Body of murdered 16 year-old discovered in park

The body of a 16 year-old boy was discovered this morning by police inside the park behind Kulliyathul Dhirasathul Islamiyya.

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef told Minivan News that the body was discovered at around 6:00am by police officers patrolling the area.

“The body had many stab wounds and other injuries,” Haneef said. “Police are currently trying to verify the identity of the body.”

He said it was too early to say whether the boy was victim of a gang attack or an incident related to yesterday’s political unrest.

Haneef said according to the information police have received so far, the boy might be 16 year-old Mohamed Arahm, of Noree house in Hoarafushi of Haa Alifu Atoll, who was studying in grade 9 at Dharumavantha School.

A Hoarafushi Island Council member who identified himself to Minivan News as Mauroof, said  the council had received information that the body Arham had been discovered inside the park behind Kulliyathul Dhiraasathul Islamiyya.

‘’Mohamed Arahm left the island two years ago with this family,’’ Mauroof said. “When he left the island he was a good boy and he had no criminal record, and we do not know the reason for this attack.’’

Local newspaper Haveeru quoted a witness who saw the body as saying that Arham appeared to have been stabbed twice in the chest, and that his whole body was covered in blood.

Haveeru also reported that Arham was the only boy in the family.

Meanwhile, the Education Ministry has issued a statement condemning the act and calling for the investigation to be hastened, and those responsible found and penalised.

The Ministry also sent condolences to the family of the deceased.


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  1. Fact is : criminality in Male went up by more than 350 % - figures police in blues.

    Fact is : thugs from PPM roaming the roads, covered by police forces. Part of tactics advised by Ruder Finn : create unrest, incite criminality, then you show up as saviour of the country and people.

    Nazi style

  2. this country is becoming like those places like alsalvador, rio, mexico etc...where gangs can get away from murder as they are linked to the police, politicians and the justice system...there will never be evidence though every sane person knows exactly what happend.

  3. very sad
    but such almost every days news about crime and murder is only demonstrate what is real situation/Maldives become 100%morality zero country it is very sad but it is price for all political games/ and situation will get worse day by day because half of young generation using drugs and are members of criminal structure/ and is only few rehab center that real work with peoples
    Other is just show for foreighn investors to steal some money from Europe/
    it is almost impossible to turn back in old good days when Maldives was real peaceful country and safe place for tourists/
    people had reach high egoistic and morality zero level,cheating and cheating each other and do not think to help nearest one
    So time to pay price for your own behavior/No need to blame others just have a look at your self/

  4. Murders - yet our leaders like Yameen, Maumoon, Waheed, Anni comes on TV in their Gucci shirts and sunglasses dare to show their face.

    What is a leader who cannot uphold values of decency, humility and respect for people. 21st century leadership is about humility but is that what we are seeing from the front line of this country. With the Almighty Allah and with the youth of this country, 2013 will eliminate Maumoon, Yameen, Anni, and Waheed

  5. Fact is : criminal activity went up in Male by more than 200% due to previous Government having released dangerous and notorius criminals to society as part of their Second Change policy. (Dhevana Furusathu). This was masked under the guise of providing opportunities to criminals, the real motive was to create a Gang Force that would support MDP, and would be willing to engage Maldives police and law enforcement officials with complete disregard for the law, on the command of MDP, when they wanted.

    Such criminals have no regard for law, they know that MDP will politicise and advocate for their release, as long as they were willing to throw a few bricks at Police, burn some place down. etc.

    Male is now a Gangsters paradise. And this haven for Gangsters has been created by MDP.

  6. It's "not too early" to say that the Police and Justice System have failed. If anyone is to blame, that's the police and the Justice System. Enough fooling people... they can "fool some people some time but not all the people all the time"!

  7. The police are clueless as usual. But this incident is indication of what the society is coming to. Cold blooded murder in crowded Male and no witnesses? The police have to pull up their socks, dho? The police should offer reward for information to witness.

  8. Maldives is becoming new Mexico in Asia where drug cartels rules. What 's the use of spending millions of dollars on Police and Military from Tax payer's money? This so called Police and Military (MNDF) are good at beating unarmed civilians and Women and hurling abusive words to them. When its come to criminal gangs and street thugs these ' tough Military and policemen' ' are like 'cotton'.

  9. Maldives is now a Medellín Cartel.

    Only fresh leaders under 30 can fix this.

  10. Lol let's see if the current government (which includes extremist party Adhaalath) has the balls to practice Islamic shariah within the country as many commenters on Haveeru are suggesting. Then we will see underage criminals being hung to death, and that would definitely improve the image of the Maldives!

    Please, go ahead. Do it. Ignore any other alternatives.

  11. extrimist salafs calling for deth panelty

  12. Unless Islamic Sharia is practised, these kind of cold-blooded killing would continue, and the murderers would plan to commit more of such crimes in broad day light. The Present Judicial system in this country should be reformed according to Islam.
    May Allah bless his soul and grant him admission to Heaven.

  13. ...Marya didi, Dunia, Eva, presidents wife and all you respectable and fortunate women. Its a shame TODAY to see you on streets or media talking politics yet murders are gradually rising.
    ...Womens powers were revealed a few months ago in demonstrations which raised their respect level in society. Its your turn once again, to go out on the streets as mothers and sisters to those dead and being abused... will be a shame to see you on the street again on politics before denouncing the continuing violence that is ignored by public, and government

  14. the men...
    greed, power and corruption must end and give chance to the educated youth to show their true colors before we lose them to migration.

  15. cold blooded killing will always happen because some people like killing.why else would a boy be stabbed 6 times possibly while he was sleeping...sick...hand out the death penalty to these killers...they are like dangerous animals.. rest of the people need to be protected from them..i feel no sympathy for serial killers

  16. It is a shame on the government,Police and also the Army.
    The police arrested more than 14 protesters, have filed cases against opposition political activists but law and order is totally neglected. The Government is only interested to get the activists in to jails,24/7 they plan and dream of that day. The Army is like a police dog in the "Usfasgandu" is that their status today? Maybe!
    I did not hear any political party say a word on this horrible incident, they should have protested against police the Whole day.

  17. Police are incompetent nincompoops. But for sure they will puff up like a fish, whenever they can.

    On 2 separate occasions, I have personally reported crime and asked for help, these idiots just made the criminals look doctorates on crime, and they, mere kindergarten toddlers.

    I would not ask for help expecting an professional work, instead do it, if nothing else, just to keep statistics right on crime.

  18. Is this Bogota? San Pedro? Police and Army are heavily utilised to protect the Goverment while its people are been slaughtered by gangs which has gone our of control. Shame on you Waheed, Anni, Maumoon.
    Its time for Military to take over the and clean this country from these pests, all pests, be it politicians, drug dealer, rapists etc....International community, and politicians can F***, we want this country back.

  19. These killings and other criminal activities cannot just be blamed on current or previous governments. When President M.A.Gayyom was in power, it was blamed on him and so-called his thugs or gangs. When President Nasheed came to power, the killings continued. In fact, on one occassion the president declared his readiness to defend Maldivian lives and stated that if anyone wanted to kill any Maldivian, they will have to kill the President first. And the very next day there was another homicide! The killings, as in the past, are continuing. And it is sad, some abuse these events to score political points and blame this or that politcal party, government or religion and the religiously inclinated give credence to their religiosity. As some have pointed out here, such criminal activities are a reflection of the decline of moral values in Maldivian society and how low it has fallen in this regard. If we are to survive as a society, everyone must strive to restore moral values including mutual respect, individual responsibilty - and if this does not have any consequences beyond the mundane world, life ceases to be meaningful - and that certain things, including destruction of human life, are pure and simple wrong. If we fail, I am afraid, we will continue to witness such criminal behaviour and other abominations and eventually our societal existance and independence will be threatened.

  20. The only people who can commit such brutal criminal acts in Maldives are the police. These thugs are responsible for all criminal acts that are happening in Maldives. The only change in the Maldivian society is that Qayoom has created a mafia gang on government payroll. These uneducated Islamist thugs are trained to hit people and kill without any human quality. If you go and find the cause of these acts the only reasonable factor are these thugs.

  21. @neutral

    When you say 'These killings and other criminal activities cannot just be blamed on current or previous governments' and THEN you blame the society for the 'decline of moral values in Maldivian society'.

    What a double speaking hypocritical person you are. May be you are just blissfully naive. How can some thing happen (even a bad thing) without a supporting leadership.

    Bad things do not just happen spontaneously. They are all evil schemes of some. When tuna rots, the rotting starts from the HEAD - and then spreads to other parts.

  22. @insulting inteligence

    You should have read my post more carefully. I stated, "These ... cannot be JUST ..." What that means is the governments should also take some blame, i.e., in my naive and humble opinion, failing to take the necessary steps to stop or curb these acts and also failing to inculcate in our youth moral values through our education system and producing responsible citizens.

    According to your statement, criminal acts cannot come about 'without a supporting leadership'. Are you suggesting that the leadership, whatever that may be, are party to any crime committed in society? Your sophisticated mind seems to suggest to suggest exactly this.
    My blissful naivety tells me that criminals commit their crimes out of their own free will; they do not need a 'supporting leadership'.

    I did not state that society as a whole is to be blamed for such acts. I stated that society as a whole must work together to bring an end to such acts. Read again if you may, "...everyone must strive to restore moral values..."

    I may be wrong in what I stated and I may be a 'double speaking hypocritical person' but I do not know how you deduced that latter inference from what I stated. It would have been nice if you have pointed that out to me. But I think it would have been better if you had confined yourself to address the statement rather than become personal, and I thought your sophisticated mind would have taken you in this direction of civic behaviour. Kind regards

  23. The Human Rights Commission was more interested and worked hard on defending the human rights of a judge who made it his signature to release all criminals brought into his court during President Nasheed's administration.

    Gangsers,drug dealers, rapists, murderers, released. Only activists into jail.

    And now the courts are demanding his records to be handed over to them so they can protect him. One has to wonder why this special treatment for a man who has to be tried in court for complicity in provoking and escalating violence in our nation.

    Tell me, WHO of these institutions are thinking of us? our rights to be safe?

    The Human Rights Commission did not look into the violation of a child’s rights for protection when Judge Abdulla ordered the child to commit a sexual act on the person who molested her. This is a crime.

    And WHERE are the reports of Police Brutality on our people on 8 February?

    This is the pathetic state of the Human Rights Commission.

    I call on the members of the Human Rights Commission to resign from their positions and make space for people who genuinely care about our people and our nation.

  24. One more future gangster dead!! We should celebrate the happiness. No matter how many ppl claim tht this boy is innocent, it is very clear that he aint. No innocent boy will stay late. No innocent boy will hang out in a place famous as a gang hang out. No innocent boy will shout at another gang (Masodi) to show how brave he is. He deserve what he got. I say all the boys like this should be killed immediately before they harm our society!!

  25. whatever fact it is.......can u bring him back to life...can u bring that wonderful friend back to his friends....beloved son to his obedient student to his teacher........

    Students are the pillars of the nation.....give the nation to youngsters........they will show you what is democracy.........

    With tears


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