US citizen arrested for funding Maldivian terrorist in Lahore bombing

A US citizen has been charged in the States with conspiracy to provide material support to a Maldivian terrorist who helped carry out a deadly attack in Pakistan in 2009.

48-year-old Reaz Qadir Khan, a waste water treatment plant operator for the city of Portland, US, was arrested on Tuesday (March 5) on a charge of providing advice and funds to Maldivian national Ali Jaleel.

On May 27, 2009, Jaleel – along with two other men – stormed Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) headquarters in Lahore and detonated a car bomb that left around 23 people dead and a further 300 injured.

Prior to the attack, US media reported that in 2006 Khan had received an email from Jaleel “goading” him about his past devotion to seek martyrdom for Allah.

“Where are the words you said with tears in your eyes that ‘we shall strive until Allah’s word is superior or until we perish’???” the email stated, according to US publication The Oregonian.

Following the message, Khan had then allegedly communicated and provided financial backing through email to Jaleel and his family, making it possible for the Maldivian to attend a training camp in Pakistan ahead of the 2009 bomb attack.

The emails cited in the indictment against Khan – sent in October and November 2008 – were said to have included a coded note from Jaleel telling Khan that he needed US$2,500 to pay for admission into a terrorist training camp.

The Oregonian reported that Khan had replied to Jaleel instructing him to pick up the training camp money from one of his associates.

Jaleel, who later responded saying he only needed US$1000 of the US$2,450 that had been sent, was then advised by Khan to send the remaining money to his two wives in the Maldives, The Oregonian reported.

The indictment does not cite that there had been any other emails between November 2009 and the May 27, 2009 ISI attack.

However, US media reported that less than a week after the bombing, US$750 was wired from Khan to one of Jaleel’s wives from an Oregon store.

Khan, who has pleaded not guilty during a court appearance on Tuesday, could face life imprisonment if he is convicted at trial, US media reported.

According to The Oregonian, Khan must now remain in his Portland home until his trial on the terrorism-related charge begins.

Local media reported that Jaleel, who lived at H.Moscowge in Male, featured in a video on the internet showcasing his terrorist training and subsequent attack.

A member of Jaleel’s family told local newspaper Haveeru back in November 2009 that he had left “around a year ago” and that there had been “no further communication with him”.

Jaleel had been caught once before whilst on jihad and was sent back to Maldives. On 26 December 2006, he was also sentenced to two years’ house arrest for giving religious sermons and preaching without a licence, local media reported.

“Martyrdom was certain”

In a video released by Al Qaeda’s media outlet, 30-year-old Jaleel, referred to as Mus’ab Sayyid, can be seen speaking in front of the camera surrounded by an assortment of weaponry.

Jaleel calls for his teachers and those he knew who had taken the status of scholars to visit the Mujahideen and make “decisions” based on what they saw.

“I want my blood to be the bit of the carpet which the Mujahideen have painted from their blood. The red carpet which would take the Umar to its glory,” Jaleel says in the video.

The footage shows Jaleel going through various stages of training, including throwing what appears to be a hand grenade and firing various weapons. The video then cuts to footage of the attack.

A white van carrying armed men pulls up to what appears to be a police check point, before two men disembark and open fire on various individuals manning the post.

The van continues through the checkpoint before briefly stopping beside two men who had hidden behind a barricade, at which point the armed men appear to shoot them from inside the vehicle.

The video then shows the same white van pulling up to a large gate, before detonating the explosives.

The Pakistani government said at the time that the car bomb attack was carried out in apparent revenge for an army offensive against Taliban militants in that nation’s north-western Swat region.


19 thoughts on “US citizen arrested for funding Maldivian terrorist in Lahore bombing”

  1. So what more evidence does the population need to realize that there are extremists in our country and door steps?

  2. The headline should be American Muslim terrorist funds Maldivian Muslim terrorist.

  3. Extremism, specifically Muslim-extremists will be the destruction of the Maldives. As with all other nations.

    Pity we don't have the guts, both public and government, to face head-on these cancerous mutations spreading across the nation or I should really say the world.

  4. The Maldivian government won't see this. They have terrorists going by the name of Adhaalath (A subgroup of LeT) in the government, and yet, they boldly deny any radicalism in the country. Ask an average Maldivian where these wahhabees gather to recruit in certain mosques in Male', and many can point you to a right mosque. It is that easy. My grandfather, a very religious man, had to stop going to the mosque near his home because wahhabees were dominating the place, and alienating anyone else who bothered to show up to pray.

    The Maldivian government will stay delusional. The country is infested with terrorists and this is the truth.

  5. There are idiots everywhere, and awesome sensationalism

    But pakistan is an effin curse to our nation, because most of the radical so called "scholars" come from pakistan

  6. so where exactly is this Jalil now? Pakistan or in Maldives? Maldives now a tourism/terrorism state

  7. Why people think there is Islamic extremism. These morons are doing what their scripture and religion teaches them. Adalath or any pious Muslim has to follow the same and expect reward after death that is 70 virgins and imaginary paradise that was imagined by medieval dessert dwellers. Either you have to follow this or leave Islam, for Maldivians there is no way out unless you reject this rubbish . For Maldivian to get out from this psychological torment is still very distant may be another three generations given them proper education.

  8. Perhaps now all Maldivian have to agree that the previous government was making true statements about religious extremism in Maldives.

    The root cause of this unwanted situation in is because of so called religious scholars and especially religious gangs like “ADHAALATH” party.

  9. Anni is the only politician who dare to publicaly saya that there exist Islamist extremists in Maldives. The growing extremism pose a real threat to social harmony, peace and stability. The Maldives could potentially be another Pakistan or Afghanistan in 10 years time if concrete steps are not taken without delay.

  10. This story has been discussed at length in Haveeru and Sun atleast a week ago, so the reason why Minivan chose to recycle all these old news should be obvious.It is to invite islamophobes to rant against muslims. I don't know if this serves the cause of journalism but it seems to be the kind of material the islamophobes want, and the kind of material that scares away the tourists. I believe there shall be a law to prosecute minivan for spreading this kind of hate material to scare away guests just because their preferred president is not in power.

  11. @sharia demon on Sun, 10th Mar 2013 1:23 PM

    on what grounds would Minivan be prosecute? telling the truth has never been against any law, unless it's in a country run by dictators.

    Fact: Maldives is being brought before international courts for breaches of human rights based on intolerance to non-muslims and surpressing religious freedoms.

    Fact: The fanatics used religion to pervet this Maldivian to commit terrorist act by brainwashing him into believing it is Allah's will for him to be a Marytr to the cause.

    Fact: This fanatics make money out of selling terrorism in the name of religion. The guy had to pay $2500 to be adminisitered in the training camp. Lets hope he got his monies worth, sounds like a top resort in the Maldives for that amount of cash.

    Fact: The majority of people of the Maldives voted for Nasheed to be president, not religious zealets who bully with threats of being declared unislamic if they dont get their own way.

    Fact: To remove a democratically elected government is done via the election box, not on the streets or behind closed doors of a mosque.

    Fact: Christian countries allow Mosques to be built along with any other place of worship, but the Maldives can't even follow the prophets own teachings, acceptance and tolerance for other people of the book.

    Fact: Only Muslims hype up islamphobic attitudes, because they are insecure in their own minds.

    Fact: What scares away the tourists is the Maldivian attitude to other religions and the barbaric practices of Sharia law against females.

    So prosecute me for the truth, i'll laugh you out of any court, except in a corrupt Maldivian one because your judges and polictians are uneducated fools fearful of men who claim to speak for Allah, which is b******t

  12. These close minded extremists have put a huge scar on our peaceful religion. If only they knew that blowing oneself up and killing innocent people is strictly prohibited in Islam. I wish the govt would prohibit Maldivians from going to Pakistan for religious studies considering the condition and corruption the state is in!

  13. In addition, i still do not understand why the Americans or the Israelis are not called terrorists considering they bomb and torture innocent lives to kill one or two Al Qaeda heads!???Pity the world and blame everything on Islam??!!

  14. "American Muslim terrorist" funds "Maldivian Muslim terrorist".....hmmmm.....

    sounds a bit like todays news headline:
    Afghan President alleges U.S,Taliban Colluding together

  15. Islam and peaceful? Two words that should not be used in the same sentence. If a muslim tells you that islam is peaceful, then read up on the term taqiyya.

  16. Shimy

    Americans invaded Iraq on the direct orders of the Saudi leadership, because Saddam Hussein passed a law that ensures Iraqi oil sales should undercut Saudi prices by 10%.

    Iran is also a target; Saudi leaders have ordered the United States to 'cut off the head of the snake',

    Israel's extremist government is paid for by the wahhabis to go around bombing Palestine randomly, while the wahhabis ruin every opportunity for Palestine to become a free nation with their suicide bombs and hypocrisy on agreements.

    Who is the terrorist? The Saudi leadership; your paymasters. The imperialist threat against all humans, be they muslim, christian, buddhist or any other faith or creed.

  17. Islam is not peaceful and it will never be peaceful. Those who insult Islam should be beheaded. This is the simple logic under Sharia, so how can it be peaceful.

  18. @Maldivian man

    You are talking about some bull royal family which allows homosexuality to purge on!
    Saudi Prince faces execution for being gay

    I do not understand why you relate the Saudi royal family with Islam because royalty and hereditary rule was never in the book of god!

    And by the way murder is murder whether it be Americans, Britons or gay lot!and how come Americans are so dumb!!??i thought they advocated for humanity! so why the sudden peace with the evil royal family??!!!


    I have gone through the quran to find this bit about killing an apostate but never reached one! And then i came out with this!

    1 – What is funny about the penalty of apostasy in Muslim human made religion is that although it is the most notorious aspect of the human made Shari’a and it is still a controversial issue with only two (Hadeethes: Sayings attributed to the Prophet Mohammed ) to support it, it is applied more than any other punishment in the Shari’a. These two hadeethes are false as they were invented in the Abbasy Empire, about two centuries after the death of the Prophet Mohammed)

    Now you will definitely say that i am trying to delude you but if you want to check it out, you go to the history of Islam( which you will not, and if you really did will find a lot of rubbish made up by other apostates, muslim haters)

    If you want to find out something then do the research yourself ! go to the book itself and do not depend on somebody's' saying!

  19. Not that i do not support the sharia Law, i do, but as it is human made there should be some faults with it too! The only thing i could not find fault is the Qur'an! So research it and come to a conclusion on your own!

    And why would i be talking about this when i can have the easier way out just by ignoring and trashing the Quran, the truth is,

    Whenever i hear such stories about Islam and the Qur'an and check it to prove that quran is wrong and there is no god, it only comes out to me that there is god and it comes through Islam!


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