Adhaalath party congratulates parties for ending Supreme Court deadlocks

The Adhaalath Party has congratulated the parliament and the government for coming to an understanding over the controversial issue of establishing the Supreme Court and appointing a Chief Justice, on conclusion of the interim period of the constitution.

“We praise and thank the speaker of the parliament and the government for the sacrifices they made and for the unity they showed for the first time, to establish the Supreme Court and to appoint the Chief Justice,’’ said the party in a statement.

“We also congratulate the new Chief justice and the Supreme Court judges who have been appointed permanently.’’

The party said they hoped the Supreme Court would bring balance and justice to the country and that the unity parliament had showed would be continued..

Earlier this week a surge in political partisanship, caused by disagreement over the interim period set out in the Constitution and the locking of the Supreme Court by the military, had threatened to derail the appointment process and leave the Maldives without its highest judicial authority.

However on Tuesday morning parliament approved the amended judge’s bill with 71 in favor, out of 73 members present. It was quickly ratified by President Nasheed shortly after lunchtime.

The new Judges Act enshrines judicial independence, governing ethical standards and rules on appointment and dismissal, as well as powers, responsibilities and practicalities such as salaries and allowances. The law also requires serving judges to meet a certain standards within seven years, or face dismissal.


6 thoughts on “Adhaalath party congratulates parties for ending Supreme Court deadlocks”

  1. Ahmed Aliased, cant agree you more...Bootlickers its called

  2. Ahmed Aliased on Fri, 13th Aug 2010 2:17 AM
    Says;"We have a term in our part of the world for the behavior of this party.
    We call them – bootlickers."

    And we have a term for these sorts of attitudes. We call it "clueless"

  3. We don't need "hate mongers", We need no "thoughts control", We need no "pessimistic dividers" ( but in practical they will be within any community- we have to take them on-board as well), We need people who can work for the people, to the people and against deadlocks to serve the people.

    In fact Mr.President said it very eloquently yesterday indicating " Things happening right now may not be appreciated by some people, but when they look back at this "in history" it will make perfect sense. Every piece of current incidents will fit in the big picture. The puzzle today may seems more obvious tomorrow. Road to peace , justice, security can be achieved by difficult compromises and courages actions."

    Adhaalath Party may not be politically vibrant but their alliance with MDP and MDP's alliance with them shows how different ideologies can unite for a GOOD cause. For the people, for peace and prosperity. Yet they will have differences and it's perfectly natural for humans in any alliance to disagree. Disagreement doesn't necessarily has to translate into brawling ,dismissing and backbiting.

    I believe the elusive unity, peace, security can only be achieved to some extent and that can happen through the passage of time gradually. We need to voice our concerns, criticism but at the same time we have to be practical and exhibit penitence in most difficult junctures. That I believe is a more realistic way of approach.

    After all “Rome was not built in a day”

    I thank & congratulate Mr.President for his courage and competence shown, & I wish to thank all the parties and even those who are yet not "agreeing with current incidents". We are a nation , with different ideas, different thoughts, and emerging few with controversial ideologies. Still, We are ONE. We are Maldivians. We are Humans,& "Most of us are Muslims(in practicing)".

    Allah Knows Best
    May Allah bless our nation and the humanity.

  4. Believe what you want to, Bismuth. Call us what you want. In the end, truth will stand out from error.


    A message to “Sheikh” Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed of the Adhaalath Party.

    Why do you tell us to respect a judiciary that has failed the common citizen time and time again?.

    Why do you keep labeling your political party Adhaalath (Justice) Party and yet serve the perpetrators of injustice?

    Where is your so-called law and order when assault and rape perpetrators are given light sentences such as house arrest while innocent youths become nonpersons under police custody?.

    Give me one reason why I should trust you and your ilk, and why I should respect an “institution” that has brought more injustice than it was supposed to stop.

    They cannot hide behind the “law” any longer. This is our the sunrise of retribution.

  5. In deed, Ahmed Aliased.. In deed..."truth will stand clear out from error," and "When truth is hurled against falsehood, it perishes as that is by it's nature bound to parish" ....


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