DRP accuses MDP MP Mustafa of terrorism for intimidating former president

The opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) have accused Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Mohamed Mustafa of violating the Terrorism Act with comments intended to “intimidate” former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Mustafa had recently criticised the former president and DRP ‘Honorary Leader’ for deciding to take part in an official DRP protest, despite earlier claiming to have resigned from politics.

The DRP today said that Gayoom’s participation in protests “does not mean that he is involved in political events. We believe he can take part in the DRP events to strengthen the unity of the party,  as he is the DRP’s Honorary Leader,” the statement said. “We do not believe that those speaking against this have a valid point.”

Mustafa was recently arrested for allegedly bribing a Civil Court Judge.along with Deputy Leader of minority opposition Peoples Alliance party (PA) and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Ahmed Nazim.

However, the Criminal Court released both MPs due to lack of evidence when of police appealed at the court for an extension of detention.

The Statement said that the former president “deserves the protection afford him under the constitution”, whether other political parties liked it or not.

“That protection cannot be violated when one party dislikes it,” DRP said. “Therefore, the actions of MP Mustafa were to smear the respect of the former president, which violates the Terrorism Act. We will take legal action against him.”

Mustafa replied that DRP’s thinking was “still back in the ancient ages.”

“They are angry because I said that if a former president is becoming affiliated with protests and political events, I might have to take allegations that the person was involved in torture to the court,” Mustafa said. “I also said I will take those issues to the International Court of Justice.”

Mustafa said that to file a terrorism case against him for these comments was “impossible.”

“Maybe it is possible according to the constitution made before Maumoon’s blue constitution,” he said. “One no longer gets sent to the torture chamber for mention the name ‘Maumoon’.”

“There is no treatment or medication for people spoiled with communism,” he added.


7 thoughts on “DRP accuses MDP MP Mustafa of terrorism for intimidating former president”

  1. I haven't read the Maldives terrorism act but common sense tells me that there is no terrorism in this issue.

    As I understand terrorism is when someone tries, assist, plans to carry out an action to intimidate or harm someone and violates someone's right.

    If Mustafa feels his rights have been violated by Maumoon, he has every reason to go to court.

    Maumoon has the right to defend which by all means he can do.

    And Mustafa... do not talk about things you do not know...

    In this case you have no idea what communism is.

  2. Both of these guys are classic and are a different breed!
    Will they own up what they ever have done?
    I guess both first take themselves to the courts before taking upon each other!!!!!

  3. What can you say?

    You ask for a dumbo, you get a dumbo.

    And if the dumbo acts dumb and stupid, one should not complain.

    The act still tops my list is when this MP blamed the voting system for not reading his mind and cast the vote as his mind wanted to, but his hand did not.

  4. How does the terrorism act work? If someone could inform me how Maldivian law defines a terrorist would be greatful?

  5. I really don't know why DRP is making such a big issue everytime some one mention Gayoom by name. I think they ae still incapable as a party to run without him. Wake up folks. No one is going to vote for you with Gayoom around. Not me, for sure.


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