Body of UK tourist found on beach at Kuredhoo Island Resort

The body of a tourist from the UK has been found on the beach of Kuredhoo Island Resort in Lhaviyani Atoll.

Police reported that the body of the 42 year-old woman was  discovered at 12:30am on Friday night. She was a guest at the resort, police said, adding that the Serious and Organised Crime Department was now investigating the matter.

A staff member working on the island told Minivan News that the woman had no injuries on the outside of her body.

“Her body was found just after midnight, on the seashore,” he said. “Police have now arrived at the resort and are investigating the case.”

Another staff member working on the resort told Minivan News that the body had been transferred to Male’ Mortuary.

The Front Office Manager at the resort said he was not allowed to comment on the issue.

Kuredhoo is situated on the northern reef of the Lhaviyani Atoll, 80 miles north of the international airport at  Hulhule.


5 thoughts on “Body of UK tourist found on beach at Kuredhoo Island Resort”

  1. Wait and see the results of the post-mortem before making any comment,and pray it is nothing sinister!!

  2. Can people please stop twisting everything? We are getting so paranoid in this country. My condolences to the family. It is hard for the Management of Kuredu too and everyone who is affested by it.

  3. @ mudcake & Minivan Director

    Wy publish this stupid affirmation?
    May be is an heart attack and mudcake go and blame atheist and homosexuals?

  4. These comments sadden me greatly. She was a close and dear friend of mine and here in the UK we are distraught about her death. Please be considerate and have some respect .


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