Akon to perform live in “the biggest ever event in the Maldives”

Well known R&B singer Akon will perform a live show in the Maldives, after he was denied a visa in Sri Lanka because of a scene in one of his videos depicting a woman dancing around a Buddha statue.

Director of Platinum Entertainment Lasantha Samarasinghe, the company organising the ‘Super Fest 2010’ show, said it would be be held at the outdoor cricket stadium on the 23 April and would be “the biggest event ever held in the Maldives.”

“We are expecting 25,000 people to come to the show,” he said, including many tourists.

Samarasinghe said if this event was successful the company “will bring even more Hollywood superstars to the Maldives.”

Press secretary for the President Mohamed Zuhair said that the government had given the permission for the show to take place, saying it “fully supports these kinds of events.”

“It will promote the country’s tourism sector and provide a good opportunity for Maldivian singers,” he said.

Zuhair also said that President Mohamed Nasheed was keen to attend the show.

The show’s main sponsor will be Villa Television, with ‘official drinks’ provided VB Mart and Foco energy drink.

A Villa spokesperson claimed this was “the first time a superstar is performing in the Maldives.”

Tickets will go on sale from Friday.


18 thoughts on “Akon to perform live in “the biggest ever event in the Maldives””

  1. I was never a fan of R&b/ rap, because i never liked the lyrics. Its mostly sex, guns, violence and drugs. Born out of the ghetto, this shallow outlook on life is not what we need in the Maldives right now.

    I am a liberal person, in a moral sense this is not what we should look for. We have our own music which is great. Maldivians are generally more blues, love and a bit of rock kinda society, and our cultural giant of a neighbor, India has great level of decency and thought provoking lyric in its music industry.

    just my thoughts.

    Well i never listened to much of Akon though

  2. so cool, Akon coming to Maldives, so exciting a performance like this happening here. I will go definetly

  3. MNJ, I agree that Akon's lyrics are misogynistic and sexist... but not more than Adhaalth's usual sermons. Perhaps Akon and DJ Bari could do a joint performance? Bari can provide the lyrics, Akon can sing.

  4. I wouldnt be suprised if the Adaalath crew come out to try and stop Akon from performing just like the buddhist posse in Colombo, I agree with Sheena as well, I would definetely pay to see that.

  5. But where they can have this kind of show, do we have venue in Male' where,25,000 people can accommodate. just curious to know.

  6. All the crazy hiphop in the world put together can NEVER be half as misogynistic and sexist as the Adhaalath/Salaf propaganda machine.

  7. For a second, I thought it was A-kon! and had a serious case of WTF, Anime convention in Maldives?!.

    All the crazy hiphop in the world put together can NEVER be half as misogynistic and sexist as the Adhaalath/Salaf propaganda machine.

    Then I decided to stick with K-on!.

  8. Haha, I like your comment aisath Sheena, you brought it to the point! Adhaalath & Hip Hop singers are actually quite similar...

  9. I think Alimas stage is the best place to hold such an event. If this is to be held at stadium track it will take away at least a week from my jogging schedule. Please change venue.

  10. i bet the mullas around maldives wud be now devising some plan to ruin this great event.

  11. if akon show get religionized. that wud be janaaza for extreme islam is maldives. so i adivise beat it all mullaz

  12. Well I don’t understand why we are actually comparing the religious sermons with Akon’s lyrics…it is absurd and shows how unethical some of us are. Whether you believe it or don’t or you find it amusing or even feel resentful and offended still you do call it sermon right? If that is so it is sacred.

    As for Akon performing here in Male’, that’s great and wow… I look forward to it…maybe this would be a milestone and more of other popular celebrities would come and give such performances and hopefully the Maldives could enjoy the exposure and this would bring in more economic benefits.


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