“99.9 percent” sure detainees already in the Maldives: MP Nihan

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Ahmed Nihan has said that he has information that the Guantanamo Bay detainees have been brought to the Maldives secretly.

”I am 99.9 percent sure that they are here. The information I received on the issue was from senior officials of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) who are very familiar with the case,” said Nihan.

Nihan said the absence of Foreign Minister Dr Ahmed Shaheed from yesterday’s National Security Committee proved that there were “still hidden secrets behind the scenes.”

”If the government has not done anything unlawful and if they are so confident, why would they be so afraid to face the parliament and the people,” Nihan asked.

He claimed the government had kept the matter a secret ”but when the document was leaked the issue became heated and people became aware that this was happening.”

Nihan claimed that the Maldives was now at risk of becoming “a nest for terrorists.”

”When the country becomes a nest for terrorists, others will start hating us,” h said. ”Then we will see our little nation under attack by another country.”

He accused President Mohamed Nasheed of failing to disclose details of the case during his presidential radio address.

”He only briefly said that we should help the detainees in Guantanamo Bay, and urged the President of the United States to release the detainees and shut down the jail.”

Furthermore, Nihan claimed that the act of government could potentially disrupt the peace and sovereignty of the country, and claimed the Maldives may “turn into a terrorist hub.”

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Ahmed Naseem said the foreign ministry did not want to comment on the issue.

However, Press secretary for the President, Mohamed Zuhair denied the suggestion made by Nihan and dismissed it as ”all lies.”

Zuhair said that Nihans aim was to hype up the population.

”The President gave information about the Maldives accepting Guantanamo detainees last year on November 9, 10 and 11 during his official speeches,” Zuhair said.


34 thoughts on ““99.9 percent” sure detainees already in the Maldives: MP Nihan”

  1. Sad Sad! President Nasheed has turned the image of this country into that of a nest for terrorists.

    It was very sad to read in Washington Times today that "The Maldives, once considered a liberal Islamic nation, has been increasingly adopting fundamentalist Muslim practices, hosting Taliban terrorists from Afghanistan and breeding a youth attracted to Islamic jihad."

    A news item in NewYork Times dated 22 May said that President Nasheed's government said that they helped organize the talks between Afghan government and Taliban.

    Last week Dr Shaheed was reported as saying that the Maldives "offered" to take the prisoners. Shaheed went on to say that now that the Chinese government has objected to us taking Chinese nationals we requested US to give us a Palestinian and a Muslim of some other nationality. We seems to be begging to take suspected terrorists. More interestingly, Shaheed said that these two people were innocent without even knowing the name or nationality of one of these prisoners. What a shame. With people like this as our leaders I dont know where we will be in a few years.

  2. Doesn't this moron see the Wahabees parading around Male' having hate speeches in broad day light. This coming from the people who are afraid to deal with the situation that's worsening from day to day, that's the true terrorists nest that WE should be worried about.

    We are still be kept in the dark by the government regarding these prisoners from gitmo, when are they going to draw the curtains. The suspense is killing me! 😛

  3. kudos to Nihan, he is calling President Nasheed a lier as well as the American Ambassador. Killing two bird with one stone.
    now lets hope its not Nihan who is lying here.

  4. Yeah. They are here and I am 99.99% sure that they both detainees are residng in Alivaage.

  5. OMFG. what kind of a government do we have. they do not follow laws rules regulations or even norms. its a bit too much. i will make sure 10 people vote against this government in council election and 50 people vote against them in presidential election. dont care how much its gonna cost me.

  6. Why cant the president find a replacement for this Zuhair. He can hardly speak. Better appoint Nihan as he seems to be more informed.

  7. OMG!!! I think these MP are much more better than US FBI and CIA. These MPs get very secret info of anything that happens in our country. Dear Nihan, It's your people created this mess, trying to shake the stability and peacefulness of our country.

  8. Is Nihan a prophet? For forcasting whats unknown? Nihan you are truely a tour guide!! And not qualified to be a MP! All DRP Deputy leaders are street thugs and have no respect in Maldives! Nihan you are a lost case!!

  9. I have a feeling that there is something seriously wrong in the way this whole issue is handled by the government.

    Why is this such a secretive issue? Where is the transparency?

    After all, we are bringing a foreigner who was detained (lawfully or unlawfully, depending on who is talking about him) to live amongst us.

    This is not just any foreigner. This is a foreigner that was detained because the Americans suspected him to be a terrorist.

    Don't we have the right to know?

    Nihan says this man is in Maldives.
    Foreign Ministry will not comment.
    Zuhair says its 'all lies.'
    So what is the truth?

    Is the Foreign Ministry trying to defuse the whole thing by saying a document has been stolen?
    Or is this a chip they will use to bargain? -- If you are going to be quiet about the detainee, we are going to be quiet about the stolen document.

    I do not understand why the Foreign Ministry is so secretive about this whole thing.

  10. It is not the accepting of the detainees, it is the unrest and totally unacceptable behaviour of the opposition, that will affect the tourism industry. The opposition knows this best and is actively trying to do anything including long term affect to tourism industry to unsettle the government.

  11. Nihan is right, 2 GITMO detainees are here in Maldives, and let me narrow it down, they are living somewhere in Gaaf Alif Atoll.

  12. Probably there is more than just documents or meetings involved. Probably there are large sums of money involved and money not to the Nation but to the wrong hands.

  13. Why is the foreign Ministry always the epi-centre of controversy?

    This is only place where nothing has changed since Gayoom.. Same people, same nonsense.

  14. Just shows how "incapable" the people whom we beileved to execute "good governance" is turning out to be. I subscribe to Rocket's comments and definitely there is somethig very much out of sync.

    When Mr. Choohaa the Pot-head makes a statement, we know he is sure speaking while in a "haze". He does not know what he utters at any given time. Such is the sad state of affairs of this "good government". I no longer want to be a member of the MDP. Because of these scumbags, we are sidelining the utilisation of capable persons within the party and those from others to further the interests of the state. Quite an intriguing probability that the "mentally deranged paranoids" in government are now trying to cover up the mess they have made. Utter disregard for the well being of the state and only wanting to further, God knows what interests. Least of all it was the American's, by detaining one of our countrymen in Guantanamo Bay, etched the name of Maldives on the terrorist list.

  15. Nihan, the savior and nihan the great - so full himself and a very stragegic politician. Man, you need to think before you say things - you've gotta be careful because I bet you want to be re-elected too. I bet that you want your party to be re-elected too. Therefore don't think from your arse on sensitive information and issues - Given you and your party are interested to contest in the elections (what ever it maybe) you will need international support - you will also need support from the Americans. Now, is this how you welcome Obama administrations requests? Dude, good luck to you becoming a smart politican. You are hopeless.

    I am 100% with the Government on this. DRP are loosing this game. President has the higher ground.

  16. "Nihan claimed that the Maldives was now at risk of becoming “a nest for terrorists.”


    You must be really thinking out of your arse here.

    Did I hear correctly that you only completed 10th grade? Perhaps you need a few classes on international relations and rehabilitative justice.

    Go back to school to learn your abc!

  17. What the hell is wrong with these people? Regret having voted for a change!!! Anni is too hungry for attention!!!

  18. I must agree on other side on this matter, cause it will trash Maldives Paradise name, non of us want that to happen, so i call government and all to stop this matter. and let the prisoners live them on there born country

  19. Its weird foreign ministry has not said anything on this matter.
    I will hold my breath until then.

    If Nihan is proven to be deliberately lying on this issue, how can we ever trust anything that comes out of his mouth. I used to think he was a bit more calm headed than Ali Waheed.

  20. there is only one thing on Anni's mind. He wants media, media and media. he will do anything to make himself appear on the media. i regret my vote.

  21. we have to remove this MDP from power before the whole Maldives gets destroyed. President Nasheed has to be removed before he sells this place and runs away.

  22. Let me break this down to you:

    a) The previous government’s reckless spending forced us to go to the IMF to bail our country out.
    b) If we had not gone to the IMF, our exchange rate would now be at MRF 16 to the USD
    c) Normally IMF only grants about USD 20 million to a country like the Maldives – which would not have been enough. We needed much more than that
    d) IMF is controlled by the US – and in order to get the bailout package – we needed to scratch their backs
    e) The key thing the US are now asking from small countries now is to house Gitmo prisoners. BTW – the Maldives is one of many ‘moslem’ countries who called Gitmo illegal and prisoners there to be released.
    f) We managed to secure close to USD 70 million and the backing of the IMF that our country’s economy is safe. The USD situation is improving and your own savings in MRF is not completely useless.
    g) This is a small small price to pay for 2 potential terrorists – and remember we can easily keep an eye on their every movement, email, telephone call…etc.

    The thing with political agendas is that the current government will rise or fall on their ability to deliver something good to the people. The opposition will rise if this is prevented – as in if NOTHING good happens to the Maldives. As such, by simple logic, the real danger to the country is from the agenda of the opposition rather than the Govt.

  23. I think Nihaan knew that this was gonna backfire and blast into DRP's own hands. So basically, Nihaan is in one last bid to save it from blasting into DRP's hands. Cos they cant let this to "athah govan" as Nihaan would like to say....

  24. Saleem - that was pretty straight forward. Many thanks

    Looks like the current opposition job is to keep on opposing no matter what - even to the point of destroying the country:(

  25. @Saleem

    What a dismissive supposition you have suggested to save the ass of MDP administration who are incapable to run this small nation and I am quite astounded to know that still we have Maldivians out there who are so gullible.

    Firstly, IMF approves funding based on the proposal and not based on a particular belief, country etc. IMF and World bank are intergovernmental organizations which are not solely funded by US, but well off nations like Japan, Uk, France, Germany etc and therefore US solely does not have such a discriminatory power.

    I am quite disheartened to see how we are affecting due to the extreme polarization that takes place in our society. Even day light robberies are legitmizing by large a fraction of our society.

    If we make our leaders unaccountable today as we have been for the past 30 years our future would be ruined more than I could ever describe in words.

  26. MDP can get 2 Maldivian girls to get married to the proposed Gitmo prisoners before they arrive in the Maldives. Nihan and DRP shall not send away the then newly weded husbands of those poor little Maldivian girls ennu.

    We can even go for Muzaaharaa near alivaage for trying to send away the foriegn husbands of poor Maldivian girls. After All Bangladesh boys are also accepted as good husbands to breed half Maldivian gran children. DR. Hassan may not agree to this unless the detainee is a female .... but thats personal interest dho.

    If we call for help from Salaf or Adhaalath they'll only bring 9 year olds and may be rejected by the ex-gitmos to take in marriage. besides i dont think the Masters of Jaariyas get resident visas .... but marriage will entitle them free visas and do not need Dr. Shaheeds intervention.

  27. ehehe.. this really is starting to get funny.. they mess everything up and give anni so little time to fix everything up and then claim to have information on the whereabouts of the terrorists and that they are 99.9% sure that they are in the maldives... it really is hilarious.. how about they are 99.9% sure that they are so hungry for power that they would do anything to bring down the current government. how about you guys need do prove yourselves so bad that you are basically willing LIE to the general public and cause unrest when there are more important issues to be dealt with? now i don't normally get involved with politics but its stuff like this that just makes me sick.. why the hell would you want to fight for power when there are more important issues? two gitmo prisoners should be the least of our worries. for one they were never convicted. and second what we are doing like the guy above me said will help us dig our way out of this economic slum we are in. the previous government does all the damage and people are so ignorant that they are blaming the mistakes of the previous regime on the current government.. true the MDP government really isn't the best but i think it is far better than what DRP was. and if people aren't willing to put up with it for a bit longer and vote with whats right then we are going to be in an even bigger slum.. think before you vote.. maumoon or any of the DRP cronnies isn't who you would want in power. specially when things are looking up for our tiny island nation..


    amused onlooker

  28. @saleem.

    good points...
    anyway this whole gitmo thing is blown out of proportion from DRP.

  29. “99.9 percent” sure most DRP senior members are street thugs, thiefs, drug dealers and corrupt!!!" : Majority Maldivians

  30. yes one of them is in Nihan's house as aprt of a deal with the vice president. the other one is in ali waheed' house. the one in Nihan's house count 99% and the other one counts .9 % this adds up to 99.9%.


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