Investigation suggests stabbing murder of 16 year-old was gang attack: police

A police investigation into the stabbing murder of a 16 year-old boy in Male’ last week was making progress although no arrests have yet been made, according to Deputy Head of Specialist Command Mohamed Riyaz.

Speaking to the press at Iskandar Koshi, Riyaz said police had spoken to several people and visited places related to the death, and have gathered information that cannot be revealed at the time for fear of disrupting the investigation.

He said the information received so far suggested that the boy was killed in a gang attack, however he declined to provide further information.

Last Wednesday morning at around 6:00am two patrolling officers discovered the dead body of 16 year-old Mohamed Arham inside the park behind Kulliyathul Dhiraasathul Islamiyya.

His body was found with stab wounds in his neck, back and chest with blood all over his body and on the floor, as well as on the walls of the park.

Mohamed Arham was a student at grade 9 in Dharmavantha School when he died.

The Education Ministry, Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) and police have condemned the attack on the boy.

The park in which he was found dead is known locally as ‘Lorenzo Park’, named after a Male’ gang called ‘Lorenzo’.

Minivan News understands that park is usually used by members or friends of the gang, and that it is very uncommon to find outside visitors sitting in the park.

Friends of Arham have said that he was in the park that night after all his friends left because he was too tired to go home, as he had just finished attending a camp that day.

Arham did not leave the park with his friends and might have fallen asleep in the park alone and assailants may have attacked him while he was asleep, according to some of Arham’s friends.

A friend of Arham’s told Minivan News that they were not sure why he was attacked or who attacked him, because he not had any issues with anyone recently and there was no warning of any attack.

‘’He must have been attacked between 2:00am to 6:00am that night,’’ he added. ‘’That time he would have been by himself in the park because everyone left around 2:00.’’


Body of murdered 16 year-old discovered in park

The body of a 16 year-old boy was discovered this morning by police inside the park behind Kulliyathul Dhirasathul Islamiyya.

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef told Minivan News that the body was discovered at around 6:00am by police officers patrolling the area.

“The body had many stab wounds and other injuries,” Haneef said. “Police are currently trying to verify the identity of the body.”

He said it was too early to say whether the boy was victim of a gang attack or an incident related to yesterday’s political unrest.

Haneef said according to the information police have received so far, the boy might be 16 year-old Mohamed Arahm, of Noree house in Hoarafushi of Haa Alifu Atoll, who was studying in grade 9 at Dharumavantha School.

A Hoarafushi Island Council member who identified himself to Minivan News as Mauroof, said  the council had received information that the body Arham had been discovered inside the park behind Kulliyathul Dhiraasathul Islamiyya.

‘’Mohamed Arahm left the island two years ago with this family,’’ Mauroof said. “When he left the island he was a good boy and he had no criminal record, and we do not know the reason for this attack.’’

Local newspaper Haveeru quoted a witness who saw the body as saying that Arham appeared to have been stabbed twice in the chest, and that his whole body was covered in blood.

Haveeru also reported that Arham was the only boy in the family.

Meanwhile, the Education Ministry has issued a statement condemning the act and calling for the investigation to be hastened, and those responsible found and penalised.

The Ministry also sent condolences to the family of the deceased.