Waheed and Nasheed hold first meeting since power transfer

Former President Mohamed Nasheed met with his successor Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan yesterday evening for the first time since the former’s controversial resignation in February last year.

Meeting at the president’s official residence – Muleeage – at 9pm, the encounter lasted around fifteen minutes before Nasheed left without speaking to the press.

A subsequent Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) statement said that the discussion had included Nasheed’s concern at the delayed run-off election following the Supreme Court rulings ordering the cessation of preparations – by force if necessary.

The court is reported to be working around the clock to reach a conclusion in the Jumhooree Party’s (JP) case, which has requested an annulment due to what it allegs were systemic failings during the first poll.

Despite President Waheed’s hopes that the court reach a decision as soon as possible, none has been forthcoming since the concluding statements were heard one week ago.

A President’s Office statement today noted Waheed’s desire to see a smooth transfer of power to the eventual winner of the election.

Addressing the nation earlier in the day, Waheed said that verification of election related complaints was vital.

“Presidential candidates, political parties, individual citizens, foreign organisations and nations are all waiting to see the election being held as quickly as possible and to see the new president take oath on November 11,” said President Waheed.

The constitution mandates that a new president take office by November 11, a schedule the Elections Commissioner has said cannot now be met.

Both MDP and President’s Office statements claimed that the meeting had been requested by the other attendee.

Waheed assumed office within hours of Nasheed’s unexpected resignation, in what Waheed has insisted was a constitutionally prescribed procedure.

Nasheed would soon claim that his resignation had come under duress, publicly labelling Waheed as a conspirator in his demise and a ‘baghee’ (‘traitor’).

Whilst Nasheed topped the first round of polling on September 7 with 45.45% of the vote, Waheed’s ‘Forward with the Nation’ coalition gained just 5%.

The final result was due to be followed by a run-off on September 28 between Nasheed’s MDP and second-placed candidate Abdulla Yameen of the Progressive Party of Maldives before third-placed candidate Gasim Ibrahim’s JP took his complaints to the Supreme Court.

Gasim – who himself met with Nasheed two weeks ago to discuss the maintenance of national interest and maintaining stability and public order – missed out on the run-off by less than three thousand votes.

Supporters of Nasheed have protested for six consecutive nights following the decision to indefinitely delay the run-off.


15 thoughts on “Waheed and Nasheed hold first meeting since power transfer”

  1. I was expecting more mature leadership quality from Mr. Nasheed. What we see here is very childish behavior from both Nasheed and his MDP gang.

  2. Waheed truly projects himself as more of a Statesman than Nasheed in the traditional sense of the word.

    However Maldivians have consistently shown that they are not interested in electing reserved Statesmen but rather want a populist President who can fire up an audience with risque speeches. This is not meant to be an insult to anyone in particular - just a statement of facts.

    This meeting truly will get tongues wagging especially given the evasive statements given to the media.

  3. Soon after the ground breaking address of the President to the nation, many people were impressed with the tone of the speech that of almost a Professor expounding to his students the smooth working of a Democratic Govt.- The virtues of civil society and the upholding of the rule of law, & the Presidents firm commitment of staying clear of the two other branches of the state; it was one of the most mature, tempered and hopeful speeches that Maldives has ever heard in this country. (1)

    These were not empty words thus big and small even across the party lines one welcomed the speech and very firmly put in perspective the position of the supreme court and hoped that their ruling in the case JP Vs. EC of the Maldives be expedited as seen fit my the SC in the earliest possible instance. How clear it was in face of the Constitution his hands were tied in the circumstances.{2}

    Later that night President Nasheed dropped probably the biggest bomb-shell in recent politics in Maldives. He boldly requested an audience with the President and was promptly accepted and he was on his way to the President’s residence. It took almost everybody by surprise. There was every expectation that President Nasheed had matched President Waheeds statesmanship displayed in his address to the nation point by point. Many had breathed a sigh of relief – the final demonstration that Maldivian Democracy was after all alive and well & had come of age; for in the final analysis a Democracy is not only about voting, it was also about civil society and living under the rule of law. {3}

    However we were soon to see that absolutely nothing had changed - violent confrontational demonstrations were still on full throttle; civil society was been made a mockery and the fundamental precepts of rule of law was being questioned. To make matters worse actual physically abuse and quasi civil war footing targeting the armed forces are more and more implied.{4}

    It’s worth asking us if weather a group is so sure of forcibly taking over the land by encouraging a civil war footing touching civil disobedience. For how long could it last? {5}

    Incredibly the glaring loop holes in the legislature are seen on a daily basis, which ties the hands of all opposition. It would seem that right now on the roads are people advocating the wholesale negating the whole criminal justice system and overthrow of the Government & openly calling the mutiny of the forces- At the forefront are sitting MPS from 2 Parties, some facing actual criminal charges but whose court hearings are postponed, because incredibly they have to attend parliament. {6}

    Against violent and highly organised elements backed by questionable MPS the Security forces will maybe soon be reaching breaking point. The recurrent picture is that A sizeable amount of the demonstrators in the front rows are inviting violence and praying for the critical mass to reach breaking point provoking an all-out reaction that will be recorded and passed on to lead to world headlines and ultimate Govt lockdown – both internally and externally {7}

    In face of these now daily occurrences is there a body of citizens that will be able to resist the anarchists rejecting Govt? How on earth can these citizens match the limitless amounts of money at their opponent’s disposal? The Ex-President and his close advisors have put all their bets on turning the rest of the population to sheep – with whatever it takes – domestic violence, their agents like Dr Shaheed/ Farah link/ Harding ham & of course Indian boots on the ground. {8}

    Is this the end of Maldives as we know?

  4. Nasheed will do anything for then sake of wining the votes to become the president.

    He does not care anything and he only want power and money. Once he get there, he will say to f--- off all the people and that is how far he will go.

  5. Waheed laughed and celebrated when he was sworn in. Now the whole world can see what a useless coup puppet he really is. He owes Nasheed and the country an apology. His pathetic performance at the election confirms his total failure as a leader and his illegal promotion to President by using the gun instead of the vote.

  6. @facts on Fri, 4th Oct 2013 12:48 AM

    "he will say to f— off all the people and that is how far he will go."

    My privilege to give you the first opportunity: now f**k off!

  7. @jasmine on Thu, 3rd Oct 2013 10:42 PM

    "... domestic violence, their agents like Dr Shaheed/ Farah link/ Harding ham & of course Indian boots on the ground."

    Well, your essay can be summarised as:

    (1) The once in a lifetime opportunity to foster democracy in the Maldives was ushered in 2008. However that was scuppered by the overthrow of the elected government in 2012.

    (2) No matter how you look at it, the current hole we are in goes back to that event in February 2012. There was ample opportunity to address the shortcomings of Nasheed's administration through democratic principles. But, for short term again and personal profit, the future of the nation was left aside.

    In short, thousands of Nasheeds, Farahs, Shaheeds have been created as a result of February 2012. We predicted that this day would come.

  8. USA Government shutdown continuous.

    Recent twitter activity indicates that the dismissal notice for Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, the Special Rapporteur on Iran may have been issued as a budgetary measure.

  9. I am Sri Lankan, living in Canada. Why are you fighting each other? You are a beautiful people and a small population. You have two great industries, tourism and Fishing.

    I think Dr. Waheed, Mr. Nasheed and Mr. Gasim and Mr. Yameen should sit down and form a equal power unity government and stabilize maldives.

    It is a shame to watch what is happening to you.

  10. Power transfer? What power transfer?
    It was a police led COUP where a democratically elected president was forced to resign.
    Do get your facts right Daniel Bosley.
    History seems to be repeating itself in the Maldives.....I wonder when the next coup, oops sorry I meant 'power transfer' is due.

  11. @tsk tsk, You see the guy who as VP spent the day of the coup sitting in front of his TV twiddling his thumb while the entire Male' was in chaos as a statesman?

    Not to mention the fact that he is such a wimp and that even though he has gotten power by hook or by crook he seems incapable of asserting his role as president and is effectively a puppet in the hands of numerous masters. One who couldn't even get Maldivian people to vote for him.

  12. According to the above report, the two leaders spoke for 15 minutes. Only 15 minutes? It shows. These two people are not friends. They cannot communicate with each other. The biggest surprise is that they met at all. Meeting for 15 minutes is surely better than not meeting at all. They should meet again.

  13. @MissIndia.
    Dont meddle with our internal affair and you better first get your own back yard cleaned.

    You had rigged the votes and you people had gone to court and court verdicts were been told to throw into the bin by your princess Rahul.

    You have implanted 2 technician in our EC to rigged our votes to bring Nasheed back to power and then took over our nation.

    In reality, you need to clean your backyards and then try to tell us how things should be run in this country.

    Your country has huge population with huge amount of resources but 65% of your population are illiterate and 40% of the population does have the excess to basic needs like electricity, health and education.

    Look at China, with a population like yours, they are 1000 times far more developed than you country . You better learn from them before trying to teach some else how to behave.

  14. @ MissIndia NewDelhi:

    Why don't you go douse yourself in cowdung to cleanse your stinking self instead of meddling with the affairs of Maldives and putting your opinions about Daniel Bosley's writing? Who the hell are you anyway? You seem to project this image of a Maldives hater, but spend all your time reading Minivan News and commenting on the articles here. Get a life and get out of Maldives and its affairs!

  15. You seem to have a great knowledge of Indian illiteracy of "60%"? oh my! and 40% not having basic needs? again fascinating fact.

    China my dear brother, is a autocratic country that bull dozes its villages and rural population and builds ghost towns. While FB and other social networkings needs to be licensed and some being banned by the Chinese govt, we Indians enjoy the freedom of Press, Judiciary and military balance in our society.

    So if you aint got your facts right, needent lt it seep out like sewerage from your mouth.

    PS: Cow dung is a natural cleansing agaent. If they had allowed cows on your islands, sure you would have had beef in between your teeth daily.



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