Umar Naseer’s fire and security firm denies contract to supply GMR

Local fire and security technology firm Alarms Pty Ltd, owned by prominent opposition politician Umar Naseer, has refuted media reports that it won a contract to supply equipment for GMR’s development of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

MNBC and Haveeru quoted an unamed GMR official as confirming that Alarms had been contracted to supply fire and security services to the airport. However a press statement from Umar Naseer’s company denounced the “false media reports”, stating that it was “regrettable that such a false report could be made public by two of the largest media outlets in the country.”

Umar Naseer was among the most vocal opponents of the decision to hand the upgrade and management of the international airport to the Indian infrastructure giant, variously accusing the government, GMR, DRP Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali and Speaker of Parliament Abdulla Shahid of corruption in the deal.

Speaking to Minivan News in June last year, Naseer described the decision to hand the management of the airport to GMR as “ridiculous”, alleging that it would not only result in the loss of thousands of jobs, but also take away the Maldives’ authority to decide which flights would be permitted to land at the airport.

”That means, if [the operators] allowed it, an Israel flight can come and stop over after bombing Arab countries,” Naseer claimed at the time.

Spokesperson for GMR Mohamed ‘Kudu’ Ibrahim told Minivan News that Alarms was the sole distributor for a particular system supplied to the existing airport 3-4 years ago when it was under the management of Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL).

“It is not even a contract. Alarms is the sole distributor for the system and it is impossible to get the brand from anyone else [in the Maldives],” he explained. “If there is a problem or a breakdown GMR also brings in technicians from Alarms.”

On its website, Alarms explains that “the very essence of Alarms Pte Ltd comes from the various experiences of Mr Umar Naseer. During his 7-year career in the National Security Services (NSS) he led several investigations of resort fires. He also investigated the cause of many major fires that occurred in Male’ during that period. His experience led him to believe that a private fire and security industry would help the country in many ways.”


5 thoughts on “Umar Naseer’s fire and security firm denies contract to supply GMR”

  1. So its not a contract won by Umar Naseer. But only the provision of some equipment whose sole distributor in Maldives is Alarms.

    Instead of saying that Alarms did not win a contract to provide security equipment, Umar Naseer should have clarified this. Why is he scared to admit that Alarms is providing this piece of equipment to GMR?

  2. We the citizen of this still a banana republic care too shits about people like Umar Naseer, he can go to hell and we think it is the proper place for him to be.

  3. @ Hassan Ahmed

    Wait till I get to presidency of your banana republic. I will leave all the tyrant dictators (my current mentors) at peace and make them my advisers. And I will behead guys like you who talk shit about your own motherland and also the drug abusers but not the rich dealers.

    The same will go if Yameen or Tasmin comes.
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  4. ”That means, if [the operators] allowed it, an Israel flight can come and stop over after bombing Arab countries,” Naseer claimed at the time.

    All the time spent near fire has taken its toll on this poor man.

  5. **getting too old for this_blip blip.stares*

    I thought this guy was dead...hes that worried bout flights coming after bombing arab nations? where was he wen saddam was killed??? or when the army invaded iraq and killed, raped the civillians in the country.? how does he define it is NSS or near fire? CODE RED..or SPOILS OF WAR????

    I heard alarms was going bankrupt. the staff at alarms were being unpaid while Mr. Umar was standing at podiums and making killer gestures..LOL killer gestures..

    **definitly too old for this__sigh


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