Adhaalath Party expresses concern over situation in Egypt

Former State Islamic Minister and Adhaalath Party member Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed has called on Maldivians to pray for Egyptians following civil unrest in Egypt.

”We are very concerned over the civil unrest in the Egypt, we are with the citizens of Egypt and we take part in their work to gain their rights,” Sheikh Shaheem said in a statement. ”But it is very grieving for us to hear the news that many Egyptians have lost their lives and the peace and harmony of the country is lost.”

Any such loss in Egypt was “a loss to the entire Muslim community” Sheikh Shaheem said.

He called on all Maldivians to put embrace the brotherhood of Muslims and to pray to God that he may protect the peace and harmony of the country and protect the state and citizens.

”Egypt is a very important pillar of the Muslim community, and it is a centre of educational heritage for Muslims and Islamic Culture,” said Sheikh Shaheem. ”It is the land of Jaamiulazhar, a land that defended the Islamic community for decades and a land that many Muslims admire.”

Sheikh Shaheem said that Egyptians had sacrificed themselves using their chests as a shield to defend the Muslim community, adding that the stories of Egyptians were “written in the history in golden letters.”

”They are generous and noble. Many citizens of Egypt and many Egyptians scholars have died in defense of the Islamic community,” he said. ”It is a country that has kept and is keeping a close relationship with the Maldives.”

President Mohamed Nasheed has also pledged support for Egypt, specifically the democratic movement.

Speaking in an address on Hulhudheli in Dhaalu Atoll, Nasheed claimed that “no other country in the Muslim world granted more freedom to people, including freedom of expression, assembly and peaceful political activism than in the Maldives.”

He also added that there was “no other country in the global Muslim community aside from the Maldives that granted full freedom to Islamic scholars to give their good religious advice and provide counsel,” claiming that the Islamic community could not uphold its honour and dignity unless its scholars had full freedom.


23 thoughts on “Adhaalath Party expresses concern over situation in Egypt”

  1. It is interesting to note that the largest opposition, the Islamic Brotherhood' is leading this protest..

  2. The people of Egypt are saying that It's a land of Christians, Muslims and all people of different faith. SO.. WTF is this fluffing about. Or am i demented?

  3. shaheem is a two faced moron who on one side is antifundamentalist and on the other is one himslef. We need to kick him out of maldives ASAP

  4. @ ADHD
    yes u r demented, ur name confirms that.. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder, go get help

  5. @ ADHD
    Egypt is a land of muslims, people of other faith such as christians make a very less percentage in the countries population. The protests are led by practicing muslims. See how they break there protests at prayer time to perform prayers at congregation. and see how terrible the US backed mubarak regime is to splash high pressured water and tear gas at these protester while they are performing prayer. just terrible. May he fall soon.

  6. @ Ali
    He is not an antifundamentalist or a fundamentalist. He is just a normal muslim. After all, all of us are muslims more or less like him.

  7. Appreciate the role Adhaalath party is playing. Thanks Adhaalath, thanks so much.

  8. what nonsense is this from Adhalat Shaheem. If he is really concerned about the Egyptians he should have called for the resignation of Mubarak. Why Mubarak is refusing to resign? Because he wants Egyptians to kill each other and burn the country to ashes, and thus leave nothing for Egyptians when he is gone. He knows that soon or later he has to go. Any democratic government that takes power after Mubarak will have to start from scratch and thus be very unstable. Good for Israel.

  9. ”We are very concerned over the civil unrest in the Egypt, we are with the citizens of Egypt and we take part in their work to gain their rights,” Sheikh Shaheem. This is the same as what Hillary Clinton said.whenever something goes wrong in a country, the United States say they are with the people and are very concerned. Seyku Shaheem, think of something else to say.

  10. @ Ayya on Tue, 1st Feb 2011 1:15 AM
    Mubarak is just waiting for Adhaalath party to call for his resignation & the moment they do it he will resign and go away.
    Pls have some common sense when commenting.
    all the people in Egypt are out in the streets calling for mubarak to go and still he is holding on to power, so will he care when people from maldives call for him to resign? take a wild guess.

  11. Shaheem don't you hate Mubarik for supporting "zion" the eye stealers. You people study at Azhar Uni and the land where Azhar is a supporter of Isreal. We should support people fighting for their rights wholeheartedly. Adhaalath party has links to extreme activities and speaks with 2 mouth. Majority of this country don't support such people.

  12. Shaheem, Egypt is not only important for muslims or because there is azhar. Egypt is important to human race. we have so much history in Egypt and its one of the most important human civilizations.

    It would be wiser to call all human beings to pray to protect those valuable artifacts and human lives in Egypt instead of getting in to religious rhetoric.

    As for a real comment:
    Iran is profitering from Egypts unstable state as oil prices skyrocket. so its economically good for Iran to have the unrest long as long as possible.

  13. @ rishmy.
    what is the official Maldivian government response to the crises in Egypt? As far as i know our Zionist-cozy foreign ministry hasn't issued any official statement regarding the issue. see the news article, is their any mention of a statement by our foreign ministry? If they did issue a statement it will be a similar thing like "”We are very concerned over the civil unrest in the Egypt ....."
    so, you don't have any capability to advise shaheem or anyone, ok

  14. @ Ali on Tue, 1st Feb 2011 9:59 AM
    maybe your eye is already stolen by the zionists.. otherwise you could have see the massive number of people who attended Adhaalaths demonstrations against alcohol, zionists & about Arabiyya school...
    being a blind fellow, better not say that "Majority of this country don’t support Adhaalath"

  15. ”We are very concerned over the civil unrest in the Egypt, we are with the citizens of Egypt and we take part in their work to gain their rights,” Sheikh Shaheem. Hey you Shaheem big copy cat. Are you trying to be Hilary Clinton. Don't copy the "infidels" (according to you), and make your own sentences. If you don't know, learn English. BIG COPY CAT.

  16. "Sheikh Shaheem said that Egyptians had sacrificed themselves using their chests as a shield to defend the Muslim community." Shaheem also said anyone can get his hands on Sheikh Ilyas only after his chest has been pierced. Wait till Sheikh Ilyas gets arrested in India to see what Seyku Shaheem does. India's 'The Week' has declared Sheikh Ilyas an extremist and a threat.

  17. @ila
    Today we know how uncivilized you(the haabi) people are. you people are giving a bad name to good Muslims. It is very true these are the plants from the seeds of Al-Qaeda who kill innocent children in the name of Jihad. Most of you fail to follow personal hygiene and smell like rotten egg even when you attend to prayers. Then how can we support a party of cavemen. If you want to be in a democracy learn to act like one.

  18. @ zeen
    not intrested in talking to people who are frightend abt the growing popularity of us.
    And talk abt u people, who has no sense of decency and goes around f**king anything that moves, no wonder u people suffer from terrible diseases like HIV, Hepatitis, herpes & others STDs, u disease riddled people die already!

  19. everybody hates muslims whereever they are.

    it is time the muslims realize that.

    the muslims aren't welcome in any country. the are the new jews. what is to come is a global muslim nation due to the results of this.

    oh well...


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