14 death sentences issued in the past 10 years: Criminal Court

The Criminal Court has said that 14 death sentences have been passed in the last decade, however many of those convicted and given the sentence have been rearrested and brought before judges on different cases.

The court said that a total of 9197 persons had been given sentences for various crimes within the past 10 years – approximately three percent of the Maldives’ population.

2950 persons of the total 9197 convicted were banished, while 798 persons were placed under house arrest and 5435 persons were imprisoned, said the Criminal Court.

However, the court said many of the convicts who are supposed to be serving their time were brought before the judges accused of committing further offenses.

Meanwhile, the parliament has commenced its preliminary debate on the amendment presented by Jumhoory Party (JP) MP Ibrahim Muthalib to the Clemency Act, which requires death penalties to be implemented if the Supreme Court upholds a death sentence issued by a lower court or of the Supreme Court itself issues a death sentence.

If the amendment is passed the President will not have the authority to grant clemency for those who are found guilty of any offense that serves a death penalty.

The amendment was originally presented by Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Ibrahim Rasheed, who withdrew it claiming that he would resubmit it after bills relating to evidence and penal code were passed.

Parliamentary Group Leader of MDP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik has now presented the Criminal Justice Procedure Bill, which parliament has accepted and is awaiting preliminary debate.

As MPs present bills to try and control rising gang violence, early this morning a 25 year-old victim died in hospital after an assault two days ago that left him in a coma.

Another youth, Ahusan Basheer, 21, was stabbed to death last month on a busy street in Male. Ibrahim Shahum, 20, who was released by the court after being held in pre-trial detention for six months in connection with another murder case, was arrested along with two others. An under-aged girl, who reportedly witnessed the crime, was also arrested and kept in pre-trial detention.


11 thoughts on “14 death sentences issued in the past 10 years: Criminal Court”

  1. In a country so small as this one, 14 death sentences is a lot. It's 4 times as many sentences per person in the population as America.

    There are 3 times as many murders per person in the US, maybe because they don't award death sentences so easily? Either way, we sit near European countries in the murder rankings, with 20 times less murders than South Africa. Interesting...

  2. Giving us values doesn't help when you are not doing enough to practically stop these criminals.Shame.

  3. Ibrahim Yasir is right. all they do is give us a bunch of data with nothing being done about it. just like maumoon regime's audit reports.

  4. Criminal court and other judicial bodies sucks. They are no more than money eating institutions. First thing we have to do is to abolish Human Right Council, its members don't know anything about human rights. The only thing they know is how to prevent criminals from prosecution.

    I am really surprised why they are getting much higher salary, is it caz they are preventing the most notorious gang members from death penalty and prosecution.

  5. I do not know where Enbry got his facts from or his logic. Anyways, I wont criticize this bill. Just want to see which Parliament member is actually trying to make it safe for the people and which ones are looking for their own benefit in this world.

  6. America is no.1 in carrying out the death penalty amongst the developed countries, it also has the highest murder rate.

    Death penalty will not solve our social ills.

  7. @peasant

    For your kind information Maldives is not America. You cant compare two state with very different culture and tradition.

    Death penalty will deter criminal from committing crime. Also you got the facts wrong regarding America, please once again have a look. In America, every death does not result death penalty even if they are proven guilty.

    There are lot more other factors to decide...

  8. We have to give death penalty not just because America is giving death penalty....this is a wrong idea....We must give death penalty because we are practicing Muslims....

    We are not giving death penalty or we are not in favor of death penalty because we are not practicing Muslims.

    So now we have to decide whether we are practicing Muslims or we are just Muslims because our parents were Muslims or simply because we are Muslims by birth.

    This issue will be always pending if we do not become Muslims by choice. This could only be achieved when we all get freedom of choosing a religion by ourselves or when we become practicing Muslims, meaning not just Muslims by name or because we are Muslims by birth..

    America and the United Kingdom has many Muslims by choice and that they are quite different from the Muslims of the Maldives...we have to talk sense instead of saying death penalty in the US does not solve murder issues and so on...Non Muslims of America or the majority are not the same believers as the Maldivians...so the case of Maldives shall never be taken as the case of the United States...


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