“Yameen and myself are the two likely candidates in PPM primary”: Umar Naseer

Interim Deputy Leader of the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Umar Naseer has said that he and Parliamentary Group Leader MP Yameen Abdul Gayoom are the most likely candidates to contest the party’s primary elections scheduled for February 2013.

The presidential Primary of the PPM is scheduled to take place after its congress.  Since its formation in October 2011, the government-aligned PPM has postponed its national congress on three occasions, despite having a charter of regulations stipulating that a congress must be held within six months of registration.

In October this year, local daily Haveeru reported that that the party cited “political turmoil” as the reason for the delays.

Naseer’s remarks about standing in the upcoming party primaries comes at a time when current interim leader of PPM, former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, has also highlighted the possibility of his running for re-election.

Both Naseer and Yameen Abdul Gayoom was not responding to calls from Minivan News at time of press.

Maumoon Abdul Gayoom told Indian newspaper The Hindu yesterday (December 11) that he may consider contesting in a presidential election presently expected to be held in August or September next year.

“Things change very frequently. So I am keeping my options open,” Gayoom was quoted as saying. “[If I run] it won’t be out of my choice, if ever, it will be out of compulsion. Because I feel I have served the country for 30 years and I feel it is up to other people [now].” Gayoom reiterated that he preferred not to run.

Speaking to local Newspaper Haveeru about the comments, Umar Naseer said that Gayoom had the right to contest for re-election in the next presidential elections – a decision he believed would make the country’s former autocratic ruler the “obvious top candidate” to finish the race.

“I would definitely back Gayoom if he is to contest the elections. He is our ‘ace of spades’. You cannot say that the ace of spades is not the ace of spades,” he said.

Naseer suggested that if Gayoom ruled out his intention to “come back to power”, it would undermine potential public excitement ahead of the primary vote.

“If he says he won’t contest the elections that would mean the ace of spades becoming two of diamonds, doesn’t it?” he added.

Umar Naseer previously contested the 2008 presidential election under the Islamic Democratic Party (IDP) and was defeated after winning just 1.39 percent of the vote in the first round – a total of 2,472 votes. Following the defeat, Naseer at the time refused to support another candidate.

President Waheed

Local media and senior politicians have previously speculated that President Mohamed Waheed Hassan could also be a potential PPM candidate to stand in next year’s general elections.

However, Gayoom, in his most recent interview with the Hindu newspaper, suggested that such a development could only happen if the president joined his party.

Gayoom has previously welcomed the prospect of President Waheed competing in a primary for the party’s ticket.

“The president, or anyone else, can join PPM if they want, and if they win the [party’s] primary, they will become our presidential candidate,” he said at the time.

PPM Deputy Naseer has himself echoed similar sentiments about the possibility of the president standing for the PPM whilst speaking at a rally in May.  The comments were made despite previous statements that President Waheed would not stand for re-election.

“Second term”

President Waheed himself, in an interview given to the Hindu, said that he was “contemplating” running for a “second term” in office, but said that a final decision on the matter would be taken at a later date.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed – who defeated Gayoom in the 2008 presidential election with 54 percent of the vote to Gayoom’s 45 percent – said at a rally last month that he believed President Waheed will become PPM’s presidential candidate with Gayoom’s backing.

Nasheed alleged that his former vice president held secret consultations with the PPM figurehead before the controversial transfer of presidential power on February 7.

“Dr Waheed has been scheming with President Maumoon for about two years, that I know of,” he said. “Sometimes in an uninhabited island in Baa Atoll, other times in Alivaage [Gayoom’s former residence]. They have been discussing and talking in different places. Anyone who thinks of carrying out a coup d’etat will know that one thing you need for it is a disloyal vice president.”

Uncertainty remains over what potential plans President Waheed may have for the elections presently scheduled for next year.

President of the religious conservative Adhaalath Party (AP) Sheikh Imran Abdulla has previously called on all government-aligned political parties to unite and back a single candidate, preferably President Waheed as an ‘umbrella-candidate’.


19 thoughts on ““Yameen and myself are the two likely candidates in PPM primary”: Umar Naseer”

  1. PPM is arguably the most powerful party in Maldives today, at least from the media control perspective.

    Why is then there so much hesitation, innuendo, mystery about who would be the leader?

    Fact of the matter is PPM cannot decide who will be the Presidential candidate. Neither is PPM able to hold the annual congress.

    If PPM is dithering in making simple decisions (even while opposition MDP is so weak), imagine what will happen in a Government lead by PPM. The delay in holding a PPM congress is defiantly a part of the infamous 30 years system of indecisiveness.

    Anni may be a devil, but at least he does not dither on matters that affect the future of the country.

    There is too much secrecy and lack of transparency in PPM - no body wants that kind of a Maldives for future.

  2. .. and weakening Anni does not mean that Maldivains have embraced the old '30 year' system.

    PPM has to show some dynamism or die like a dinosaur.

  3. He still have to learn his lessons. You cannot be the Master of Torture and become President in this country.

  4. Waheed met Gayoom on the 'uninhabited island' island of Soneva Fushi - owned by that inbred fool Sonu Shivdesani, whose wife Eva is apparently very upset over his stupid politicking.

  5. And in other news,

    'Mr. Berlusconi’s Shameless Return' in Italy for the 4th time.

    A bad joke?

  6. @ Berlusconi

    Berlusconi has his own Circus down in Italy.
    End of the day they're all of the same tool box, just colors differ.

    Funny thing is this Berlusconi clown might even win again.

  7. All this talk of PPM primaries, PPM candidate and elections is a farce, a distraction.

    The plan is to enforce Art 144, suspend rights & freeze the country.

    President Nasheed will be arrested & locked up.

    No elections on 2013!

    But the tides will change.

  8. Dhonjeymu "Back-breaker" Umaru Naseer is the best candidate ever to become the president of this country.

  9. All opposition is bracing itself for a split vote in first round and gang up in round 2 to defeat MDP in upcoming elections.

    Although Waheed contesting on his own together Sarangu Adam Manik as his financial backer and barking dog will be a flop. this duo may be able to deviate voters who don't belong to a party.

    Ppm will get its share of votes of those who are loyal to the former president gayoom but if Yamin and UMAR Naseer runs with the ticket, many voters who don't belong to ppm but may still have supported ppm for Maumoons sake may think twice n perhaps wield towards someone like drp or gasim.

    3 is already a crowd with ppm, mdp and jp, therefore drp will get votes but this party is not a party people counts. No one who is undecided about voting for a winner will bet their chips on drp winning.

    Jp will secure a good share of votes perhaps even more than it did during round 1 when Maumoon was put down. This is the swing card. Which ever way gasim swings in a round 2 will secure the seat of next president . It is unlikely gasim will swing Mdps way if so, if there is ever a second round ppm has a good chance of winning.

  10. MDP must not make the mistake of thinking it cAn beat everyone without joining them. This will be the type of activities ideas that will become the downfall of mdps presidential hopes in 2013 and the lack of strategic thinking that is often the case when it comes to MDP and politics. MDP will run a superb grass root street led of the people campaign. Perhaps the best campaign compared to all other parties. But it will lack the political intelligence and strategy of ppm and those who want to defeat it

  11. PPM members are all retards. Umaru Naseeru tortured people in police custody, now this guy is their presidental candidate?

  12. So, we can choose either Al Capone or Hitler's chief torturer from the PPM to run the country???

  13. Umaru you can become the president easily may be thats the only way you can do it You can pay a film producer and ask to produce a film and you name it I am the president of dhooniraaje keke

  14. if umar can become the president we will leave the country such an idiot better a beggar who the hell is he may be 50 votes hehe


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