Three arrested over assault of MP Amir

Three suspects have been arrested for allegedly assaulting Independent MP Ahmed Amir last week and handing him to police semi-naked after accusing him of an extra-marital affair.

Amir was severely beaten in the early hours of Thursday morning in a house in Maafanu ward by a group claiming they found him with with a married woman. The MP is currently undergoing treatment in Sri Lanka.

Newspaper Haveeru reported that the suspects were two women and a man from the house where Amir was assaulted. According to the local daily, one of the women was the one the MP was having the alleged extra-marital affair with.

Police confirmed that the three were arrested under a court warrant and had their detention extended by the Criminal Court.

The MP for Kudahuvadhoo told police that he was on his motorcycle near Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital when a group grabbed him, took him inside a room and assaulted him.

The attackers reportedly ripped Amir’s trousers and stole his wallet and two mobile phones before turning him in to police around 5am Thursday morning. Police borrowed a jeans from the house to clothe the MP before taking him to the station for questioning.


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