Umar Naseer questioned by police over MNDF “gate shaking”

Vice president of the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Umar Naseer was yesterday summoned to police headquarters for questioning about his involvement in the protest outside the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) base and president’s residence on 28 January.

Sub Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said Naseer was summoned at 3pm ”for questioning regarding his shaking of MNDF’s gate.”

He said the police were currently investigating the case and ”can’t give out more details”.

MNDF Major Ibrahim Afsal also said he could not comment on the issue because police were investigating the case.

However, Press Secretary for the President’s Office Mohamed Zuhair claimed Umar Naseer’s shaking of the gates showed he was illegally trying to enter president’s official residence and the MNDF base.

”It was not a peaceful protest,” Zuhair said, saying Naseer’s actions appeared on CCTV footage of the incident.

”The police are now investigating the case, so we better not say anything yet,” he said.

Naseer acknowledged he was taken to the police yesterday.

He said the police questioned him whether he shook the gates of MNDF and president’s residence, and ”I said I did, and I still do.”

Naseer said he shook the gates of MNDF to “enter there and make the MNDF take part in our protest.”

“Their main reason for [summoning] me was to shut down the opposition demonstration,” he said. ”That night we did not commit any crimes.”

Spokesman for DRP and also the party’s Vice President Ibrahim Shareef said the government had now started arresting protesters.

”They said protesting was fine before they came to administration,” Shareef said, ”and now that they have got the administration they have started arresting protesters.”

Shareef claimed he remembers a time when president Mohamed Nasheed used to come out for protests and shake the gate of former president’s residence Theemuge.

”The police should investigate that case as well,” he said.

Spokesman for the Maldivian Democrartic Party (MDP) Ahmed Haleem said the party would not comment.


7 thoughts on “Umar Naseer questioned by police over MNDF “gate shaking””

  1. Umar is abvoe the law! Current government do not seem to care about opposition even if they threatened the sovereignity of this nation. All citizens must have the right to protest but to the extent law allows and in locations other than those protected (for the purpose of national security).
    This demonstration by Mullah Umar is a real test for President Nasheed and his government. If the government do not take appropriate action thinking that Umar's supporters and DRP will go wild on DhiTV and other media outlets who support dictatorship,then we will see the opposition gaining ground. Majority of Maldivians are idiots who would believe anything they hear. The more they hear the better the chances of the news becoming their own convictions -- giving a decisive victory to DRP-PA.
    Dear Mr. President, take this opportunity to make sure all citizens follow the rule of law and punish those who do not. We have more freedom than we even dreamed of under Maumoon's dictatorship. If you do not take some affirmative action, you will lose the next election and all our dreams about Maldives will be shattered. You may want to prove, beyond any reasonable doubts, that freedom of expression in all forms (violence included) are "a right of the opposition". But if that is your perception of what opposition must do, we will have to vote you out and get someone else who could uphold the rule of law and who is strong and assertive in protecting this country from people like Mullah Umar.

  2. I'm glad Ahmed Haleem didn't comment.

    It's not worth the lunatic who wants to make headlines as the first political activist arrested and tried in court.

    Umar Naseer, go see a psychologist.

  3. And so the most entertaining show of the recent times begins... See how each clown tried to wisely defend the other. ”... protesting was fine before ... now they have started arresting protesters.” This is the sort of respect they have for our intelligence.

  4. Umar Naseer is definitely not worth comment. But there is also no need to question the guy over shaking a gate. Shaking a gate?! Really? Summoning just him for his petulant behavior is harassment and our armed services need to move past the policies of the past.

  5. when Umar shakes a gate the president will get so scared that he will resign. what a joke. i dont know what to say to Umar. except i fully agree with shaya ali. " Umar go see a psychologist"

  6. Hey HassaK,

    I see that you have mentioned about the current government arresting protesters. Can you please mention just one example? one incident where a protester was arrested for more than 6 hours? Ofcourse, during the protests anyone who goes beyond the law in place has to be controlled and stopped. That is what the current government does unlike the previous government which not only arrested, but even prisoned and tortured protesters!!!

    Be updated and try to convey the truth to the public!!


  7. Hilley, LOL, oh no current Governement didnt arrest any, but did you know that they harass media, the worst dictatorial regime at all time never took any action against the media when opposition gathered around his palace, but see now, Dhitv has been punished (5 POINTS DEDUCTED FROM LICENSE) for telecasting the event near President Nasheeds palace, is this guy above the Law? Or is he God? I thought the law gave freedom. If people can raise their voice at former Presidents Palace, then people have the right to do the same with Nasheeds palace. Be updated to convey the truth to the public.


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