Arrested boys claim they were mistreated, abused and tortured in custody

Police and the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) arrested almost 60 people, including children, in a joint special operation launched on July 15.

A police media official confirmed that on July 15 five people were arrested, four more the next day, 14 on July 19 and 33 people yesterday from different areas of the capital Male’.

He also said that two stabbings occurred in Male’ the day before yesterday.

“One of the victims was is admitted to Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) with a serious condition, but the other person’s condition was not so serious,” the media official said. “Ss he is still undergoing treatment, we cannot provide further details of the injuries.”

Reports of Police-MNDF mistreatment

Many of those who were arrested last night in the special operations claimed that the police and MNDF officers mistreated and abused their rights during their arrest and detention.

“I was arrested yesterday afternoon at 5:00pm while I was on the way to Dharumavantha Scool to get a document,” one of those arrested told Minivan News. “While I was waiting near the traffic lights on Sosun magu, two policemen and two MNDF officers told me to be freeze, came up behind me and handcuffed me and my friend,” said the 19 year-old, who was released this afternoon.

“I asked them on what charges they were arresting me, and where they were taking me, and they said they needed me to clarify some information.”

He said the officers pushed him into a police bus and blindfolded him with his hands tied with clips.

“They took me to a place and removed my silver ear-rings, my bracelets, necklace and sunglasses,” he claimed. “Then they took me to a place and removed the blindfold on my eye, and ordered me to remove my clothes. I refused, but I had no other choice so I did, and they told me to bend over. They harassed me verbally and physically.”

He said the officers were covering their faces.

“After checking me they blindfolded me again, and then took me to somewhere else. I asked them where they were taking me, they said that I should speak only when I am spoken to,” he said. “They pushed me into another room, where they trimmed my hair. When I tried to refuse, they hit beat me.”

He said that the price of his jewelry confiscated by police and MNDF was “not less” than Rf2000.

“They said anything collected would not be returned,” he said.

He also claimed that another boy’s necklace was also taken, which he claimed was a memorial to his dead mother and begged the police officers to give it back when he was released. But the officers replied “’You have to send a letter to us requesting the necklace. You might get it then’,” he claimed.

A 14 year-old boy who was arrested yesterday at 5:00pm near Giyasudeen School claimed that police treated him the same.

“They arrested me when I came out from the stadium after playing football. They told me that they needed to arrest me, and when I asked them why I was being arrested they said I was on some kind of list and that their superiors had ordered them to arrest me,” said the 14 year-old. “Then they shackled my legs and arms and blindfolded me. I was shocked – it was the first time anything of this kind has happened to me.”

The boy said he was kept blindfolded for a long time somewhere, and when he requested food it was denied.

“I asked them to provide at least some water, and they said people like us did not deserve to drink water. They removed my necklace, all my rings, and my mobile phone.”

He said the officers did not give any of his possession back when he was released this afternoon.

“It was a silver necklace, it cost Rf1300. They did not even give my mobile phone back,” he added.

“They took me into a small room and removed the blindfold, and took up a trimmer. I asked them why they had to cut my hair, and they said they were getting me into the religion of Islam. I refused them permission to cut my hair, and I looked at the ground I saw blood all over the floor,” he said. “They started beating me when I refused.”

Another 16 year-old boy who was arrested near Ahmadiyya school and was released this morning claimed that he was also mistreated yesterday.

“They said I was taken on an order from their superiors,” he said. “They threw me in to the police bus. I told them I have a big wound in the back.”

He said the officers took him blindfolded and handcuffed.

“They took me somewhere, and told me to sit down,” he said. “I checked with my hands to make sure there was a chair, and when I touched the chair when I turned to sit down they pulled the chair away. Again they hurt my wound and I told them that it hurt.”

He said the officers asked him to show them his wound, and when he removed his shirt they started hitting the wound and asking whether it hurt.

“They used filthy words to speak to us and treated us really badly,” he added.

A police media official said that some of those arrested had their hair trimmed because they had changed their appearance to one different from the photos police used to identify them.

He denied that police and MNDF had tortured those taken into custody.

The mother of one of the boys told Minivan News that police had taken her son in a raid on Heniveru Youth Centre.

“He is very lazy and is addicted to computer games, and spends most of his time at home or in the gaming centre there,” she said.

“He never gets involved in delinquent or criminal activities. The MNDF/police clipped his hands while he was ordering food at the cafeteria and took him in a vehicle to Kalhuthukkala koshi (police station) where he was blindfolded, handcuffed, stripped, and checked. He was released around 2:00am after his picture and fingerprints were taken and he signed the police records.”

The boy’s mother said the police documentation on his release said he had “been detained in relation to criminal activities by street groups and was to see if he had anything illegal. The reason for their detention was to check if he possessed ‘anything’,” she said.

“There must have been a lot of innocent boys there among the 60-odd youths in the police yard. My son said he felt like a terrorist when the police took his clothes off and made him bend down Guantanamo Bay style. He said he wished he had done something to deserved such harassment.”


46 thoughts on “Arrested boys claim they were mistreated, abused and tortured in custody”

  1. Well boys taste the demecoracy of President Nasheed. Wellcome to "Anneh DHivehi Rajje"

  2. who said these are boys? these are paateys. just because they are not 18 does not mean they can getaway with stabbings and serial killings. where is the logic in writing in support of criminals?

  3. Well done MNDF .. this is the only way we can stong tugs and cutters on the street.. I support u all.. if not i will do it myself to these Son of **^&%*&%$*.... As normally the DRP will be shouts their mouths out which is no suprise after all .its their leaders creation ..

  4. @Kamal, whether they had done mistakes in their lifer, that did not mean that their rights could be abused, I condemn this act of police and MNDF with strongest words.. them boys are also human... they have to be treated right.. arresting them is not the problem.. torturing and mistreating is the problem.. think a bit more man... or else just shutup..

  5. @kamal parteys are humans too.what if ur brother/sister or lets say ur dad/mom was taken, would u still write that comment. IDIOT. most of them where not partey's they were youth who didnt give a damn bout politics. now by force they would enter politics. these daily harassment met by public is done by politics and the people who gain from them. why not remove the beards of the harbee ppl? they are most likely terrorists, they kill people but these kids by the biggest chance would go to a music show. after shaving the head they gave comments like "dhen dhey bala rock storm ah head bang kuran". extremists and politics ruined the country. god pls bring doomsday upon us before we do it on our own

  6. yeah their mothers think these thick headed skulls are going to play video games..and their son doesnt take part in street gangs.. and they dont wear silver earings , necklaces and have their hair up to shoulder or may be below..


    good work shave all these partey heads

  7. this could be a good thing if it is going on the proper track - eliminating paatteys and converting them back to normal humans. but if it aim at turning them to religious fanatics, then it is totally another story isn't it.

  8. Well, if they really want new mobile phones, they'll have to buy themselves some. 😛

    I don't think they want a phone wired with anti-theft mechanisms.


    “After checking me they blindfolded me again, and then took me to somewhere else. I asked them where they were taking me, they said that I should speak only when I am spoken to,” he said. “They pushed me into another room, where they trimmed my hair. When I tried to refuse, they _hit beat_ me.”


  9. Boys were tasting the demecoracy of Anneh Dhivehi Rajje.
    MNDF playing with Boys only? next will they play with mothers on these boys ?

  10. MNDF must arrest dictator Anni, he is rulling this country out of laws. He is doing militory dictatorship now.

  11. @Free NOW on Wed, 21st Jul 2010 11:05 PM

    Says:MNDF must arrest dictator Anni, he is rulling this country out of laws. He is doing militory dictatorship now."

    What are you talking about? Are you nuts?... you are asking Anni to arrest himself? Oh! 😉 this is a good one... read you comment again...

    "Free Now" why don't you free now your closed narrow minded thinking? hmm? 😉

    Just try to "Get of the BOX". You might then get the real picture more clearly...

  12. boys needed a lesson the way they understood by "beatings". If the boys created havoc in public they deserve beating until they realize they committed a crime

  13. "Arrested boys claim they were mistreated, abused and tortured in custody"

    Is this a news? or what?

    "Bismuth claims to be from the planet X and was tortured by US Military on his first visit to Planet Earth "

    I am Bismuth,209 Years Old and from the Planet X. And I have not grown older than 209 years since my last birthday. I was on a journey around the galaxies and saw a very lively planet but shining bright from it's darker side. I came near and realized that there are beings living on that planet. At first I thought it was an illusion. I came closer and closer and ended up near the Pentagon Building at US. The Military arrested me, put me in solitary confinement and told me that I was arrested due to my weird looks and told me that this is Planet Earth and I have no rights to visit here without a prior visa arrangement. I refused to talk as they claim and I was tortured for day and night. But the problem is my language is only through my mind and I was just trying to communicate the way I used to at my Planet. That is through mind. Somehow I couldn't at first. Now I have learned the languages of the creatures of this Planet.

    I got released on the condition that I shall never come back again,and should leave planet earth right away. I was just about to depart from this planet and I saw scattered pieces of lands while I was just taking a final round around the earth. Now here I am at the place they call "MALDIVES". And the story continues... "

    Can someone please help me to publish this?

  14. I firmly believe this only confirms there are elements within the police force that obeys Yaameen and the gang. This is a showcase to instigate hatred within the supporters of Anni against him and to create unrest and therefore to force Anni to release the corruption tycoon Yaameen. It is sad that some within the Police force still gets a kick out of brutalizing people. I hope we do not fall in to this trap set by Yaameen and his barbaric gang.

  15. THe boy claimed the police asked him to remove his silver earings ????

    How dare they ask this muslim boy to remove his silver earings ???

    What is Anni doing ??

    Mee aneh dhivehi raaje

  16. i feel sorry for the cops and mndf...they are damned if they do and damned if they don't. i think the poor state of affairs warrant some harshness to be felt by the public...just look at yourselves and your neighbourhood! i can still remember when everyone in my house could leave without locking the doors...and that was less than 20 years ago! to the prepubescent kids who lost their 100 dollar chains, BOO HOO!

  17. @ Bismuth

    "Is this a news? or what?"
    This is actually a little better. Mnivan did front page on dengue and an art exhibition recently and I was thinking next will be on origami!

    Interesting story, Bismuth.
    Did you make crop circles on my grandfather's farm on your way to Maldives?

    Curiously, you say you are 209 years old.
    What does that calculate into in Earth years?

  18. There's no proof that these kids belongs to a gang. They are children. And even if they are over 18, Defense force or Police can't treat them like this. What about HUMAN RIGHTS? Where the heck is the human rights commision when all this is happening? So this is the change we all wanted?

    Congrats. We, the Maldivians got what we wanted! The change is here! ANEH DHIVEHI RAAJJE...

    President Nasheed, Please Resign!

  19. Does any one of these people who have commented supporting such acts realize this is against the Law and Human Rights?


  20. It is very immoral the manner in which the opposition are protecting criminals and preventing Maldives from becoming safe. To arrested boys, well, please stop terryfying the hell out of others, old ladies etc?? How does it feel huh!

  21. This is very disturbing news. A millitary rule is emminent. The events taking place are surely non democratic. Partey or whoever is still innocent until proven guilty. I condemn this act and call on international community to intervene immediately.

  22. When ur belongings get stolen dont go to police. Allow the thugs to beat and stab people dont go to police.Allow all these crimes to continue. dont go to police. So that police can just turn a blind eye to everything. Just look at Sri Lanka. Public were told not to smoke in public places and they stopped because they want to obey the RULES. If this rule is imposed in Maldives there will be biggest muzaahiraa ever. Do we LOVE our country or ourselves only. THINK. this is a good time to THINK after all 26th July is our Independence Day.

  23. human rights comes btwn everything and spoils our rights.. politics is a bussiness... think abt it..

  24. Ofcourse this is aneh dhivehi raajje. Where no one knows anything, military and police take law into their own hands. All independent institutions are made powerless. President blabbers everyday. TVM is run from the President's Office.

    What more can you ask from aney dhivehirajje? I love it...

  25. wow... fifteen and fourteen year olds with many rings and 1500 rufiyaa worth necklace... does it bling bling???? and what wound??? was it made by a patey with a cutter in a fight????

  26. that's the BEST way to be treated to "parteys". if im in MNDF, i would have done much more

  27. Me; hello is this Police
    police; this is them
    me: I would like to make an apointment to cut my hair
    police: sure, we have 19 & 18 available
    me; what time?
    Police: no time known yet will find u even on the road.
    Me: good service, what is the catch?
    Police: all ur valubles will be sold on ibay at cheap prices. That is to cover transportation costs and salary for the personal hair stylist!
    Me: sounds fair, any extra services!
    Police; I am glad u asked u shall be given probing sessions while u wait ur turn!

  28. i believe this is the act of corrupt Police ppl who still follow orders from DRP. their aim was to create hatred among youth towards this govt and IT WORKED. ppl in charge of the govt, pls make this right asap!!!

  29. The President Nasheed’s tactics in power.
    1. “Nulafaakan dhekkun”
    2. “Savvis gadi iru hamain nethun”
    3. “hama buddhi filaa hurun”
    4. “gaanooneh othas nethas kurun”
    5. “chartun beyrah dhiyun”
    6. “misarukaarun karuna gas beynun nukurun”
    7. “misarukaarun siyaasee meehun hayyaru nukurun”
    8. “misarukaarun rayyithunge mudhaa nuvikkun”
    9. “thin baaru vakikoh beyvun”
    10. “siyaasee magaamu tha madhu kurun”
    11. ‘aifooraa fashah thakethi gena un”
    12. ‘musaaara thah thiri nukurun”
    13. ‘karantuge agu bodu nukurun”
    14. “corruption nattaalun” (by bribing Alhan, Gafoor, Redwave Saleem and working with people like Zaki, Afeef, Adam Manik, Sato, Jabir, Musthafa, etc etc
    15. “commando of chief of MNDF and Police”
    16. “cabinet isthiufaa dheefa anekka huvaa kurun” (without parliament approval”

  30. This is too late too little. This so called rights to citizens turned out to be injustice to law abiding peaceful Maldivians and a an opening to totally misguide the religious youth of Maldives to the wild African standards; I have refrained from Western as they are much better off in their behavior except in certain parts in France where there are illegal immigrants. Our youth are after sex,drugs and violence and the poor parents are still slaving to upkeep them. Sleep till their bodis re tired of sleeping and be up until their bodies are tired of being up. I would appreciate a leader who have a strong backbone that would take decisive and strong action to eliminate violence created by Yamins and Sujas and drug dealers during the latter part of Maumoon's rule in the streets by any means for our future generations to be what we were. A religious law abiding peaceful nation living in a paradise.

  31. Absolutely horrifying.

    The kids maybe drug addicts, "thugs" or whatever - but this does not automatically give the MNDF any rights to pick them randomly off the streets and abuse them.

    Due process of law, I think it is called.

    The country's armed forces cannot behave this way and terrorize people.

    For shame, MNDF. They need to make a public apology for this behaviour.

  32. wot abt the rights of those who get stabbed eh? hi 5 to wot mndf is doin. damn right. seems like every single of this so called children had silverware or jewelery or wotever on them. they sure dont look like peaceful bastards. these bastards are destroyin the youth. so do wot u needa do. go mndf.

  33. If the police are alleged to have done anything that contravenes their mandate and authority, the Police Integrity Commission must investigate and take action. Having said that, news about a petition from jail inmates and police abusing and torturing youth, all within the past few days somehow reminds me of the fire at Maafushi jail last year where even part of the newly constructed blocks which were not yet in use were also partly destroyed by inmates at a time of budget constraint. I also remember receiving an sms alleging abuse of inmates around the same time if memory serves me right. I'm not too sure if there were any investigative media reports into these issues at the time about how it all came to happen. The pity is that vulnerable groups always seem to end up being the victims of political tensions.

  34. Btw, same goes for the MNDF. The Military Police must fulfil their mandate too.

  35. since when did having long hair and jewelery make u a thug or a partey. Aren't you the same people who call ur president "ganja bo" he doesnt have long hair does he now, calling him a ganja bo doesn t htat qualify him as a partey as well?
    it would be nice to see them arrest the people who stabs but too bad, the stabbers are related or connected to high people, it was like then back in maumoons reign and even now!

  36. hey who said anything about long hair dude. :p and yes who said the president aint a partey. hes a hi pro partey. and dude, i have no criticism or wotsoever to ur last para. i say maumoon n anni are workin together. yea. the conspiracy theory. wotever.

  37. earlier it was Golha Force now this is another maldives with Ganjaa Force ... and this is the beginning

  38. Sounds to me like MNDF/Police has taken an inventory of all the street gangs.

    Against the constitution? Maybe, but this can only be a good step if it curbs the violence.

  39. @Kewl You wouldn't be blabbering around if something like this has happened to you or someone close to you. I'm sure you'd be running around like a erected caveman. Well no point arguing about nonsense.

    Just one point to note down... LAW AND HUMAN RIGHTS!

    Cheers 🙂

  40. No no... let's just keep on talking about the past 30 years of dictatorship... that's one way to ignore what's happening now...

    Nasheed is nothng but a dictator!

  41. Turns out it was just a DRP-backed publicity stunt to drive wedges between the youth and the MDP government.

    This is why the DRP needs to be shut down, it's funds confiscated, its members and leaders arrested and tried for treason and human rights abuses under the People's Court. Today they stoop to engineering human-rights abuse against teenagers to win political points.

    Who will they target next? Toddlers?

    They will be made to suffer the full force of our wrath.


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