Supreme Court challenges Maldives Bar Association for using the word ‘bar’ in its name

The Supreme Court has allegedly requested the Ministry of Home Affairs to look into the procedures of how the Maldives Bar Association was formed claiming that the use of the word ‘Bar’ in the association’s name was leading to “confusion” among international legal and judicial groups.

The Maldives Bar Association was formed in April to empower, lobby and advocate on behalf of legal practitioners. It was also charged with addressing problems faced by lawyers within the judiciary. The association is currently headed by veteran lawyer and former Attorney General, Husnu Al Suood.

In a letter obtained by Minivan News, allegedly sent by the Supreme Court to the Ministry on May 5, the apex court claimed that in other developed countries, the phrase “Bar” referred to a formal statutory body that represents the entire legal community, unlike the current Maldives Bar Association which is an NGO.

“The newly registered ‘Bar Association’ is an NGO belonging only to its founding members, and considering the confusion that may arise due to a group of individuals using such a name, the judges panel of Supreme Court have on April 30 decided to request the Home Ministry to look into the matter,” read the letter.

Meanwhile, in a second letter, the Ministry of Home Affairs responded to the Supreme Court’s letter stating that prior to the registration of the association, the ministry had consulted with the Attorney General’s office regarding the name.

In response, the ministry stated that the Attorney General did not object to the name, but had requested it reserve the name ‘Maldives Bar Council’ – an institution that is yet to be established under the proposed Legal Practitioners Bill, which the Attorney General’s office is currently in the process of drafting.

Speaking to Minivan News, Maldives Bar Association Secretary General Anas Abdul Sattar disputed the Supreme Court’s view that the term ‘Bar’ was limited to formal statutory bodies.

“Even in India, there is the Bombay Bar Association. The Bombay Bar Council which was formed by a statute came to existence much later, but the bar association still continues to function,” Sattar contended.

Sattar said that Supreme Court was not making the right decision if it were to contend that the term ‘bar’ must only be limited to formal and statutory institutions.

Meanwhile, an attorney working closely with the association told Minivan News on condition of anonymity that the Supreme Court was upset about international organisations recognising the association.

“The Supreme Court was informing those organisations that the Maldives did not have a bar council. They then claimed that they would like to affiliate with the bar association, and that the association satisfied their criterion,” the attorney said.

“If you look into the details, Supreme Court is currently not affiliated with any such organisations and they seemed pretty upset when the international legal community started to recognise the association,” he added.

Minivan News contacted the Supreme Court for a response, but the official demanded formal enquiries in writing and said the court would “respond if appropriate”.

The Supreme Court’s letter challenging the bar association follows its vocal calls for the suspension of Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed, following the release of multiple sex tapes featuring the judge.

Hameed is under investigation by both the police and JSC over the circulation of at least three sex videos apparently depicting him fornicating with unidentified foreign women.

In a previous statement, the association challenged the independence and transparency of any Judicial Service Commission (JSC) investigation into the matter that proceeded without first suspending the judge.

The Maldives Bar Association claimed that it was “against principles adopted in modern democratic societies” to allow Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed to remain on the bench while he faced allegations of adultery and other concerning conduct.


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  1. What a mundane matter, it suites the caliber of the sitting judges of supreme court to take up such issues.

  2. Maybe the title of "supreme court" should be challenged since it's really just a glorified group of grade 8 educated turds.

  3. very right this supreme court.... Maldives bar association should be changed to....Maldives Bra Association! Lol

  4. The Supreme Court should be renamed. Those who sit their dies not fit to be in such supreme seats. White Nicker Court should fit them well

  5. Maldives Bar Association - A trade body representing the bar men and women of the Maldives. We are proud to serve you the most refined of beverages just like the rivers of wine only accessible to Muslims in heaven.

    Perhaps Ali Hameed would put this matter to rest, if the esteemed Bar girls and boys donate a gift of a very large bottle of white wine for his next trip to Colombo, on his obligatory "exchange" of fluids with ladies of pleasure.

  6. How appropriate it would be if the Maldives Mini-Bar Association, which was inaugurated by Ali Hameed during his exploratory trip to Sri Lanka, affiliate with the Maldives Bar Association. This will ensure that there is always a continuous supply of 'big ones' and the not so big bottles and white wines for legal consumption.

  7. This is outrageous! And I am stunned!

    The Supreme Court has been accepting and entertaining the Bar Association since its formation and there do not seem to have been a hassle over it being called so!

    Also there have been BARS selling the forbidden drinks and yet the Supreme Court have remained silent in this so called 100% Muslim country! No hassles!

    It is rather seen that one among the Supreme Court Judges enjoy drinking a particular white one in order not to be "caught" (wonder who he is trying to fool!).

    I would very much appreciate if Minivan can tell the people how this conclusion of getting the name of the Association of Barristers in the Maldives (which in almost all countries is commonly called the Bar Association). Surely most of the compatriot Common Wealth of Nations call their Barrister's Assosiation, the Bar Association!

    I am sure though some of the Supreme Court Judges are highly politicized and drained down to this level of demand something like this, they will know this!

    And if the level of thinking at the Supreme Court has come to this level, I would want a complete overhaul instead of anything else like refreshments etc., etc.!

    This is a too lower level for a Supreme Court to come down to!
    I am really flabbergasted!

    We surely have learned judges who we can choose from!

  8. Are pole dancers a part of the Bar association or the Dance association ...

    Are Bars for drinking only or for dancing too?

    Supreme Court verdict needed

  9. @Patriot on Fri, 26th Jul 2013 12:28 PM

    "This is a too lower level for a Supreme Court to come down to!"

    Even lower than snapping the elastic of underpants in front of cheap Russian prostitutes? Surely, not.

  10. Supreme Court should also make the much needed ruling on the Dhivehi spelling of coconut which has the word 'bar'

    It should not be called kuruBAR, which equates drinking a coconut to alcohol consumption

    Citizens await a ruling on the matter

  11. It seems like Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed is trying to punch Husnu Suood and the bar association for being so vocal and critical of his sex scandal.

    Ali Hameed is probably getting irritated that Bar Association is calling for his suspension, when he's desperately trying to sweep all the details under the rug !

    What a Supreme Court we Maldivians have ! When ordinary judgest misbehave, they move to suspend the judge immediately, When Supreme Court judges have sex with prostitutes on camera, they try to hush up everything !

  12. @Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb on Fri, 26th Jul 2013 3:25 PM.
    Words were coming my friend!
    Ramazan ended it!

    But the guy with the white underpants (whose elastics probably snapped under load), really was one ugly looking guy, whoever it may be!

  13. In other news, Ali Ron Jeremy Hameed is going to be awarded the "Maldivian Prostitute of the Year" by Mr Waheed, on the occasion of the Independence Day of the (Banana) Republic of Maldives.

    It is rumoured that Pharaoh Abdel Gay Yoom is going to be gifted with a Pyramid made of gold, at this ceremony, for having given us the "Golden 30 Years". Apparently, the Pyramid will weigh in at 30 million tonnes of 24 carat gold.

    Oh, we were talking about the Bar, right? Anyone fancy a drink?

  14. The worst thing about stupid people is that they don't know when to keep their mouths shut!

  15. Islam says when a man sees a woman he should lower his gaze. When Judge Hameed show an inviting Russian lady, he lowered his gaze so that he only saw the elastic strip on his undies. Being a Makkah-educated scholar, the pressure on him to not raise his gaze was so great that he began fiddling and snapping the elastic strip, the only sensible option available for him given the situation where his eyes were focused on that strip and nothing else.

  16. @kaza
    He then got HIV, spread it to other judges and they all died. Happy end!


    Also, we should lock up the supreme court as it is a porn studio.

  17. @kaza: hehe, thats so funny its frickin crazY... ON the catwalk... On the catwalkK HAHA

  18. isn't it ironic that the words Raa and Baa are so inextricably interwoven into our lives? Raa follows Bar in our thaana script. While Kurumbar and rukuraa are enjoyed by many:) Salúte!

  19. Scholars from Macca who are intent on disseminating their seeds of knowledge, so that the whole world can look forward to an Age of Enlightened Foreplay propped up by flowing rivers of white liquid and surrounded by maidens with perky breasts! Ah! I am forced to quote Omar Khayyam. “ A book verses underneath the bough, A jug of wine, a loaf of bread-and thou, Beside me singing…” What fun!


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