“The driver did it” says Reeko Moosa

MP for Hulhu-Henveiru and MDP parliamentary group leader ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik has claimed his driver was bribed to put “cheap alcohol” into his car in an attempt to frame him for the crime.

Last week police arrested four expatriate men loading 168 bottles of whiskey and menthol gin into a car registered to Moosa, on the same day controversial liquor licensing regulations were unveiled by the Ministry of Economic Development.

“My car is not a pickup or a truck,” Moosa said. “Claiming it can fit 168 bottles is unacceptable.”

Moosa was in Singapore when the police arrested the four suspects, including Moosa’s driver.

“I was due to return on the 23rd – the night the incident happened. But that evening I cancelled the flight online because I had to take my wife to the doctors on the 26th. Even my family in Male’ didn’t know that.”

He said he suspected his driver had been “threatened or bribed”, and said the man was no longer in his employ.

Last week DRP Vice President Ibrahim Shareef said he doubted the case “would go very far”, noting that “in the worst case scenario Reeko’s driver will be implicated and that will be the end of the story.”

Moosa however claimed he believed the incident was “politically motivated”, and noted that the television station DhiTV “has been showing the incident non-stop for 24 hours.”

“The last time I was in an advertisement for a liquid was with my brother in a television ad for Sun-Up,” he said, suggesting that he should now be paid royalties for every bottle sold.

“A media channel in this country has used my photo, my car, my family, my children and my name to do business and I want to sue for compensation.”

During his address to an MDP rally on Sunday night, Moosa implied he knew who was responsible for the incident, calling on police to “summon him for an investigation”.

“The country’s economy in the past was in the hands of a few rich businessmen, and they are unhappy that the new government is not giving into their demands,” he said.

“We don’t want this country’s assets in the hands of three or four businessmen.”

Police are currently investigating the incident but have yet to draw any conclusions.


10 thoughts on ““The driver did it” says Reeko Moosa”

  1. couldnt this be a job by someone who could have a interest in winning the ban of alcohol in city hotels. Maybe a job by jihadhist to grab public attension

  2. whoever it might have been, it definitely was a pathetic attempt. Does not matter whose car the alcohol was found, it would be more interesting to know from where it had come. At least the Police should by know have traced its origin. Questions is why are they not revealing further information or whatever, their investigations have come up with. Like with all such cases it is going to water-washed and all forgotten about so very conveniently.

  3. Well R.Moosa said the driver did it, so that means, he is well aware of this incidence. It will be now easy for police to arrest him and driver I believe.

  4. The statement shows Moosa had prior knowledge of the incident. Based on this he could be summoned to the police to a) extract information on the incident itself b) to investigate the circumstances that may have lead to the incident.

  5. "It wasn't me". Too bad that he could really get away this time even just by saying that. I thought we voted for change.

  6. What's wrong with this if 5 million bucks hidden under your pillow doesn't matter and needs no explanation.Besides even if Moosa drinks,I know he won't(until proven so..),he doesn't have to take it this hard.. 🙂

  7. Typical of Hon. Moosa to point fingers and go about indicating that he knew who the "brains" behind the whole setup, question is why not get the whole scandal sorted out and solved once and for all.

    What we are witnessing today is "Absolute Corruption" at its peak. We brought about a chnage hoping for a better day....but what we are "stuck in a situation we cannot get out of (rather do not want to get out of)". So much for high hopes.

    Another thing, one may be a good orator or well know person. But in our case this does not pre-qualify or make one eligible to the Parliament, which we see today is more of a bunch of "hooligans" who does not really know the difference between "politics" or "policy". Pity the ignorant and so-called politicians.

  8. who bloody cares!! All of you drink, and fornificate and commit adultery etc etc. I really do not give a damn. In country where so much needs fixing do not know why we are wasting time on issues relating to alcohol and women veiling. Can I please please request at least Minivan News gives us news that would get us somewhere and not go backwards.


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