200 searched and 79 arrested at music festival in Maldives

Seventy-nine individuals have been arrested with large amounts of drugs and cash after police raided the OTUM music festival last night (April 18).*

Police have revealed that 59 males and 19 females were arrested – with an underage girl and a foreign male included in the group.

The festival, which was organised by The Underground Movement collective, was a two day event on Anbaraa, Vaavu atoll – an uninhabited island around an hour and a half south of Malé.

A source who was as the event told Minivan News that a large group of police officers suddenly raided the island and made everyone lie on the ground before handcuffing them.

Haveeru has reported that the rest of those initially detained were released after testing negative for illegal substances.

According to one source, an estimated 60 people have been arrested and are being taken to Atolhuvehi, a custodial centre in Malé.

The remaining people who were searched and tested negative for illicit substances have been released, according to the source.

In addition, a local lawyer who wished to stay anonymous has informed Minivan News that he had gone to Athuluvehi at around midday today (April 19), which time the Police did not have any record of the detainees on their system.

“During that time they ought to have access to counsel but you don’t. If someone from Malé was to contact the police about a person detained, they would have no record of them”

“Normally you’d think the point of arrest would be as soon as the police retrains or detains you in any form – from what I’ve heard , most of them or all of them have been handcuffed and had their possessions searched and have been asked for body samples.”

“From what I hear, they may have been taken into custody – may be taken to court at 7:30pm as it’s a saturday. Only at 4pm the police will decide who will be arrested and processed,” the lawyer explained.

Additionally, the source explained that police cannot search people unless they have reason to believe that they are under the influence. He added that there were currently three lawyers working on the case, and will be meeting with the arrested people in the coming hours.

“We will be going to the custodial centre now,” he stated. “They will most likely get charged under the drugs act.”

Prior to the arrests, a local DJ Angie – who was set to perform at the festival – had told Minivan News that OTUM was a rare opportunity for local musicians to showcase their talents and play music they are passionate about.

OTUM had stated that they have a strict no alcohol policy: “Bouncers will check you when you board the ferry for any possession of sharp objects & any illegal substances,” read the event’s guidelines.

*A previous version of this article – published prior to police releasing official figures – gave an estimated total of 60 arrests following discussion with witnesses and lawyers.


26 thoughts on “200 searched and 79 arrested at music festival in Maldives”

  1. Such a shame. Young Maldivians want to party and have a good time, like many other young people around the world do. To do so, they go to an uninhabited island, away from everyone else, with other like-minded people, yet even there they cannot escape the oppressive laws/rules they live under. Some life...

  2. "Naked" ? Please. Tank tops and shorts and dresses aren't "naked". Please check sources more thoroughly.

  3. Racial segregation of ordinary and wealthy population in this country. While the rich owns there own resorts and yachts to party, no one says anything.

    we welcome tourist with open arms to do anything dam thing they want in the country, we keep hunting down the local like they are plague.

  4. Holy mackerel!

    We opted for this. We made the choice. Actually the stupidity and isolation of our ancestors led to making the incredibly stupid decision for us to go all Arabic butt lickers.

    Now we have to live by the decisions made for us centuries ago.

    No music, no dancing, no nudity or even semi nudity is allowed. No girls, no women,

    For heavens sake, for the sake of god and his messenger, can we ban all imports of music, drug am liquor, internet, etc.

    And then promote subjugation, prostration, circumcision, of both sexes, stoning, hanging, public hand amputations, etc.

  5. Excellent. As the Ayatu’llah Khomeini, may his name ever be praised, teaches us: Allah did not create man so that he could have fun.

    The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field.

    There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious. Islam does not allow swimming in the sea and is opposed to radio and television serials.

    Islam, however, allows marksmanship, horseback riding and competition.

  6. It's ok if you murder somebody, you will just serve a little time and go free. Just look at Azleena's murderer. But don't let the police catch you partying, that is a capital crime!

  7. I find it disturbing, that nobody is bothered with the 'drugs' part. I am sure they could have had fun without the drugs too.

  8. Well, I think its our own freedom to do what ever we feel like doing. So what if we partied all night. :S
    We isolated our selves so that the public is not disturbed while we enjoy a couple of days fun.

    First, They took our rights on own exotic pets.
    And now this ?
    What do they want, if things are going the way it is now, Im sure everyone is going to be a patient of Stockholm syndrome.

    #FuckAdhaalath ! :@

  9. why is that when it comes down to anything similar or relative to a stature like this people only blame the police and the judiciary and in the end the president..i am no fan of the police the judiciary or maumoon yaameen waheed or even anni or the members of our parliament which fills up the seats of the beloved constituencies of our beloved nation that completes the People's Majlis..they all failed to achieve what they showed and told us that they would do for the prosperity of our beloved nation in my opinion..but instead of ruthless comment making and harsh exchange of words, why cant we all work together for once and try to improve the state of our nation as a unity...and take the necessary steps towards achieving it..the police the judiciary the cabinet the head of state and the parliament has a lot to do to improve their current status in order to gain the trust and respect of the people of our beloved nation again, and we the people should generously offer our feedback in order to see the improvement, it maybe a stupid dream that i have but that infact is a day that i would realy like to see one day where evry1 and everybody work together to improve the current status...i saw the faces of the people who were arrested, and i saw the shame on their faces, no human being would display emotions of shame unless they have committed a crime or sinned or err'd..i am ashamed to say this but i too was an addict, but thank god almighty allah i am not anymore..i gave that life up, you dont need a hash oil joint or speed or ecstasy pills to enjoy a music show..i may not be a drug user now, and i may not be a religious scholar, but what's wrong is wrong, we have to accept the fact...even in the western world when they have gatherings and function like this, the local authorities do not accept the regulation and exchange of drugs, even the simplest of things such as cannabis, they comply to take control of such situations with brute force to resolve the issue before it escalates...a good example would be what recently happened in malaysia..some 3 or 5 dudes od'd and died...this example alone states and shows us that u dont need to be high on drugs to have fun...drugs is not cool, having fun enjoying music and enjoying the little and simple things in life, such as a beautiful sunset, a mesmerizing sunrise, a bright fullmoon, these are the sort of things which we should learn to get a high from..not chemical components and substances which men cook with impurities and god forsaken ingredients that makes us high..and some may say cannabis is a plant, that maybe so, but the amount of damage it does to one's body on a long run is far more worse than the temporary high you get from it..humans make mistakes and err and sin..but a good human would choose to redeem himself from such err's sins and mistakes and choose a path thats better which would show a bright future and a lifetime of happiness with god almighty's blessings...drugs on the other hand, messes ur mind body soul and your whole life up..you loose ur loved ones, ur dignity and the respect people have for u...so i sincerely ask from my brothers and sisters, think twice before you choose your actions...enjoy music and have fun with your friends in the right manner...not in a drunk stoned messed up manner where you are all high...peace...

  10. Why does Police have to raid any Island to catch druggies? They walk around in Male' city like Zombies and no body is bothered cos they are considered as sick people and not as offenders. I just don't understand. From what I heard only few less than five guys were suspicious fr substance use and the rest were as clean as a whistle. Somebody is out to destroy Yamin's youth policy?????

  11. 11 kids were allowed to escape in another police launch. They were all positive for drugs. Selective justice.

  12. Maves, because it's a lie, at least in most cases. From reliable sources I know the alleged nudity is false, sexual activity allegations are false, people have been arrested AND sentenced for having their medication on them, many people who have tested negative on illegal substances are still kept in detention, ...

    You don't think these actions and rulings, on people who are doing no harm, are about justice do you?

  13. When a supreme court judge of Maldives is videoed fornicating with a handful of hookers, he's allowed to remain on the bench and continue to serve out 'justice'.

    When known drug lords continue to line the pockets of police chiefs they are allowed to continue their 'law-enforcement' duties.

    But when a bunch of kids opt to party in a deserted island the police organise a major operation to apprehend the 'hedonists'.

    Of course, the general populace of good old Mordis never gauges crime based on how much it effects other citizens. Almost as if kids partying on an island threatens all of law-enforcement and justice of the nation. Whereas crooked supreme court judges and narcotics-dealing police chiefs are a thing of the norm.

  14. This is the reasons why the money of others collected; pay the salaries for the bunch of Gundas to invade privacy of individuals. Normally it is narcissism that makes people to hate to see other people enjoying. If I smoke oil, drink whatever I want even it is poison what have this bunch of ignorant to do with. My morality is subjected issue; It is up to my parents to punish, or do anything when it comes my morality. This barbaric government or police gundas were not there to help those kids when they were brought up now when they are grown up they become their property to chase them and handcuff drag them on the roads because they don’t fit in to their backward barbaric system. You can’t touch people unless they are threat to the life other human being. Why do people elect some narcissist so they can enjoy with torturing others. When these narcissist cant act on their own , they use the pretext of no existing crazy narcissist God. Why can’t you just leave those innocent people and let your crazy God deal with them if it is His moral issue.

  15. What was the objective of this operation? To catch drug users? Then take a look outside, at least one in every 20 ppl you'll see are high at any time of the day. Was it to catch a large operation of drugs? was there enough evidence to believe this Party had Huge amounts of drugs and booze? 1-Unlikely. this is not the first of such parties that the police have been aware of, 2- are the police stock of booze and drugs running low? then, why don't you go raid the cabinet ministers' homes? they have a big stock and a whole lot more parties! Its not a crime for them to be at the party, why were everyone treated like common criminals? Police need to be taught the difference from THEIR rights and the Civilians rights. Police YOU need to stay in line!

  16. among the people arrested, sons and daughters of well known figures are included.

    Sp one can not blame this was targeted to arrest the middle class people and it was never targeted to any sect and it was targeted to curb the drug abuse in this country.

  17. The youths who are arrested are guilty of one crime - their failure to invoke the right to self defense against a foreign occupational group.

  18. Why is a picnic island given to Sri Lanka company?

    The picnic island rules need to change

  19. what is this ? police also can do this job better than this !!yea i believe police should take over the law but they should respect while doing they should respect humanity !!! Muslims always respect humanity

  20. Under the same banner, the same thing happened in 1979!
    Apparently the task this time has befallen on the Home Minister who then was a member of the joined Army and Police force combined.
    He could have been among them who visited islands to advertise, identify and use drugs!
    Just waiting to see how the Minister would enforce law this time! Who would be spared the nooze and who would be reigned in!

  21. Hey, I know why the picnic people were arrested. I'm actually a double agent in the police service, and here's the reason why they were arrested.

    Because the partygoers didn't adhere to Mordisian islamic standards. Men should wear bras and women should dance in sexy style.

    Men's style

    Womens's style

    So, the girls were strip-searched, then photographed. The police then claimed they were nude. Now if you expropriate a police guy's smartphone, you can find the pictures. They love to pass the nude pics around for some reason.

    I also heard some rumors on how an undercover police guy wanted to bring strippers, but the partygoers stopped him. I'll be investigating into this ASAP. Stay tuned!

  22. Aren't these guys ashamed to parade our youngsters like this in public? How about that judge guy sitting on the bench? He is still allowed to sit on the court bench and make rulings, while having a committed a sin under Islam...! Such double standards!! I hate these guys!

  23. Maldives - beautiful country with a poor culture . Still living in barbaric arabic ways eventho in the 21st century. And yet claimed to be islamic nation. The ugly truth..


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