Dhiraagu postpones road race

Telecommunications provider Dhiraagu has postponed its annual road race due to the extension of the ongoing night market.

The road race was due to take place on June 12. The opposition alliance is also planning to stage a mass protest in Malé on the same day.

Dhiraagu marketing director Ahmed Maumoon told the press last week that an experienced international organisation was tasked with setting the route for the race. The night market area is part of the designated route.

Maumoon said 3,000 people have registered to take part in the race.

Dhiraagu expects the race to be rescheduled for July as Ramadan begins later this month and the national athletics team will depart at the end of Ramadan for the Indian Ocean Games.

Maumoon said a new date will be determined in consultation with the organisers, partners, and foreign participants.

The road race is held each year to raise awareness of child abuse and domestic violence.