2. They deserve it. Excellent news that the common man is being protected for a change!

  3. Anni has proven to be a demon. He has no mercy like Ghaddafi and Asad to harm his oen people. He has ordered the armed forces and the MDP thugs to harm and injure the protesters. This is not democracy. A dau will come when Anni will see his ill fate just like Ghaddafi saw his own death.

  4. Where is the "first in independent news" for Maldives. Our nation is seeing its darkest times when our own security forces are confronting each other. Isn't it time that the President accepts that he was wrong? Isn't is time that he accepts that the opposition is not Gayyoom or Yaameen or Islamic extremists?


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