Six expats arrested over alleged fight with Maldivian colleagues in Noonu Atoll

Police have arrested six expats working on Fushivelaavaru in Noonu Atoll, after they allegedly assaulted two Maldivian staff members on the island.

According to a police statement, the incident occurred last night with the six expats workers being arrested at 5:30am this morning.

The expats arrested were all Bangladeshi nationals aged between 25 to 31, police stated. Police have not revealed the names of the persons arrested or the details surrounding the incident.

However, police stated that a 19 year-old and 25 year-old Maldivian were injured in the fight.

The two Maldivians were hospitalised at Manadhoo Hospital based in Noonu Atoll.

A police team is on the island investigating the case.

According to local media, Fushivelaavaru is an uninhabited island being developed into a resort.

An online newspaper based in Noonu Atoll, ‘Manadhoo Live’, reported that according to people working on the island, the incident occurred at about 8:15pm after a Maldivian staff member accidentally ran into a Bangladeshi man while he was walking out of the mess room.

The paper reported that the Bangladeshi workers on the island confronted the Maldivians following the incident and four Bangladeshi men allegedly attacked the two Maldivians using an iron bar.

Last Wednesday (May 15), an Indian physics teacher was hospitalised after a group of angry islanders allegedly confronted him on the island of Kumundhoo in Haa Dhaalu Atoll.

The teacher was then reported to have been beaten over accusations he hit a student in the chest.

Police have arrested eight persons from the island in connection with the case.


9 thoughts on “Six expats arrested over alleged fight with Maldivian colleagues in Noonu Atoll”

  1. wow what a pirate law.teacher was beaten by 30 local ppl and no arrest has been made so far in that case.and whn Bangladeshi did the same crime who have made already arrest.long live pirate law and pirates.

  2. Now Minivan says independent news but all i see is bad news from the Maldives??

    What is the main goal of this news paper?Why cannot they present something good from the Maldives?

    Should't journalism be fair and equal???

  3. so the Maldivians were innocent and did nothing to provoke this??? It is always those bad bad foreigners and they should all be jailed... only once they clean up after us and do all of our work and we take all of their money

  4. see if bangladeshi stand & be united they can bring this country down & fight for their rights.i hope bangladeshis will be united & fight this maldivian bullies.

  5. Total of 8 people were arrested in conniption with teach assault in kumundhoo. Junjun, you better try at least to tell some truth in your comments .

    Minivan is a propaganda machine of Nasheed and when Nasheed and his associates do anything, it can not be wrong and it must be right always.

    Shimy I believe you have the answer about Minivan .

    Minivan News will always be doing responsible and independent journalism towards Nasheed .

    Maldivian are Nasheed and his followers and Maldives is Nasheed's own property .

  6. @i on.

    People like you can try very hard to bring and ignite violence with the hope that you can bring back Nasheed and then funnel all the revenues to your people pocket.

    Did you ever have any knowledge of what really had happened on that Island with the Bangladeshi people.

    You just damn idiots trying to create the violence in the country and carte hate among people with a false dream.

  7. @kuribee, so you're supporting the maldivian bullies & how maldivians treat the bangladeshis like a slaves.anyway i will expect that the incident happen will be bangladeshis fault & non of maldivians will be punish. remember this bangladeshi will not hit a maldivian if they are not hit first.they came here to work not to create trouble for themselves.simple as that.

  8. @ Kuribee
    Braindead morons like you seem to have a lot of issues with Bangladeshis and Indians.....oops I keep forgetting how 'superior' you dumb islanders are.
    The truth is that if Maldivian workers were any good.....if they can lay off the brown sugar long enough to hold a job that would not be so dependent on workers from Bangladesh and India.
    Show some bloody respect for expats doing crap jobs for low wages and living in appalling conditions.
    By the way, I do not live or work in Maldives.....lucky me.


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