Supreme Court appeals for respect

The Supreme Court has appealed against “spreading misleading claims” harmful to the character and integrity of judges.

A statement issued by the court yesterday claims that such falsehoods would impede judges from impartially fulfilling their duties.

“And since protecting the honour and dignity of the courts with the law and through other means is obligatory upon all persons under article 141(d), and because the Supreme Court of the Maldives believes that making misleading claims about Maldivian judges violates the dignity of the lawful courts, we remind everyone to immediately cease spreading or repeating any misleading claim,” it reads.

The statement does not reveal the nature of the “misleading claims”; however, speculation in the media has focused on a case reportedly filed at the High Court challenging the eligibility of Supreme Court Justices.


12 thoughts on “Supreme Court appeals for respect”

  1. "Spreading misleading claims" as it is said, must stop and integrity of Judges, must not be questioned and marred when Judges are true to Justice!

    But before Judges demand anything for themselves, Judges must raise their concern, and condemn the use of this constitution (because of its poor quality) under which the law 141(d) comes for their protection!

    I am sure when Judges do their part well, they will get respect!

    But raising their voices only when it is in their cause, it cannot be seen proper.

    All Judges know the lameness of the current constitution, under which this country is run and a government is run

    Why not raise concern and demand immediate action from Parliament, get amend without any further delay and get things moving properly!

    I am sure all Judges are not blind to see what is happening to this country, and peoples!

    Responsible Judges do not only have to pass judgment over cases presented to him/her, but a good Judge has to see what is happening around him/her too!

  2. First the bench of the Supreme Court should stop at once behaving like some kind of a company coming out with press statements.

    If there are any claims made by anyone in relation to a judge or a court then it has to be very seriously and INVESTIGATED.

    It is upto the Judicial Services Commission to investigate such claim and and inform the public whether it is true or false.

    Has it been done yet?

    The judges and the courts have to prove themselves to the public before their character, honour, integrity and whatnot is maintained.

  3. An independent and impartial PUBLIC INQUIRY into matters pertaining to Article 285, and the establishment of the Independent Judiciary under the Constitution (2010) is necessary to earn the trust of the people.
    Where there is room to suspect foul play, questions would be raised.
    Trust needs to be earned.

  4. Do these people take courses on being vague or something? It's the only thing they're good at.

  5. If you have to appeal to others for respect, then you're doing it wrong.

    As others have said, Respect is earned, not begged.

    I don't think the Courts have proven themselves of citizens' respect. Pity is about all I can manage.

  6. Islam is about justice. We proudly claim to be a 100% Islamic country. But, alas, justice is no where to be found in Maldives.Old folks say that when tourism began, two people were seen leaving town, one was Justice and the other was Honesty!

  7. These Judges belongs in prison until they are proven innocent.

    What a disgrace to talk to the public about any type of moral values when these Judges has yet to show any of it.

    Judges, you disgust the country. You all need to step down and let everything start fresh.

    How many criminals have you freed?
    How many chances have you had to really punish killers and rapist?
    Yet each time.. you let them go.

    So try to not speak to the public about what they should say or not.

    Your given a high valued job to protect people. So what have you all been doing with the tax payers money all these years? Haven't you stole enough from the people while you destroyed the society?

    At the end of it, I have no respect at all for you Judges. No person who would want to live in a peaceful society would respect these Judges.

    The families of these judges should throw them out of their homes if they do not repent publicly since their injustices were done towards the public. Ofcourse the public should accept the repentance of Judges as long as it is sincere and never repeated. But it seems their ego has not allowed this to happen.

    May Allah (swt) never forgive you for the criminals you have let loose due to your fears and love for this world.

    Repent and establish the Law of your Creator for the time you spend in this life is only a spec compared to the Hereafter. So fear the Hellfire and the punishments which awaits you!

  8. Earn our respect. And please render justice in your courts instead of selling out or favoring your pals.

  9. Unqualified...uneducated Supreme Court Judges... no wonder they make such bizarre appeals...without knowing that u cant appeal for respect.... hahahahaha

    Stupid judges dont even know that much... how on earth can we expect them t o deliver justice?

  10. Supreme Court, have you no sympathy at all? Your own Dhivehi Brethren! You and your ppl are part of my own Muslimun Ikhwan and as Al-Qur'an says, my heart is joined to yours and your people's hearts though I am from a different 'tribe.' I can feel the pain of your people. I feel your grief, can taste the bitterness of the tears even here in another country so it is with shock that I read you telling your own people to respect you...

    Judges... Your people are shrieking out with grief because your own precious, beautiful yet desparately lost children are being MURDERED on an almost weekly basis in gang warfare! And you ask the ppl to respect you? Have some compassion! The ppl are shrieking out in grief, frustration, your pleas for respect are so heartless and thin, so void of understanding of how terribly frustrated and sad, how frightened, how "terrified, how angry and painfully HELPLESS your own people FEEL when gangsters are running the nation through their violence. Your ppl are SICK with grief! Zulm (darkness, oppression from which the word Zalimun is derived) is everywhere!

    Of course your ppl will be angry with the courts when gangsters are allowed to roam fee, WHO THE HELL ELSE CAN THEY BLAME!!! Your cries for respect are shallow, quiet, unheard as the screams for justice, for mercy, are a million times louder and unfortunately, UNTIL you earn respect by getting tough on gangsters and corruption your cries will be drowned out by the howl of the grieving Masakin of the Maldives (the poor ppl...)

    You ppl are meant to be some kind of Shariah Law experts? I have just finished reading the Qur'an for the tenth time, and then I read a heap of Sahih Ahadith. What I read is a deep, deep struggle for Adhaalath, for Al-Qisas, for Amm Al Haqqiqa, I read about how to be Al Muminun (the Honest) in business practices)... I read about the punishments of those Qadi who issue decrees out of the wrong Niyat. I read about the absolute importance of the objectivity of justice, about Rasullah (Sallalahu AlahiwaSalaam) commanding his ppl to struggle against Fitnah and Kharwaj (sedition and oppression) which is being committed by gangsters!

    Dear Judges, please, please, please... Please serve your ppl, please use your power to help end corruption and to end oppression, and then, your people will hear yor cries... I appeal to you Judges, please be Merciful, please understand that your people are blaming you bcause they are GRIEVING... A fierce inferno of sadness consumes those you appeal to, so please understand their grief, please join your hearts to theirs...

    Bukhari..."Narrated Anas: The Prophet said, "None of you will have faith till he wishes for his (Muslim) brother what he likes for himself."

    Do you desire peace, safety, for your self. Deep down, I am sure you do. So please desire it for your people...

    I hope my appeals to your Faith will be understood as I know that for you Judges, Iman is the deepest essence of your being...

    The point is, you Judges have chosen a profession which means you will be blamed no matter what decision you make, so live with that, and allow your people to vent their frustrations as they need to vent it on someone, you chose yourselves to be blamed for this and quite frankly, a judiciary free from criticism is the most dangerous thing in the world!

    You are a democracy! people have the right to be frustrated with you, it is their human right and they would not be human if they were not! It is your duty to allow the frustration of the ppl and their accusations to motivate you to seek justice even deeper than you already do.

  11. Surprising!@#$! that not a single person has come out FOR the judges so far. There's always someone fighting for and against government or parliament issues. Does this mean this is the hardest hit and needs the biggest reform among the 3 pillars of democracy, while they are supposed to be impartial caretakers/enforcers in all areas?

    SOME of the judges do have integrity of course, but I guess quite a lot of them have neither an integrity nor a backbone.

    Surprising!@#$! Nah!!! I guess everyone knows to avoid the garbage dump.


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