Alidhoo resort staff on strike over unpaid wages

Maldivian staff working at Alidhoo Resort in Haa Alifu Atoll have declared themselves on strike claiming that the management of the resort had not paid them salary for last month.

The resort is operated by Yacht Tours, owned by local businessman and former MP Abdulla Jabir.

“It is almost the end of this month and Ramadan is coming up – we have to send money to our families back on the islands and we are really broke,” said a staff member working in the resort.

He claimed allowances of the staffs working in the resort had not been paid for the last three months, including service charge and overtime.

“Last week we spoke with the management about our salaries and they said we will be paid today, and today they said they will pay us next Monday,” he said. “Now we are not very confident with this management so we have decided to continue this strike until they pay us.”

The management first told staff that the payments were delayed because the chairman of the company was not in the Maldives, he continued.

“When he came back, they said the banks were not giving money to the resorts – how can we believe them now?” the staff member said.

He claimed that expatriates working on the island had not received their salaries for the past three months.

“They want to join us in the strike but they fear that they might be fired and sent back to their countries,” he said, adding that the expats were supporting the strike although they were not physically involved.

Vice President of Tourism Employees Association of Maldives (TEAM) Mauroof Zakir told Minivan News that TEAM was not officially involved in the strike.

“TEAM has decided not to participate in any strike that is conducted without informing TEAM prior to the commencement of the strike,” Mauroof said. “However, we have given Alidhoo staff instructions.”

Mauroof said TEAM made the decision in a recent meeting because “whenever the strike reaches an uncontrollable status, that’s when the staff see TEAM, and when it reaches that situation it is very hard for us to solve the issues.”

Chairman of Yatch Tours Abdulla Jabir told Minivan News that the delay was caused because he was not in town.

“It will be arranged sometime today,” he said. “The payments were delayed because I was not here.”


9 thoughts on “Alidhoo resort staff on strike over unpaid wages”

  1. Jabir not being there is no excuse. wages must be paid on time. that's why there is something called a management team.

  2. Dont worry Alidhoo Staff, you all will be paid in 'lollies' this time.

  3. It is a shame to see businessmen of high calibre with resorts under their belt - such Mr.Jabir - fail at this level in basic management in the service industry - paying salary of staff.

    It begs the question - how do you operate an island if you are unable to meet your salaries.

    This does put into question who really is the successful entrepreneurs in the Maldives. Maybe Mr.Jabir needs to stop taking too many risks and start taking basics into serious consideration

  4. @m. Jaleel, Mr. Jabir is not a businessman for your information; rather he is a con artist.
    For this guy to pay salaries for his staff is not important at all.

  5. where is TEAM now...????? i thought TEAM will be helping whenever employees in need????

    or is it only against certain resorts that they get involved????????

  6. guys don't give up. do what ever it takes to make sure that the employees of this industry is well treated. I was terminated from my previous job after organizing a strike but i am not giving up. not yet. and one more thing. DO NOT DEPEND ON TOURISM MINISTRY. but make sure youth ministry( labor relations authority )is well informed. they are really helpful. all the best

  7. This seems to be a common occourance in Jabir ventures. Few years back we heard that a lot lot expats doing construction works in one of his huvadhoo atoll ventures were not paid for months. When they complained they were all transported to Gd. thinadhoo where the residents gave them food on humanitarian grounds.(also heard that most perople he employes on such basis are iligal immigrants so that they can ever go to the authorities to complain...of course this is only heresay)


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