Home Ministry launches investigation of Transparency, TEAM

State Minister for Home Affairs and the Registrar of NGOs Abdulla Mohamed has declared that the Tourism Employees Association of the Maldives (TEAM) and Transparency Maldives (TM) are under investigation for “unlawful acts” and warned NGOs that organisations acting outside of law would be dissolved.

Speaking to local TV station Villa TV (VTV), Abdulla said the Home Ministry is looking into complaints that TEAM had committed “irresponsible and unlawful acts.”

Transparency Maldives is also under investigation for challenging the Supreme Court, he said.

“We will not allow any organisation to challenge the law. NGOs acting outside the law will be dissolved,” Abdulla said.

Abdulla’s warning comes after both TEAM and TM spoke out against a Supreme Court injunction on September 23 ordering the Elections Commission (EC) to delay the second round of presidential elections.

The order came during an ongoing case filed by Jumhooree Party (JP) to annul the vote.

The apex court issued a second injunction on September 26 ordering security forces to ensure compliance with its first injunction. The police then surrounded the EC, shortly before the commission declared conditions unsuitable for the second round to proceed.

TEAM – an industry body representing some 5000 workers across the country’s luxury resorts – criticised the first order, saying it “destroys the principles of democracy we have embraced and voids articles of the constitution.” The union threatened prolonged strikes should polls be delayed.

TM issued a statement on September 26 expressing concern over the Supreme Court’s integrity due to the state’s inaction over Justice Ali Hameed’s leaked sex tapes in which he appears to be fornicating with three foreign women in a Colombo hotel room.

In a second statement on September 28, the NGO called on the Supreme Court to “uphold the spirit of the Constitution and respect people’s electoral choice.”

Transparency Maldives had conducted the most extensive elections observation with 400 observers across 20 atolls. It subsequently questioned the delay of polls after not having received “any reports that suggest systematic fraud in its nationwide observation and no credible evidence that supports such allegations has been made public.”

Secretary General of TEAM, Mauroof Zaki said the Home Ministry had called the organisation’s President Ahmed Shiham inquiring about TEAM issuing a “political” statement.

“Even if the Home Ministry takes us off the register, we will not cease to exist. The Constitution allows freedom of association. The international community and our members accept us. Even if we are dissolved, we will continue our activities with more strength,” Zaki said.

Transparency Maldives’ Advocacy and Communications Manager Aiman Rasheed said the organisation is trying to verify the registrar’s comments.

“Transparency Maldives represents Transparency International in the Maldives and operates within the ambit of the law,” he said.

The Maldives Democracy Network and the NGO Federation have also expressed concern over the election delay. They have urged the Supreme Court to deliver a speedy verdict and to allow elections to proceed as per the constitution.

Maldives Port Workers also stopped work for an hour on Sunday in protest against the election delay.

Abdulla Mohamed was the Vice President of the Civil Alliance Coalition of NGOs (Madhanee Iththihad) which was at the forefront of protests in the lead up to the ousting of former President Mohamed Nasheed.


14 thoughts on “Home Ministry launches investigation of Transparency, TEAM”

  1. Does Abdulla Mohamed have any sound educational background or personality for him to hold such a position?

    Everything and every one that has 'yellow taint' or hints of support, sympathy to MDP..is bound to be investigated.

    How can a country run with such kinds!

  2. "Transparency Maldives is also under investigation for challenging the Supreme Court, he said."

    Alright, Mr Abduallah-Bin-Mohammed-Bin-A-Rock-On-The-Moon, read my lips:

    "The Supreme Court of the Maldives is an illegal institution manned by adulterers. No Muslim shall enter or heed anything done by that institution until it is cleansed of adulterers. In Islam, the punishment for adultery is death by stoning".

    I will be at the front row, with the biggest stones I can find, on the day Ali Hameed is sentenced to death that he surely is prescribed under Islamic Sharia! Where are the parties that called for Islamic Sharia?

  3. Mi kaley ge mitha nah lee vess mi bay numuga. mee na vatharee Hoko Maldives ge xamaanu ge Japan moonakaa. Haada vatha rey ekamaku dhen vatharu vedaane. Afrikaa meehun ge dahrin vess rahjjey ga ebauley viyaa

  4. Its a shame we have people like this in our instutes. This is the biggest failure of Waheed and he paid dearly by ensuring a slot in the world record

  5. Mr Abdullah-Bin-Moahammed-Bin-Tuna-Fish, here are some points.

    (1) There are only 3 things that a Muslim shall refrain from challenging:
    (a) Allah
    (b) His Book
    (c) His Prophets
    Everything else is fallible and needs to challenged, questioned, queried and criticised.

    (2) The tactics used by the regime are now tantamount to what Gay Yoom used to suppress any opposition to his rule. No one was allowed to criticise him or his regime, else you ended up locked up.

    (3) We now have what I'd call Dictatorship-Through-The-Courts. The justices have it even better than Gay Yoom ever did. These guys are selected for life (although Gay Yoom thought that as well). They are beyond criticism and are free to do as they please. There is no one who can touch them or answerable to.

    (4) We have a democracy. The three powers are answerable to the people and that's it. The people can question them, criticise them and oust them when unfit for purpose. The Constitution belongs to the people and not the Courts!

  6. I suggest an investigation of the Islamic Foundation of Maldives (IFM) as well. They seem to be running a television channel by the name of MVTV in the form of a trust which accepts donations from the common man in addition to larger contributions from businesses.

    There is no legal framework on the operation of trusts. Meanwhile there has also been a widely reported incident where a founding member and Ex-Co member of MVTV, one Ibrahim "Sheikh" Fareed, was reported to have stolen a large amount of the funds donated to MVTV.

    Investigations should also be begun into NGOs operating under the umbrella of Madhanee Iththihaad (Civil Union) which took part in a political movement calling for the unseating of an elected government through lawlessness and illegal gatherings.

    Investigations should also begin into the activities of one NGO Jamiyyat Salaf (Association of the Followers of the Righteous Predecessors) who have openly preached against the Constitution and incited opposition to democracy while also inciting hatred against democratic institutions such as Parliament and the judiciary. Salaf has also published material urging revolt against the democratic system as well as the laws of the country.

    There are also countless NGOs in the atolls which are just fronts to embezzle political donations distributed during elections.

    A lot of the NGOs mentioned in this report have close links to MDP with their employees being hand-picked from among family members of party bigwigs and associates. However this is the situation in every country. Fire must be fought with fire. If PPM and other parties wish to put up a strong fight, they must facilitate the establishment of NGOs sympathetic to them and work to get international and local support for their work.

  7. Whoever speaks the truth will be investigated,..the one who fornicates roam freely, while those who put fwd the evidence rot in jail..this is the justice that is served in our country...what a pathetic state it is in

  8. Mr Mother Knee Abdulla must be at once dismissed from his job because he is the head of an umbrella group of NGOs known as Madhanee Ithihaad. He can't be the head of an NGO coalition and simultaneously investigate and threaten to dissolve NGOs he does not like. NGOs in Maldives are facing severe restrictions from the Ministry of Home Affairs because consecutive governments are appointing illiterate people to be Registrar of NGOs. Mr Nasheed's government appointed Mr Mahir Bey, who imposed several barriers to the operation and functioning of NGOs. Now Waheed's government is playing the same game through Mr Mother Knee Abdulla.

  9. This man used to be an imam at one of the mosques I used to go to. Looks like all the 'muzaaharaas' have helped him get a top position in the government. Also Andrew, you just draw a cartoon of him, or make a satire film of his life.

  10. Mr Abdullah should put UN, Commonwealth, NASA and CIA under investigation as well.

  11. Home Ministry must first look into the issue of Of the formation of madhanee iththihaadh which was formed outside of the regulations. This is the result of having a political figure as a Registrar of NGO's. This news item shows the level the government is going to limit the rights of NGO's.


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