Vendors turn Malé’s surf point into trash dump

Vendors have turned Malé’s surf point Raalhugandu into a waste dump after the biannual street market.

The two-week long market ended on June 13, but vendors left plastic, wood, cardboard boxes and pipes at Malé’s water front. The market organizer Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) has not picked up the trash two days after the market ended.

Some 500 stalls were set up for the market.

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The dumping of trash at the surf point sparked outrage on Twitter.

The MNCCI’s Vice President Ismail Asif told Raajje TV that the clean-up effort had been slowed by difficulties in transporting and offloading the garbage onto barges that would carry the trash to the dump on Thilafushi island.

The Malé City Council is cleaning up the mess now. Councilor Shamau Shareef appealed to the public to join him in the clean up with “brooms, gloves and garbage bags.”

As the sun set, only migrant workers staff were seen cleaning the area. Much of the garbage has been cleared on the outermost Bodu Thakurufaanu Magu, but adjoining Ameenee Magu is yet to be cleaned.


3 thoughts on “Vendors turn Malé’s surf point into trash dump”

  1. If surfers dare to put this litter in the MNCCI, they will be tried for treason, then executed.

    I'm sure they're enjoying the knife stuck in their back.

  2. I would think vendors had paid for their part of a bargain which I guess lacked the part of clearing their thrash being put on the agreement!
    If whoever managed this event had thought of this amount of thrash, it would have been mandatory to clear the site given!
    Trader's Association seems to have just one thing on their mind! Cashing in!
    I cannot blame the vendor, if clearing their thrash was not a part of the deal that was made!


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