16-year-old stabbed

A 16-year-old boy was stabbed three times in the back near Star Cinema in Maafannu ward on Tuesday night, according to police.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed the victim was taken to Indira Gandhi Memorial hospital for treatment following the attack.

However, Shiyam said it was too early to say whether or not the attack was linked to the controversial gang-favourite sport ‘Baibala’.

‘’We are still investigating the case and we haven’t discovered yet whether the stabbings are linked to Baibala tournament,” he said.

The government initially refused to authorise the annual Baibala Tournament this year after police expressed concern with the potential for violence between gangs during the competition.

However, permission was granted after a group of 150 players petitioned the president outside his residence.

Last month, a 16-year-old boy was stabbed to death after a football match between two gangs in the ’Maaziya’ football ground.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim was attacked by a group armed with knives and sticks.


7 thoughts on “16-year-old stabbed”

  1. Is this the standard practice in reporting. All we see is still under investigation and when does someone get convicted or does anyone ever get convicted on these crimes. City of Male has become the worst and most dangerouse city in this region. Even police themselves are raping woman. OMG

  2. If anyone is linking Baibela to gang fights, MP Hamid Abdul Gafoor who initiated the Baibela tournament several years ago should take responsibility for all this gang fighting...

  3. it is nothing wrong with Baibala tournaments.all crime from drugs dealers/they use young generation like a gun beef + heavy corrupted justice that is all reason/
    and it is never stop automatically and if police and peoples will do nothing and ignore just real facts soon will be hell on earth in Male/

  4. What we need are strategically placed scarecrows all over the city. We'll ask them to stab these instead, whenever the urge arises.

    They get to stab something AND avoid house-arrest!

  5. Baibala as a games is not the problem. I have played this game at Eid festivals with Maldivians living or studying abroad. Fantastic, exhilerating game!

    However, the frantic energy of the tournament atmosphere in the Maldives allows that which really IS the problem to emerge, to manifest.

    The problem is something deeper than the game itself.

    The problem is the spillover effect created by conditions of overcrowding and struggle for resource control where resources are limited. Associated with this are the spillover effects of the particularly aggressive nature of Maldivian capitalism and the consequent breakdown of traditional senses of belonging and community.

  6. When beyfulhaa is taken to Aarah ... alll stabbing stops, in case you have not noticed!!!! So its not Baibalaa, feekoiy .... or Ovvalhu. Its all about the wghereabouts of the beyfulhaa ...

  7. Many things have changed. Also, nothing has changed.

    It took death of the ministers son to enforce helmets for a week. it will take a minister or similar to be stabbed before it comes to the attention of his excellency / honourable judges / attorney general / prosecutor general / police commissioner / Home minister and of course the axxholes of MPs.


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