ACC temporarily halts construction of new IGMH building

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has ordered a temporary halt to the construction of 10-story building to be utilised by Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

Local media reported that the ACC are currently investigating a matter concerning the project’s handover to AMIN Construction at an excessive cost.

President of the ACC Hassan Luthfy said a complaint had prompted investigations into the matter, adding that construction on the project will be resumed once the commission had finished its investigation.

“We received a complaint that the project was handed over a second time with an increase in cost. The commission is currently summoning and questioning the relevant parties,” he said.

“We are investigating how it has happened and the reason for an increase in the cost. We will make a decision regarding the issue very soon,” Luthfy said.

The building was commissioned by the government to alleviate space constraints in the hospital, which was gifted to the Maldives by the Indian government.

Last month IGMH struggled to deal with the influx of patients prompting concerns as to whether the hospital was large enough to cope with the demand for medical care in Male’.


One thought on “ACC temporarily halts construction of new IGMH building”

  1. The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) is the ultimate joke of Maldives. Their favourite modus operandi is to HALT any project on an alleged 'complaint'. The MACC has NEVER successfully investigated any case. They merely make lots of publicity on ALLEGED complaints. Perhaps publicity is how the MACC tries to show the public that it is working. I know for a fact that the MACC will 'ignore' a 'complaint' if they get 'paid' (bribed). My friend was blackmailed by the MACC to pay a 'fee' if wanted to avoid publicity. The maldivian should vote to disband this bunch.of corrupt officials especially the president and deputy president !


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