Municipality claims land illegally occupied by MDP Haruge

The Male’ Municipality has claimed the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has built a part of its ‘Haruge’ headquarters illegally on the municipality’s land, and informed the party to vacate within 14 days.

President of the Male’ Municipality Adam Manik said the MDP had taken part of the municipality’s land when it built its headquarters.

Adam said that was a part of the land on which the Housing Ministry planned to build flats.

”[MDP Chairperson] Mariya Didi built their office there unauthorised,” Adam claimed.

He said the council had now informed Didi to clear out the site within 14 days.

”It’s not the whole of the MDP Haruge,” he said. ”Its’s the part of the Haruge where they have the administration office.”

Spokesperson for MDP Ahmed Haleem said the party would clear the land within 14 days as requested. He said the land had been given to the MDP by the Maldives National Chamber of Commerce “as a gift.”

”We did not know that a part of the municipality’s land was occupied by us,” he said, adding that the party had not decided where to build its new administration office.

He said the land claimed by the municipality measured around 2000 square feet.


5 thoughts on “Municipality claims land illegally occupied by MDP Haruge”

  1. Hehe Really? I mean after visiting each and every general meeting held by MDP in that premises President of the Male’ Municipality Adam Manik NOW is saying it is illegal? WOW what a media stunt.. What a media stunt..

  2. this is just a drama MDP is playing. to show the people that they treat same way to everyone. but its not. its just a small area they are talking about.

  3. I really doubt Adam Manik personally knows every single property that is administered by Male' Municipality. The Municipality is the largest single department in the country, larger than many ministries in fact. That he attends every single MDP meeting and is also bringing them to account when made aware of an illicit situation speaks for his integrity and commitment towards the Maldivian people.

    It is not an easy thing to stand above party politics in today's politically charged climate. That he is showing impartiality evicting both DRP (before) and MDP (now) shows independence and integrity.

  4. Thats all gimmick preplaned by MDP to get some media attention as last whole week it was DRP dominating the news media. MDP thinks all the Maldivians are fools to believe everything they say and do.


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