20-year-old man arrested for secretly filming girls in shower

Police have arrested an islander of Manadhoo in Noonu Atoll after he allegedly filmed three young girls living in the island while they were showering inside their house bathroom.

A Police spokesperson told Minivan News that the man arrested was 20 year sold.

”Police received reports that there has been some videos of girls captured and we questioned the suspect,” he said. ”He was arrested after police got enough evidence that the allegations could be true.”

He said police searched other houses in the island following the incident.

”He is currently under arrest in detention,” he said.

Minivan News understands that the girls filmed were three underage girls.

Manadhoo Council President Ibrahim Naseer told Minivan News that the young man had placed camera inside the bathrooms of the girls’ houses.

He said the videos were captured on different days and that all the videos were found stored in his computer.

Naseer told the media that the videos were first seen by the man’s brother.

In October last year a similar incident occurred on Filladhoo in Haa Alifu Atoll where the police arrested three youths on the island after they allegedly recorded and released explicit footage of islanders bathing with spy cameras.

Islanders told the police at the time that the suspects had deliberately targeted adolescent girls at the local school, with one of the videos reportedly showing a 17-year-old girl having a shower.

The bathrooms of many local houses on islands are traditionally unroofed, however following last year’s incident a number of islanders have begun roofing their bathrooms, reports indicate.

The three youths were arrested after nude videos of girls from the island were found on a hard disk.


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  1. This is madness! I advice authorities to make sure he gets the harshest of punishments, under Islamic Shariah. When I say this however, I know that some of the Jewish elements in our government and the majlis, are preventing us from enforcing Shariah to its full extent. Inshallah, we shall see a better day.

  2. Thank you Mist. Now this issue has been duly politicized.

    What must follow are several useless arguments and counter-arguments about religious freedom and Islam.

  3. I bet the first ones to search internet for these videos will be none other than the lustful Sheikh Fareed and Imran Abdullah.

  4. Don’t worry!He is adhaalath party,sheiks and the mullah's(long beard, short trousers, smells dirty and pedos) cameraman hehehe!


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