Assault victim dies

Ahmed Mirza, 25, who was assaulted last Monday with an iron bars in Villingili after he allegedly made comments concerning a girl, died early this morning in Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

Mirza was declared brain-dead after doctors at the IGMH examined him and was kept on life support according to the family’s wishes.

Yesterday Mirza’s sister said that doctors had said they had no hope that he would survive the severe injuries to his head.

Police arrested five persons in connection with the case.

Mirza was attacked last Monday night while he was sitting in a park in Villingili.


3 thoughts on “Assault victim dies”

  1. The people responsible for this crime shall be given death penalty by all means and the penalty shall be practically performed to teach a lesson to all the criminals.

  2. You wish...

    This is not a problem to our beloved parliamentarians. nor to The Judges. nor to The Police.

    But a man viewing a Playboy magazine. Now that's the worst crime here. 6 months Jail sentence issued in under 2 minutes.

  3. The parliament members and Judicial bodies in the Maldives must take the responsibility of his death.

    We elected them to make our lives better not worse. Therefore they must take the full responsibility, if they cant they should leave.

    Parliament..Shame on you guyz!!!!!


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