Sri Lankan special forces bring bark to SAARC

Sri Lanka will provide security from its Special Task Force (STF) units for the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) summit to be held in Addu City this November.

STF is an elite special forces unit of the Sri Lankan police which was formed in 1983, and focuses on counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations. It was the lead unit engaged with the Tamil Tigers during the Sri Lankan civil war.

The Foreign Ministry and the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) confirmed today that STF will be sending police dogs to support unidentified security matters.

“Previously, security dogs were allowed at the international airport, I’m not sure if they are still there but Maldivian law allows dogs to be used for security measures,” said MNDF Spokesperson Abdul Raheem.

“The dogs will clear the same areas as the event and other security forces, but I can’t say what they will be looking for,” he added.

Dogs are considered haram in Islam, and are prohibited as domestic pets in the Maldives. An exception was made for drug-sniffing and security dogs at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, however sources familiar with the issue say local staff were unable to provide proper care for the dogs and they fell ill.

Allegations of religious intervention were denied.

President’s Office Press Secretary Mohamed Zuhair told Minivan News that the STF dogs would not be an issue for the SAARC event. “We had dogs earlier for security without any trouble, I don’t see why anybody should object because the government has officially employed dogs before,” he said.

All countries participating in the SAARC convention are providing security forces. According to Zuhair, Bangladesh has donated trucks to the army, India is contributing police forces, and equipment with an estimated value of US$400,000 will be arriving from Pakistan in the next few days.

China will provide CCTV equipment for surveillance.

“It’s a well-integrated and cooperative effort with MNDF and all participating members,” said Zuhair, who pointed out that Addu was a unique site for an event of this magnitude.

“The last SAARC was held in Male’, but this time the event will be spread across several islands. Transportation logistics will be different,” said Zuhair.

Raheem said security preparations are under way for SAARC, and that MNDF “is sure that things will be to our satisfaction.”

Heads of state from the region will be attending SAARC, several of which are currently high-profile figures in the international community.

“We have to look at this as a high-risk event. Some heads of state are high-risk, but we are treating each and every head of state as high-risk to ensure their security,” said Raheem.

Local media reports that STF forces have been having special training programs in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo to prepare for the Addu event.


The previous version of this article stated that Pakistan would provide US$4,600-worth of equipment to the SAARC summit security measures.

It should have read, “equipment with an estimated value of US$400,000 will be arriving from Pakistan in the next few days.”


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  1. Yes yes....dogs no big deal.

    However "dogs" politically dangerous? - Yes!

    Minivan writing a report to preempt Adalat or to tempt them?

    Who knows...yawn...!

  2. Nice proud of Sri Lankan forces! When it comes to Asian military powers i like how the Sri Lankan military roll specially how they defeated those Tamil Tiger terrorists. Keep em coming!

  3. Dog Meat Juice and Adhaalaath bait...why can't they keep security without drugs and rock n roll ?? Eleanor should check out the entertainment arrangements..culture shows and discos...A super festival of unrestrained exuberance?..

  4. Again.. this minivan journos cannot seem to write anything without throwing a jab at islam.
    For the ignorant writer, DOGS ARE NOT HARAAM IN ISLAM! Nor are pigs or horses or donkeys. They are just animals, halaal and haraam applies to things like food actions like sex etc.. Dogs are animals and they are prohibited from what? What is haraam is keeping them as pet. But keeping them as help in security is not haraam.

  5. This is clearly an anti-Islam hate site.
    We are going to take action untill this website loose its registration. We are going to launch a campaign against companies which give advertisments to this site. We need to teach the people runing this site that what they write here do have consequences.

  6. wondering what MNDF is doing for the summit? building up the projects which the contractors couldn't finish on the deadline and cleaning the coconut trees? huh... guys, its not your duties, yes they are high profile people, but still its our nation island, and you guys are paid for the security... + all the courses and special forces are trained for stuffs like this... not to eat banana and sleep on your barracks. think of this... its a shame for MNDF as well MPS (Maldives police service)

  7. Why is it a shame for MNDF to get outside help? Even in the Bejing Olympics, Sri Lanka's STF led the anti terrorism side of things. Is it a shame for China that STF was involved in this? Of course not.
    The STF is recognised through out The World as one of the best in this role. It is to the credit of the Maldivian Government that they accept their limitations and accept the assistance of foreign experts.

  8. Kaloa!!!

    This is not the irresponsible Gayyoom's regime so things are done in a different way....

    For example a good country shall not let their citizen take cheap and low quality medicines, meaning such country shall always import No1. Quality medicines so that the poor and the rich shall be equal at times of sickness or ill.

    Likewise, our beloved leadership is trying to use No.1 Quality Security Forces be it from Srilanka or wherever..I think still some guys are having the Old Egyptian style of democracy

  9. Actually Gayoom himself had done this though it was not made public. He had Indian Special forces in Male during a SAARC Summit though they were in the back ground and provided support for the NSS.

  10. Don’t worry itg is a chance for our mullas to gain center stage. Our mullas claim knowledge beyond the ordinary, in silamc sharya and law. I wonder why they don't have any comments on the justice system or the judge that lets murderers, pedophiles and other threats to our very existence walk tall and free. All our mullas do for our society is create argument mistrust and hate and very often violence in our society. They only have issues like 'to shake or not to shake your finger' during a'thahiyyaath. They don't mind rapists and death walking our strreets, as long as you shake your finger right. Do they know what is awaits the judge or the one who gives false witness on judgement day? Almost the same awaits the one who allah bestows with knoledge, if the knowledge is abused

  11. What a Shame. Every year, Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF), is allocated around 5% of our GDP.
    And today we are hearing that SriLankan Forces are coming to Maldives to provide security for SAARC summit.
    I call upon government to abolish Maldives Military and re allocate defense budget for national development & to create a better police force & prison service. It would be much better to request our neighbors for military assistance, as and when required. There several smaller countries around the world who doesn't spend on military. 5% is a high amount. Why should we waste money for an organization who cant even patrol our borders, or provide security for a single event. I'm not talking of WAR or winning a COIN operation. I'm talking of providing physical security for an event within our nation. Even TATA or GMR could do better then this. If I was an officer at MNDF, i would have resigned of shame. If I was a politician, I would have stepped down for letting things go so morally low.
    Getting equipment, help, advice, assistance is totally different from letting foreign military presence. This really breaks heart.


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