Adhaalath party welcomes Shaheem’s resignation action

The Adhaalath Party, led by Sheikh Hussein Rasheed, has welcomed the decision of former State Islamic Minister, Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed to resign from his position.

Sheikh Shaheem resigned from his position last Thursday after reportedly accusing the government of being “irresponsible” in trying uphold the religion of Islam and even attempting to erase the religion from the country, according to Miadhu.

”Sheikh Shaheem fulfilled his responsibility with integrity,” a statement issued by Adhaalath Party said. ”He put forth the interest of the nation and religion more than his self-interest in fulfilling the national duty.”

The Adhaalath party stated that ”by divine will, it is sure that although Sheikh Shaheem was not in a senior position of the government, his contribution to the party and the people will be still ongoing.

The party said it was very fond of Sheikh Shaheem and hoped that his work will be written in history.

”All the council members and party members will be with Sheikh Shaheem in whatever danger he would have to face with.”

Minivan News was unable to get any official word from Sheikh Shaheem.

President Mohamed Nasheed has appointed the Adhaalath party’s own president and former State Home Minister, Sheikh Hussein Rasheed in the vacant State Islamic Minister’s role.

Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari is also a member of Adhaalath Party.


28 thoughts on “Adhaalath party welcomes Shaheem’s resignation action”

  1. Its a good thing Shaheem has resigned... All the religious types in the government should also follow suit. Because ultimately having religious guys in the government only hinders the Maldivian journey towards a tolerant and compassionate society...

    for secular Maldivian, this is a victory no matter how small it is!

  2. ”All the council members and party members will be with Sheikh Shaheem in whatever danger he would have to face with.”

    o_O Is this guy resigning or going to war?

  3. Good job minivannews! another great victory for religious freedom in Maldives!

  4. What B$%&*#@s! This man is a hypocrite of the highest order. He is a megalomaniac and the only danger he will face is if he antagonizes Umar Naseer who will punch him.

    That said the way this Government is approaching this is not the right way. We have been Muslims all along and a very liberal and moderate Islam has been in existence in Maldives and now these Beardies are taking this away from us and the Government and the DRP are equally culpable in this shift to this Intolerable Islam that is advocated by these people who are hell bent on destroying the beautiful and Peaceful Religion given to us by Allah to their own twisted version of a violent and ugly one.

  5. The reward that brother Shaheem will get from God for standing up against anti-islamic policies will inshallah be highly rewarded.

    Again a show of difference between a person with faith, compared to those with no faith - working only for worldly pleasure. The believers have the satisfaction of knowing that their Creator's reward is far superior to what any worldly power or wealth can give. But the non-believers will only be hypocrites as God explains in the Quran, and there fun in this world is limited. Especially when they themselves are scared of death and the punishment which awaits them from the moment their souls are taken away from their body.

    If you want to learn about Islamic Governance. Than a good lecture to listen to is the Governance of Umar Bin Al-Khattab.

  6. Just because we have been doing things a certain way does not mean that we have to continue it.

    I am fed up with these followers of brainwashing cult who apparently knows what every other person must believe and act. They are hellbent on carrying everyone else, forcefully if necessary, to paradise. I think this may be only nation that God lets into paradise, as a nation no less. Why else would they want to impose their ignorant thinking on to others!

  7. Of course Shaheem does everything by divine will. He is a snake of a politician and has convinced Adhaalath to support his presidential bid. Hypocritical usurper of religion.

  8. Sheikh Shaeem's decisively an extremist of top class. Listen to his spots on extremist Radio Atoll about bank interest.
    He is certainly out of place as the s state Minister of this government. This is a welcome move...

  9. Danger!!!

    What danger are we talking about and what will go down in History.

    Maybe Shaheem is at War.

    Why would H.Rasheed take the position if he welcomes Shaheems' decision? Is Shaheem a failure in Adalath's eyes and therefore Rasheed having a go at whatever Shaheem failed to do? And what was it I wonder?

  10. Welcome to the Extremist world of Maldives (secular Maldives)!! True colours of secularism and atheisim is on the rise in Maldives! Heavy boozers, prositutes, gays and child abusers are on the rise in Maldives with rise in secularism! Secularist with extreme thinking are filling top posts! Welcome to the "other Maldives-secularist Maldives"

  11. ....the beginning of real religious cum political uprising hoping to have shaheem as one of the mullahs once they take over the country....quite possible!!
    ....i have always admired shaheem on his expertise and flow of language during friday prayers or tv presentations...little did i know his mentality was no different from the 'others'

  12. safari,

    Yeah, everyone knows it is secularists who are child abusers in this country.

    I just wonder they go to such troubles as to open Qur'an teaching centers and grow beards and become pretend Islamists for the duration of this abuse? This must all be a conspiracy to tarnish your good name.

    Probably designed by the CIA and the Jews, don't you think?

    I saw secularist Qari Thaufeeq walking past on the street the other day, and it was so offensive I tried informing our 'good' non-child abusing friends in Adhaalath.. but unfortunately they were busy fighting off organ hunters from Israel.

    Clearly, Islamists have their facts and priorities set right.

  13. It's pretty comical to hear the echoes of their propaganda here.

    They have reason to fear secularism - because their excuses to commit the worst of crimes will be exposed in a truly secular world.

    They know what secularism is capable of - it once (twice?) shattered a global imperialist army to a fate worse than death.

  14. @safari,

    Religion or politics has nothing to do with child abuse. This is sickness. Unfortunately, incidents of child abuse are increasing and so is extremism in Maldives. Is this pervertness related to extremism?

  15. Ministry of Islamic Affairs......there's no bigger waste of state resources than this....

  16. Why would the Adhalath Party applaud the resignation of Sheikh Shaheem and endorse party leader Sheikh Rasheed as his replacement? I thought all press statements came out of the office of the Party leader!! Strange.

  17. God knows Shaheem more than he would ever know himself. Surely, this is nothing but divine intervention.

  18. @ Mullah yaamyn

    "Yeah, everyone knows it is secularists who are child abusers in this country."

    Don't you get it? The worst child abuser Maldives had ever seen had no beard? He was no Quran teacher! He was caught with blue films of Maldivian kids with high definition quality which he might have sold to porn traders abroad?

    I bet he might been a secularist gay and highly probable that he was your friend like Hillath?

    You will just jump anywhere you can find some insults to throw at Islam. That's the nature of you atheists? Greedy to tarnish Islam?

  19. People!! People! Athestist! Maldivian coward Christians and holy zionist pretending to be Maldivians!! We know what ur mission in Maldives!! Lets see if u can terrorize our beloved country! Maldives have always washed away these b*****S out of Maldives..and we shall do it again..god willing! Oppps not ur god or goat! We know u guys are too cowards to come open to society!! Lets see your plan vs the creator's plan! History has always proved victorious to the path of truth!! Not the path of Gay's, drunks...etc!! Come out for a single walk on the street for ur pervert rights..we shall show u ur way out of this country!! U have seen what happen to the open who openly said he was not a muslim!! Come out dear if u dare!

  20. Heck, how do you decide who is the "worst child abuser Maldives has ever seen?"

    Clearly, once your actions involves thrusting your junk inside a child it automatically steps into the boundaries of the worst acts a human can commit.

    But if you must rate child rape in order of "understandable" (as many of your mullah demi-gods seem to think, like mutthalib and that canadian jerk) to unacceptable, I think abusing the trust parents put in their Qur'an teacher to molest the students is worse than anything else.

    There's evidence that pedophile faisal, who heck was right to point did not have a beard in the pictures (bravo! huge PR boost for you people), molested many children. It's very disturbing, but this could have been avoided if those children were properly cared for and taught not to follow strangers into their homes.

    Of all the students the Qur'an teacher would have taught throughout his career, who knows how many his students has fallen victim? We systematically hide cases of serious sexual abuse to avoid family humiliation.

  21. @ Ahmed Anony (Hillath's friend)

    "They have reason to fear secularism – because their excuses to commit the worst of crimes will be exposed in a truly secular world."

    We fear secularism because it's a DANGEROUS religion.

    We cannot allow any other religion in Maldives. Sorry!


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