Tourism arrivals would drop “10-36 percent” if government provokes terrorist attack, warns Adhaalath

The religious Adhaalath Party has sent a letter to parliament warning that a terrorist attack in the Maldives would reduce tourist arrivals “by 10-36 percent for the next 12 months.”

The letter was sent to parliament’s national security committee which has begun debating whether to permit Israeli flights to land in the Maldives.

“If there is a terrorist attack in the Maldives due to the commencement of Zionist Israel’s flight operations to Maldives, the tourist arrival rates for the next 12 months will decline by 10-36 percent,” Adhaalath predicted in the letter, adding that the tourism industry would face a loss of US$200 million to US$1 billion. The party did not elaborate on how it reached the figures.

Adhaalath severed its coalition agreement with the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) in September, soon after the Transport Ministry granted a licence to Israeli flag carrier El Al to begin operations to Maldives.

Since then, Adhaalath has been campaigning against the licence, stirring strong anti-Israeli sentiment.

In the letter forwarded to the national security committee, which has an MDP majority, Adhaalath alleged that the Israeli flights are “targeted by the terrorists” and said that terrorist “eyes” would turn on Maldives if the operations commence, posing “serious threats to the national security”.

MPs debated Adhaalath’s letter during Wednesday’s committee meeting and decided to summon the head of the Maldives security forces to examine the claims.

“We will discuss the concerns raised by the Adhaalath Party and consult security forces to determine whether action should be taken,” said committee head, MDP MP Ali Waheed.

MDP MP Mohamed Thoriq was meanwhile quoted in local media as calling for an investigation into all the allegations Adhaalath has made regarding the Maldives’ ties with Israel, claiming that as a 100 percent muslin country, the Maldives must “be prepared for any threats from Israel”.

Sun Online reported MDP MP Mohamed Nazim meanwhile suggested conducting research into whether Jewish arrivals to the Maldives in the past had caused any negative effect on the Islamic faith, while Independent MP Mohamed Zubair was quoted as claiming that Israeli flight operations would “bring no benefit to the Maldivian economy”.

Transport Minister Adhil Saleem observed that opponents of allowing Israel to fly to the Maldives “don’t seem to have an issue with Israeli tourists coming to the Maldives and spending their money.”

His mandate as Transport Minister was to increase air, sea and cargo transport to and from all countries, Saleem said, “and if there is no specific legal exemption for Israel, I cannot treat it any differently as that would mean I was corrupt.”

He would not comment on whether allowing El Al to fly to the Maldives posed a security risk, deferring to the defence forces. There were, he said, many Muslim Israelis and a number of Islamic holy sites in Israel, such as the Masjid-Al-Aqsa, and 500-800 Maldivians flew there each year.

According to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, the Arab population of Israel in 2010 was estimated at 1,573,000, 20 percent of the country’s total population and almost five times that of the Maldives.

El Al is notably the only commercial airline equipped with infrared counter-measures for defence against anti-aircraft missiles, according to the its Wikipedia entry. All flights are manned by armed sky marshals, the cockpit is protected by a two door ‘mantrap’, and the baggage hold is armoured to protect the passenger cabin from explosive devices.

The airline’s last reported security incident occurred in 2002 when a 23 year-old Israeli Arab was apprehended after attempting to break into the cockpit with a pocket knife. Earlier that same year a gunman killed two people and was shot dead at an El Al check in counter at Los Angeles International Airport.

The first El Al flight was due to arrive in the Maldives on December 13, however Saleem said the airline has so far yet to forward the scheduling to the Ministry.


34 thoughts on “Tourism arrivals would drop “10-36 percent” if government provokes terrorist attack, warns Adhaalath”

  1. Tourism would drop if a terrorist blew up the airport.

    Yes we know that. You idiots.

    Tourism will also stop if God wanted to. You dont have to given us warning. God can and will do that. If HE wants to stop tourism, He will do that. Get that through your big hard skulls!

    Its your kind that are the terrorists!

  2. How can Adhalath be so sure of the potential for a terror attack if Israel Airline is allowed into the Maldives? I think they 'Adhalath' is just creating fear amongst the people! How many countries that the EL AI operate have had terrorist attack directly related to the airline?
    I don't understand why Adhalath won't call for a total ban of 'Fahishism' and block non-believers access to the piece of Paradise, One Hundred Percent Islamic Republic of Maldives!

  3. Check out the many destinations served by EL AL Airline - How many terror attacks in those places and why aren't they so scared, like the Adhalath Security Experts?

  4. is Adalath saying terrorist attack from outside or terrorists from adalath?

  5. When someone gives such a warning with so much confidence, it means one thing, they know about the plan and are ready to execute. Adhaalath has the connections and the means so be alert.

  6. Against Israel and Israelis are the Moslem fundamentalists - not all Moslems do not find an enemy in Israelis.

    The fundamentalist Moslems believe that Israelis are their enemy. The Palestinian struggle for a state objected by Israel proves that Isrealis and Palestinians could not coexist. So, the Koranic statement that Israelis will never be in peace with Moslems is proving true every passing day. This has turned into terrorists the fundamentalists sympathetic to the condition and cause of Palestinians. These terrorists hope to be there wherever the Israelis go and the Maldives is no exception. Adhaalath need not tell anyone what these terrorists mean when it comes for terrorism. It's everywhere in the world.

  7. Correction of a mistake in the first paragraph of my previous post: ...not all Moslems find an enemy in Israelis.

  8. It is a national duty to eradicate Adaltah from face of Maldives. Adaalth is threat for the survival of Maldives. Maldives heavily depend on the money from un Islamic sources and this semiliterate brain dead people think that their Bedouin Allah will be angry if we allow Israeli flights to Maldives. We humbly request Adalath to let Maldivian live their normal life that they have been living since they have settled in these remote Islands. The Maldivian always lived from the travelers expenses, some times in the history we have robed the victims of shipwrecks and today we have become more civilized and started to do business with the rest of the world. We have never been blessed by your Allah, if it was he that who threw us in to the vast ocean without providing any means to live, why do we have to care about your Allah, but we don’t believe your Allah has anything to do with our fate and we want to use our brain to survive, our only request from you and your Allah is to leave us alone, we have ability to survive all odds the same way we have lived for centuries without help of your Allah, If you want your Allah and his help, you can go where Allah was originated.

  9. This is ridiculous. I think once Israeli airline starts it's operation we have to lock up this Adhaalat zealots and keep them away so the tourists can enjoy our beautiful islands. I am afraid if these guys are left around they might go to a resort and create havoc.

  10. Obviously some Maldivians who do not know their religion properly do not understand the love and pain good and God fearing Muslims have towards the Palestinians who are killed by Israeli bombs. For these uneducated Muslims, they do not understand the bond between a Muslim in the West and a Muslim in the East. They do not understand the brotherhood and love which bypassed the blood relations which they are so used to by watching drama shows on TV all through their lives with little to no knowledge on the life of their prophet Muhammad.

    They also fail to understand that not every Muslim does the same thing to show their anger. Some goes onto the streets to protest, some goes to what we call extreme and causes the lost of life, some write letters and pressure politicians, some gets sad by watching TV but does nothing about it and the laziest are the ones that just does not know how to care.

    So understanding these facts that humans are different can give us a better know how on the possibilities of attacks happening against tourist that visits Maldives. Especially if they are from the state of Israel which basically is a country which righteous Muslims just do not consider as a country. Maybe not every country the airlines lands to has been attacked. But again lets try to have a little brain here and think about the possibilities. Do we not learn this in school and college? This is the reason why there are security analysts. They look at the probabilities and consequences due to certain actions taken by a government as a whole or a body of government, etc. Their pay is much higher than any of us for sure. So lets not argue with their job description 😉

    Now, when ever there is an attack on an Israeli or American citizen.. what happens? Nope, the world media goes nuts. Yes.. now here is the crash landing for our tourism. What country name would it be written on each headline? Yes... the beautiful Maldives. Not India, Pakistan, etc. Just "Maldives".

    I do not understand how grown up people cannot get these facts. Just as I know how Israeli settlers who are hardcore extremist compared to some liberal Israeli, these settlers would have no problem putting a bullet into any Maldivian heads who walks into their area by accidents. They even attack their own Israeli soldiers when it comes to anyone, yes anyone who is not Jewish and from Israel. That includes Maldivians on the list too.

    I pray that anyone, including this Immigration controller Shahid and others who support Israel coming to Maldives is given a difficult and painful and slow life in this world and in the hereafter. You sleep with the Devil, than you can only land in one place. They might hide secrets from us, but Allah (swt) knows all that is hidden.

  11. WHAT?! Jewish machines landing on OUR soil? What an atrocity! Jews are abominations of mankind! WE WILL NOT LET THEM LAND IN THE MALDIVES! Adhaalath Party will not let us down! If they have to bomb that plan, Insha Allah, they will destroy every inch of that machine and the Jews who come along!

    Maldivian Mujahideen, it is time for you to wake up!

  12. Is the Adhaalath threatening to conduct a terrorist attack themselves? It certainly sounds like a veiled threat.

  13. When will this Government and Maldivians as a nation will realize that Adaalath Party is not political a party and that it is a Terrorist organization.

    They are giving advance warning of terrorist attacks.

    Some one should warn Israelite about these damn goons.

  14. AP = terrorist. Why do the people of the Maldives not realize this and turn against them. The party is loaded with extremist-minded personalities and the people need to do something about them. The AP is obviously telling us that they're planning to attack if the airlines is permitted to land in the Maldives. If something happens, blame AP!!

  15. Now this is funny, Adaalath Party being worried about reduction in tourist arrival.

    All this while I thought they didn't want, this Alcoholic drinkers, Pork eaters, gamblers, fornicators, adulterers in this country. Now they are worried about it.

    What is it that you want seriously, Israelis come to Maldives already, no problems, when a huge junk of aluminum touches down in Maldive airport all hell is going to break loose, but when they come spend money in there resorts, Dr. Bari is all smiles.

    and people please refrain from addressing Maldives as paradise, you guy know what happened to the Nepal monument. They might burn whole Maldives or dump it into the sea before the sea level rise.

    Word morons need to be defined again.

    “be prepared for any threats from Israel” they threatened us once when former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was gun running for Palestinians leader Yasir Arafat, by using our national airlines as a cover, they warned us stop it or we will make deep blue sea out of Hulhule airport, we know what happen to that airline.

    Doesn't this committee need to ask Adaalath party to attend this committee to explain how they came up with this knowledge instead of calling army who can do nothing to defend against Israel.

  16. Muad Mz: little brainless donkey, listen to this. Nowadays Muslims like ureself and anyone of ure families are far worst than the jews( yahoodhees) , yes, u people are now formally acting like animals. Yes we have seen And are seinfeld what these wacko Muslim brothers are doing to the other Muslim brothers are sisters. Yes we see the animosity of the African Muslims , the Thai Muslims , the Saudi Muslims the syrian moslems, the Iraqi Moslems , the Yemen Moslems, the Indian Moslems , the malay Moslems , the Jordan Moslems, even the European moslEms . Wee see it all brother, and with my blind eye as u may like it said, I see dajjal in every one of ure bearded extremists good for nothing - control freaks.
    I wouldn't be lying if I said every Moslems beaded brother desires a jaariya even now....

    Braather we do have brains , atleast we have the tiniest intelligence to compare between phsycho Moslem beards who blabbers about there manhooded dreams of Janna and the incest they would get from it and real Moslems who actually help people no matter their caste religion country or color just like how the real Mohamed (swt) showed us.

    U bean headed pea brains

  17. This is irresponsibility upon irresponsibility to already declare any would be terrorists are only partially guilty (at best) because that is already provoked by the government. I don't know how they can call them Muslims. What a shame Adhaalath.

  18. Too many people have everything invested in Allah.
    Majeed Baaree and other sheiks are carrying out the orders of their puppet masters in Arabia. They don't want to lose their salary from Mecca.

  19. So Adhaalath fanatics get to blow up an Israeli airline (a mistake on the part of the "technical team", as it would turn out later) and the amount haram, fornicating kaafirs entering the country will drop by a cool 36%.

    I don't see why they have a problem with this.

  20. knowing to calculate the loss in tourism revenues in advance is a proof of impending terrorist attack being planned and sabotaging nation's only source of income.

    How the adhaalaath leaders are called doctors, sheikhs is a mystery because we expect some form of civic behavior from people holding such titles. Otherwise they are taking a huge amount of money for saying what they saying. what else can be said?

  21. Tourism arrivals will drop when these Mullahs are exposed as International Terrorists calling for violence, murder and slaughter of those against Islam. Tiourists are also seen as those against Islam.. MATI should speak up against these Hatemongers..and humorless @#$tards.

  22. Adhalath's tactics fear mongering is i think little bit out of fashion. Comeon u can do better than that.

  23. Wake up Maldives. Adhaalath party is a terrorist organization. Send all of them to Guantanamo

  24. As if "forgetting" to vote in favour of Palestine recently is not enough? I have no interest in Adaalath and their cronies but the core issue here (ignoring the plight of Palestinians and further legitimizing Israel's atrocities) is very much a valid concern, whether it be from a religious or ideological perspective.

    Nasheed should realise that when the election day comes up, it won't be the Tories who will be visiting the voting booths, but rather Maldivians, most of whom will be against this for obvious reasons. His naievity and refusal to listen to the general public will cost him dearly in the upcoming elections, assuming he doesn't get impeached before that.

  25. The whole problem is that a Lunatic Maldivian hiding himself in NewZealand is writing crazy comments here, scared to reveal his name, and preach the devilish bible. Mr Lunatic, come up with your Devilish book and prove us first whether god exists

  26. its a warning, "if you let Israel Airline land in the Maldives, we will resort to terrorism."

    Q 3:151 "We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve, because they set up with Allah that for which He has sent down no authority, and their abode is the fire, and evil is the abode of the unjust"

  27. Nasheed knows how a democracy works and he is very aware it is the people who decide who will rule over us and he is very aware that he might or might not get elected.

    Some of you nappies have been trying to impeach Nasheed from the day he took his oath.

    You will just have to lick your wounds and wait for the next presidential election.

    It will definitely be a fair and a free election.

  28. The first Israeli flight that lands on our soil will have the whole bearded, smelly, dumpy, freakish, hairynosed, rancid, rabid, frothing, bleary-eyed, idiotic, defunct, cornheaded Adhaalath reduction kits trussed up and bundled into it and flown out of the country so that we can all live in peace once more.

  29. Does the comments section of each religious topic or news published here in Minivan News have to be a breeding ground of hatred? Back-off Maldivians..

  30. I grew up in a Jewish Community, alone I might add for five solid years now My experience has been one of Peace Understanding and Torrence

    I normally don't say anything unless the article in question directly offends me but in this case it does,

    Not all Maldivian are filled with hate...

    "breeding grounds for Hate.." well put indeed they have been in politics too long

    to see the that "unity" is the only power in this country ever had.,

    that has made it "peaceful haven" not just to the people of Zion but to other religions as well

    If Adallath is meaning to take that away they are simply signaling the nations own demise by its own hands... if they are too blind of hate to the fact that "Islam" is a religion based on "trust" and "peace" above all "tolerance" & "Unity" then they don't deserve to ever have the keys to our cities

    As a child our generation was educated to read from the Thorath, Bible & Zubur and follow the Qur'an

    what good is a prosperous country if it people aren't accepting and aren't examples to future generations to come right now all I see is bickering in the streets, in the Parliament, at public gatherings

    I do not see the people that matter working to help one another which was

    what earned the love of the world to this nation in the past.

    I ask My Maldivian counterparts and look deep inside your selves

    "have you let you anger towards one another blind you from the things that truly matter? in this life and the next"

    Moving past the Wars of our four fathers it is through accepting forgiveness that you will gain any victory.

    Now I don't have a degree in Islam yet... All I have are the Ideals left behind by family members of bygone eras which I might add have their roots from Azhar in Egypt

    Does Adhaalath not see the truth that's before their eyes does not the Qur'an say fighting against brothers is prohibited by Allah? is it not true that Ishmael and Isaac were Brothers?

    Indeed you have lost the eye of peace

    this nation once stood as the beacon of hope, peace and understanding I shatter to think what sort of futures the children of the country are doomed to face if you are willing provoke a war civil or worse...

    by creating such events that would tarnish all reputation this country has ever had. Lashing out is not the answer no is stabbing one brother in the back from behind

    do you not see that all wars are coming to an end everyone out side our four walls... is calling for a truce yet Brothers I am today Ashamed of you...

  31. Good Bless the one that wrote the words I just read.
    Wisdom is the adjective that comes to my mind, Mr. Fareed, when I read your comments. Your text could be the start of a great article about the meaning of brotherhood and how humans should get together to use their creativity and build a better world for their children, instead of hating and spreading the bitter taste of the bile around. Hate leads to fight, fight to war and war only leads to destruction. Destruction leads to the most horrible thing that exists on earth: poverty, loneliness and at the very end of the chain, dead.
    Being myself an european I know what all this means. In Europe we have been surfing in the waves of hate for already a very long time and maybe that is the reason why Europe is going trough very difficult times these days. Europe that was once the cradle of science, art and technology, is struggling today with their own ghosts of the past, among them the hate being the number one. We all pay a price when it comes to hate and hate is not a word I learned in the maldives. Mr. Fareed I think I know your country very well. I have surfed your seas equally in a Dhoni and in a speed boat. I swan and I walked. Maldives is a nation of islands, a nation of people that lives for and with the sea, lives for the variety of fishes that surround those beautiful 1.190 islands. Maldives is a country of diversity. Why should't Maldives respect what you are? In your article you mention that your generation has been educated with the big books of the world. That is true and they can only exist because we accept diversity. Isn't that so, Mr. Fareed? Also the maldives makes their income by opening the doors of their resorts to diversity, to different people from different parts of the world. Why would someone in his or her mind want to kill that? Why would someone want to jeopardize the main income source of the country. The day Maldives becomes a beacon of hate you can be sure that hate will do its work and the destruction process will start and when it starts it take 2 or 3 generations to stop. The price and the sadness will be endless. Hate and the last paradise on earth don't go together. It is not a good mixture. Stop it know as you still can.
    I met the Maldives long ago with love and love thats what I want to keep in my mind and heart, not hate or racism. Good Bless you all Maldivians. Your words makes me think Mr. Fareed and makes me see that the wisdom is not dead yeat in the country of the 1.190 islands where the sun shines still every day. Please keep it that way.

  32. @Antonio we try the best we can lets hope the elders heed the peas of the youth this day...

  33. @Antonio..

    Very little has actually changed in Maldives. The ppl are still smiling, the sun still rises here. But there is one small difference. We have a few anonymous bloggers who have practically hijacked minivan and are portarying this country in the dark colours you seem to have observed.

    their problem is that they are creating all this hype about paranoia about islam , fundamentalism, terrorism and bla bla which does not exist here. whatever their motive is, its not sincere.


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