Case of former apostate Nazim sent to Prosecutor General

Police have completed investigating the case of Mohamed Nazim and have submitted the matter to the Prosecutor General’s office.

Nazim publicly claimed he was “Maldivian and not a Muslim” during a question-and-answer session with Islamic speaker Zakir NaikNaik in March, angering many in the 11,000-strong crowd and forcing police and Islamic Ministry officials to escort him from the venue for his own protection.

After two days of religious counselling while in police custody, Nazim appeared before television cameras at an Islamic Ministry press conference and gave Shahada – the Muslim testimony of belief – and apologised for causing “agony for the Maldivian people” and requested that the community accept him back into society.

Deputy Prosecutor General Hussein Shameen confirmed the PG’s office had received the case from police, but had not yet taken the decision to submit it to the Criminal Court.

According to the Maldivian constitution all citizens are required to be Muslim, and the country is always described as a ‘100 percent’ Muslim country.

Minister for Islamic Affairs Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari told Minivan News at the time that he was unsure if Maldivian law had a penalty for apostasy. Where the country’s laws do not cover such a case, Maldivian courts default to sharia law.

Apostasy is considered a grave sin under Islam, although scholarly opinion varies as to its punishment: in response to Nazim’s question, Dr Naik clarified that the penalty was only death “if the person becomes a non-Muslim and propagates his faith and speaks against Islam. Just because a person who is a Muslim becomes a non-Muslim, death penalty is not the ruling.”


56 thoughts on “Case of former apostate Nazim sent to Prosecutor General”

  1. Dear Mr PG,

    Please take the case to the criminal court and give Nazim death penalty under Islamic Shareea.

    Make sure Nazim gets harrassed all the time and never give him any peace.

    Let Nazim be a lesson for all the apostates and athiests in Maldives. If the Islamic Ministry do not do take harsh action now on Nazim there would be others who would follow him soon.

    You know during Gayoom's time he made sure that the public saw and understood his punishment for those who expressed any dissent to him and his government. He did it by showing it.

    The Islamic Ministry should apply now that Gayoom tactic on Nazim to ensure that Maldivians breathe, think, believe, act and say according to how State Minister Mr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed dictates.

    And soon we would see State Minister Mr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed shoot up to No 1 in the World's 500 Most Influential Muslims List.

    And since President Nasheed bends down backwards every time Mr Shaheem whines, President Nasheed will soon be No 2 on that list.

    And all that will happen with Maldives sitting on UN's Human Rights Council.

    Wouldn't that be overwhelming drama?

  2. As ironic as it sounds!

    Shaheem, Baree, Ali Zahir bin this and bin that were on tv on one ih'yaa program. They were asked a question by an attendee "Why does the constitution impose Islam on Maldivians, when it is strictly specified in Quran that there is no compulsion in religion"... the answer to protect the sovereignty

    Can you believe this... These guys know much better than Allah himself!!! Allah says "No compulsion" and they say "No No No... we don't agree"

    Bloody Hypocrites!

  3. As ironic as it sounds!

    Shaheem, Baree, Ali Zahir bin this and bin that were on tv on one ih’yaa program. They were asked a question by an attendee “Why does the constitution impose Islam on Maldivians, when it is strictly specified in Quran that there is no compulsion in religion”… the answer was... it is not against Quran... it was rather to protect the sovereignty of the country!!!!

    Can you believe this… These guys know much better than Allah himself!!! Allah says “No compulsion” and they say “No No No… we don’t agree, cos we have our reasons"

    Bloody Hypocrites!

  4. especially @Kaheenu:

    Wow! am just surprised about how much you and your so-called "Muslim" communities are after this poor little man. He has already repented. He is already a 100% Muslim.

    Boy! Oh! Would I love to see the day you react with such commitment and anger against child molesters. You gotta good case to react to these days. Why not react with the same enthusiasm against Qari Thaufeeq who is under arrest for molesting lots of minors?

    Pathetic I tell you!

    Peace be upon you all and may Allah guide you to onto the straight path.

  5. Mr Kaheen,

    So you are so called peaceful Muslim? Islam teaches peace and its considered most peaceful religion…unless someone says something (yeah sleeping dog never barks until woken up). In this case Nazim didn’t even say anything against Islam, he solely expressed his view, that’s same view of hundreds of Maldivian secretly carry, he was brave enough to come open and confess. What a shame that people like you still exist in our community.

    Listen my friend, killing him or harassing him doesn’t make all humans Muslims, in Quran it recited “Wamin Misqaala Zah’rathin khairan yaraa, Wamin Misqaala zah’rathin shahran yaraa – fahe kashavarun zahrehge minvaruves heyo kameh kohfi meeha ekan dhahnaa ne’eve, Fahe kashavarun Zahrehge minvaru ves nubai kameh kohfi meehaa ekn dhanaa ne’eve” so who are you to deliver verdict of harming him? Are you supreme than the god?

    This is shame, he has expressed his view without hurting any sentimental values of any Muslim, a fact that you need to drill in to your brain is that the Maldives is not a hundred % Muslim country, even long before Nazim ever said anything..

  6. Cephei, "there is no compulsion in religion" verse was abrogated by another later verse from the Koran. Also the verse, to you your religion and to me my religion was also abrogated. These two verses which gave freedom of choice of religion were from Mecca period. The abrogated verses were from Medina period.

  7. This man Nazim is Anni's friend. They chat together in Muliaage. If this is his belief, I have little doubt about Anni's Belief in the religion.
    Attending Friday prayer congregation and acting to be one does not make Anni any more a muslim than his friend Nazim the Kafir.

  8. In this 100% islamic country, people who physically and sexually abuse children are fined a mere 200Rf (That's 3 pizzas and a soda, for all you gourmets out there.) and a bit of house arrest - people convicted of producing child pornography for export get a few years in house arrest. But those who dare to speak their own opinion are faced with the death penalty.

    I say that these so-called Maldivian muslims are just insecure. Why else would they mimic the draconian laws of the catholic church and go "Burn the heretic!"?

    You know, this pattern of injustice in the name of islam is seen anywhere where islamic extremists have taken hold.

    So, exactly what is "islamic" about the behavior of the prosecution?. What is "islamic" about disobeying prophet Mohammed's words? What is "islamic" about injustice?.

    Is that what islam is about?. Injustice?. Oppression?.

  9. Holy Quran Translation,Sura Al-Kaaferoon (The disbelievers)

    [109:0] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

    [109:1] Say, "O you disbelievers.
    [109:2] "I do not worship what you worship.
    [109:3] "Nor do you worship what I worship.
    [109:4] "Nor will I ever worship what you worship.
    [109:5] "Nor will you ever worship what I worship.
    [109:6] "To you is your religion, and to me is my religion."

  10. 'According to the Maldivian constitution all citizens are required to be Muslim, and the country is always described as a ‘100 percent’ Muslim country', is this making all of us muslim by force?

  11. Prosecution of any individual just because he has Left islam is not acceptable. Freedom of religion Is. A fundamental human right. When people leave other religions it is never a big deal. They are neither condemned nor prosecuted.
    What the hell makes Muslims to chop of heads of those who leave islam? What's wrong with these people?

  12. Bury Nazim upto his stomach and stone him to death.

    Maldives must be 100% muslim.

    Anyone who doesn't have the guts to sentence him, step away now.

    We will see what happens then.

  13. Hello my Akh Ismail, you cannot bury Nazim upto his stomach and stone him to death. because if you do that you are hurting the feelings of our beloved president. I said cos I know very well, and I have seen it, they eat on the same sufuraa.

  14. “if the person becomes a non-Muslim and propagates his faith and speaks against Islam. Just because a person who is a Muslim becomes a non-Muslim, death penalty is not the ruling.” I don't think this is what he said. He said that if a person is non-muslim (from the start), death penalty isn't the case but if a muslim CONVERTS to another faith and propagates against Islam then death penalty would be the verdict.

    Now the question is whether Nazim converted or whether he never was a believer.

    But the bigger question is what people like I, who are embarrassed by all this xenophobia in this country should do. Any one wanna fled the country?

  15. I don't see the significance of further prosecution on this case. Nazim has publicly recited the shahada and apologized. From an islamic perspective he is considered a muslim. How firm his own belief is is between him and god.

  16. Question is, was it Shaheem, Baree and Ali Zahir bin whoever that drafted, passed and ratified a constitution that included a previously non-existent clause stating that every Maldivian must be a Muslim? Where is the logic and reasoning that 'liberals' or whoever proclaim, when it comes to these issues? Or do the concepts of justice, tolerance and respect apply only to people who are of the same view as oneself? Is that any different from what people labeled as 'extremists' by the 'liberals' do? Is that not called 'bigotry'?

    Think, Maldivians, think. Don't be led by the nose by every politician, cleric and gangster who would have their way with you.

  17. Whats this same sufuraa talk: seems Nazim & Anni eats from the safe sufuraa .... and Garee Thoufeeq and Gayyoom eats from the same sufura.

    I had a dream of the day of Giyaamath. The Maldivians were carrying their National flag to show where they belong. Dr.Shahid was in the front row holding a bill board, which stated a National Law that reads "ALL MALDIVIANS ARE MUSLIMS." All Maldivians carried a national Identity Card issued by the Islamic Ministry with the signature of Mr. Shaheem. The were all walking in single file, and the angels let the Maldivians pass without a question. Finally they came to the door at the end of the road - specially for the Maldivians. Gayyoom went upfront to help open the gates. The gates swung open ... And inside was a huge blazing Fire .... Everyone screamed we are Maldivians we are maldivians .... showing off their Muslim ID Cards. The screaming was so loud, The angels finally checked The ID Cards to find, they are all expired, and besides was not approved by the Gaumee salaamathaa behey Committee of the Maldivian Parliament. Eventually all Maldivians were thrown into hell, for being Maldivians.

  18. The Qur'an says:
    ["Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects Taghut (evil) and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trust worthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things. " (Qur'an 2:256)]

    Literalists, mainly but not only from the Hanbali school of thought, argue that the above verse was replaced and abrogated (naskh) by verses commanding the Muslim's to force others to submit to Islam.

    Many modern Contextualist’s (those who apply the Qur’an according to context) argue that Islamic Commands to force non-Muslims to convert meant only to force those who were attacking Muslims, only such tyrants as these were forced to convert to Islam. It was necessary to bring such into Islam, to “Compel them to Submit,” for STRICTLY self defense purposes OR to prevent them from tyrannizing, exploiting the Muslims.

    For such contextualist’s, freedom of conscience can only be overridden when it is in the interests of human security.

    The ijma (consensus) of the traditional Madhab's is that an unrepentant apostate should receive the death penalty. There are different points of view on what exactly constitutes apostasy and how long the Muslim should be given to return to Islam. However, they were mostly in agreement that forgiveness should be for the repentant apostate.

    Contextualists argue that Al-Qital (killing of or in another context warfare) as a penalty for apostasy was only applied by the Sunnah for apostasy to save life because the non-Muslims were at war with the Muslims and therefore to join them or to leave Islam implied you were a soldier for the tyrants cause.

    The decision by the early jurists to include the death penalty as a punishment for apostasy was built around the ijtihad and al-rai (opinion and reasoning) of the erarly jurists, and it was derived from Jewish and Christian sources.

    In depth study of the Sunnah where it says that "If he leaves his relgion, kill him..." and other Ahadith reveals that the context was where the tribes believed it their duty to kill Muslims based on laws around tribal honour. If you became a Muslim, your Baiah (pledge of allegiance) was to the Ummah, the Muslim Iqhwan and not to the tribe. The tribal law saw this as betrayal deserving of murder. That was the context in which the death penalty was applied. An apostate was considered a murderous traitor, and most often was one who wanted to kill the Muslims. It was only in this Jahilya context that a Murtadd (one who commits ridda or apostasy) was to be killed.

    Many verses in the Qur'an stipulate that the penalty for apostasy is in the Akhira, the after life.

    Did you know that even Sheik-ul-Islam Ibn Tamiyya agreed that the death penalty was an Akhm (a law) based on a discretionary decision, it was not a Hudd (a law prescribed by the Qur'an and Sunnah...)

    On a few occasions, Prophet Mohammed did not implement the death penalty for apostasy even though others pushed for it to be so.

    Allah is the Rahman, the Rahim, do you know what these words mean? No, do you? I doubt it... The etymological route of these words is a mother's womb, because they are derived from an ancient Semitic route word meaning this...The Mercy of Allah is deeper than the Mercy of a Mother for a child. Do you think that if a young child, in a state of frustration said to his Mother, you are not my Mother, the Mother would kill that child!!! Have some sense!!!

    Prove to Nazim that Islam is something worth while by showing him how Merciful and Compassionate Muslims are to those who return, embrace with his all your heart and forgive him, show him how Benevolent, how merciful Islam is and show him the true nature of Allah and he will love Allah... By behaving like this, you who wish to hurt this man or punish him are portraying the picture that Allah is a petty dictator! Astagfhillah!!! Shame on you! You are doing more damage to the reputation of Islam, to the perception of Allah than what you could imagine! If you go ahead and show to the Maldivian masses that Allah is a petty dictator, the hearts of thousands will turn against Allah even more than they already are! The fundamentalist nut cases that are doing this will split the Maldives apart, will damage Islam in the hearts of many!

  19. Ali on Mon, 30th Aug 2010 10:43 PM
    "...verse was abrogated by another later verse..."
    {{citation needed}}

    Those who advocate faith by force, should consider the day when the force is not with you. When ppl of different belief have that force (via majority or whatever), is it ok for them to impose their own belief by force?

    He who has the power should enforce his belief on you. That is the logic right?

    Ismail on Tue, 31st Aug 2010 2:50 AM
    "...Maldives must be 100% muslim..."
    Maldives is a country. People become muslims. People have beliefs and faiths. Not countries. Oh, you mean Maldivian people should be muslims? And who decides what someone else should believe? You? or President? or Majority?
    If the sentence is rephrased,
    "... Maldives must be 100% christian...", who decides that? And should the christian maldivians be given the power to enforce that?

  20. Death penalty is NOT prescribed anywhere in Quran for apostasy. Infact, death penalty for apostasy (stoning) is described in Quran as a pagan practice, practiced practiced by idol worshipers before Quran was revealed. As per Quran, there is no compulsion in religion. Innovations such as death penalty for apostates are invented by "scholars".

  21. The Maldivian Constitution clearly states that all Maldivians should be Muslims and your citizenship can be withdrawn if you RECANT Islam.

    No reasonable argument can be put forward OR there is no intelligent reason to recant Islam except through politics mingled with FOREIGN interests! These silly excuses might as well deserve to be kicked out from the pier!

    So I think Nazim's case should be tried and dealt in an Islamic perspective.

    @bin dast bin ; who has quoted Al-kaafiroon Surah above, I would like to say that it is no justifiation to allow religious freedom in Maldives!

    I think the setting of Al-Kaafiroon Surah is when Islam was not politically empowered and it was actually the Arab idolators who proposed to Muhammad (PBUH) that the Prophet worship their idol gods for one year and in return, they would worship Allah the next year!

    I think it was in response to the actions of the idolators that Allah revealed that particular Surah by which the Prophet(PBUH) responded to them.

    It was sort of a ransom demanded from Muhammed (PBUH) by the idolators for giving up the Call to Islam. If Muhammad (PBUH) had yielded to their demand the Prophet would win his freedom as well as his followers' from the nasty siege and ECONOMIC SANCTIONS laid upon Muslims.

    Islam stood tough even under that terrible siege and NOW this demand...

    Islam is the only True Faith sanctioned by God/Allah and today it is the religion of Maldives politically and socially empowered.

    So how can someone quote Surah Al-kaafiroon to justify religious freedom in Maldives?

  22. A worthwhile read

  23. heck:
    "...clearly states that all Maldivians should be Muslims..."

    Stating that in a document does not make them muslims! As you clearly know someone saying he is a Muslim does not make him one either! He has to BELIEVE. In addition he has to SUBMIT.

    Use of force to conform will only make hypocrites out of them. I think this country has enough of them already.

    "...No reasonable argument can be put forward OR there is no intelligent reason to recant Islam except through politics mingled with FOREIGN interests!..."
    So do you suppose we should block all communications with the outside world? If that is the case Maldivians would be mostly buddhists still.
    The reality is that people will believe what they want. Only recourse is education. Using the power of force behind us to enforce our own belief on others is not any different than christians or people of other faiths using their power to enforce what they believe on us.

    Whoever will come out on top is a matter of who has more power.

    " it is the religion of Maldives politically..."
    How does a country believe in a religion? Only humans can have beliefs.
    And fact is different people will have different beliefs no matter whether one likes it or not.

    Some people would rather use force to conform others to their own way. Why? What is so noble and grand about it? What is so Islamic about it?

  24. even if it says death penalty is for those who convert from being a muslim, how does one differentiate between a person who believed in islam and someone who didnt believe to start with? dont v al become muslims by default simply cuz we r born to muslim parents? does anyone wait to impose the religion til the child can think for him/her self? whether we like it or not, maldivians are muslims and ther is no way out of it.. u r sealed the day u r born.. if u leave the religion, u r either forced to 'return' to the religion or given death penalty.. or as the constitution states, u r not a maldivian n has to get asylum somewhere.
    for argument sake, lets say the constitution was ammended and maldivians given religious freedom. but as long as sharia law is practiced here, can anyone convert themselves? we r born muslims and hence muslims by default. so if v convert, we would b prosecuted according to sharia law..
    so keep ur beliefs to urselves.. n lets al sing a song that announces v r '100%' muslim, by default..

  25. heck, the constitution of Maldives does not overrule the Quran. Or do you think otherwise?.

    The more you people oppress in the name of islam, the more people like Nazim will be formed. Hate us, despise us - but your hatred only serves as a tribute to our existence.

    So, according to you... a fight for liberty from hypocrisy is a "foreign agenda". Your scaremongering brings us much mirth.

    Besides, I don't think you should call yourself a muslim - after all, you did try to get me hooked on hashish oil, saying it was the only way to earn your respect.

  26. I just wonder if there will ever be light here on earth.

    Why is everybody so afraid to acknowledge that all Religions are man made concoctions to facilitate and exercise power and control. It has no divinity attached to it.

  27. One might actually argue that Maldivians don’t necessarily have to be Muslims as per its latest ratified constitution. Let’s see if this could be the case.

    The key articles in the constitution ( are:
    9. (a) The following persons are citizens of the Maldives:
    1. citizens of the Maldives at the commencement of this Constitution;
    2. children born to a citizen of the Maldives; and
    3. foreigners who, in accordance with the law, become citizens of the Maldives.
    (b) No citizen of the Maldives may be deprived of citizenship.
    (c) Any person who wishes to relinquish his citizenship may do so in accordance with law.
    (d) Despite the provisions of article (a) a non-Muslim may not become a citizen of the Maldives.
    10. (a) The religion of the State of the Maldives is Islam. Islam shall be the one of the basis of all the laws of the Maldives
    (b) No law contrary to any tenet of Islam shall be enacted in the Maldives

    Actually, this is a confusing piece of law.
    The first question is, do you have to apply and “become” a citizen of Maldives after the ratification of the constitution? This seems so from (d). Even those who were citizens before the ratification of the law would have to be scanned for their religious beliefs before continuing their citizenship afterwards. However, the government is not warranting the above law to anyone applying for the National ID Card or a Maldivian Passport. Of course, this doesn’t mean law is not law - just not applied. So a person holding a Maldivian Passport or National ID card doesn’t necessarily have to be a citizen as it wasn’t issued according to this interpretation of law.

    The other interpretation of (d) would be “those who are not already citizens” have to be a Muslim to “become” a Maldivian. This interpretation is also valid on the grounds that no previous citizen (before the ratification) was asked if s/he was a Muslim before being issued a passport or ID card, meaning they did not have to “become” a Maldivian. Under this interpretation there could be valid non-Muslim citizens. Fortunately or not, this is not what is understood by most. The law is seemed to force all Maldivians to be Muslims as in the earlier interpretation.

    So basically, the fate of an apostate rests on lawyers and judges!
    (apostate because a person born to Muslims is a Muslim, and therefore non-belief would mean apostasy – leaving Islam)

    Then comes the next question: Is the parliament allowed to enact the above law! 10(b) says they cannot enact a law contrary to any “tenet of Islam”. Here are the definitions from the constitution
    274 (Definitions)
    “tenet of Islam” means, the Holy Qur’an and those principles of Shari’ah whose provenance is not in dispute from among those found in the Sunna of the Noble Prophet, and those principles derived from these two foundations;
    “Islamic Shari’ah” means, the Holy Qur’an and the ways preferred by the learned people within the community and followers of the Sunnah in relation to criminal, civil, personal and other matters found in the Sunna;
    Tenet of Islam specifically says Holy Qur’an and principles not in dispute, of Shari’ah. Well, nothing in Qur’an is disputed! Correct? Let’s look at Qur’an verse 2:256 (

    “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects Taghut (evil) and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trust worthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.”

    So – is the Law forcing anyone to be a Muslim? What is force? What is compulsion? Is deprivation of citizenship a “force”? No one will kill you if you are not a Muslim. You just don’t get Maldivian citizenship. You can leave or live in Maldives as a non-citizen-resident!!!!!

  28. I think all Maldivians should be branded 'Muslim' on their foreheads and allowed to live free (as in free to abuse little kids too).

    No Islamic ministry or any sort of paid facial hair stamp collections are needed. We will carry the brand and tell the world how happy we are. Happy to live like the folks who lived thousands of years ago. Happy to hate the west and internet but to use it to read this.

  29. I thought Muslims were supposed to be forgiving.....what does Nazim have to do to get you all off his back? He has already read out the Shahadath in front of the nation. What more do you extremists want?

  30. @ ismail 23

    ofcourse ppl r afraid to say anythin against religion.. look wat has happened to nazim who is d only honest person to come forth. and look wat is happenin in this forum.. even i for one, is only able to say al i want cuz m anonymous. otherwise i wudnt dare. not in the current maldives.. hope for things to change, for the sake of everyone..

  31. And I quote from the article:"Apostasy is considered a grave sin under Islam, although scholarly opinion varies as to its punishment: in response to Nazim’s question, Dr Naik clarified that the penalty was only death “if the person becomes a non-Muslim and propagates his faith and speaks against Islam. Just because a person who is a Muslim becomes a non-Muslim, death penalty is not the ruling.”

    Perceptions! Dear friends... it's how the perceptions differ...

    In case people might jump up on my "perception" comment... let me define it:"In philosophy, psychology, and cognitive science, perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information. ..."

    Why all the noises? Nothing will change. let people believe out of conviction & from fear for the worst at hereafter.From fear it can be but it has to be more because of pure love & faith towards our Creator, GOD Almighty (Allah)- That would be as I know the real "Ikhlas" (The purity of faith). See Surah 112, The Glorious Quran.

    BUT let it be "Not just out of fear from other humans."

    Why all the shouting and screaming when a whole generation(or generations) was neglected and let gone astray? If Nazim is to be given "capital punishment", I believe so does the the people who let it happened should take full responsibility. Where is the responsibility of the state, the leaders, the parents, the whole community?

    Well, I am aware a person has to be responsible for his/her own actions; But NOT when the whole community had so openly and obviously neglected to fulfill it's duties- The duties are outlined below in the[Meaning of Surah Al-Asr]

    Lets be sensible and honest when we talk: Do we see on our streets, our homes and in social gathering, and elsewhere the pure practices of Islam? [At least people are trying now after a long time of oppression, misleading , misinformation, and misdirection]

    If I have to be honest I should tell I can see a very "westernized" society in Maldives and along with all sorts of evils out of "Satanism".(Westernization in all wrong ways;most only picks ills of western societies as being "cool" while ignoring some of very beautiful practices by them; Humans tend to easily follow all sorts of wrong practices if those are advertised day and night as being "cool" & that's the reason people need to be always reminding each other for truth and for right path).

    Do we follow Islam as it is supposed to be? Do we at least follow the instructions given in below single surah?

    Quran also instructs us In Sura Al-Asr
    (This Surah is said to be the "Key to Successes" here and hereafter, the fundamental duties of a Human:specially for the believing Muslims)
    Surah 103 - Al 'Asr [TIME THROUGH THE AGES]--1.By (the Token of) Time (through the ages),2. Verily Man is in loss, 3. Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.

    Have we all done our part(as instructed in the above surah)as a human?

    Let everyone answer it to themselves first.

    We all were neglected and all the energy was focused on "material developments" and the "spirituality of this nation" was torn down from up to down (gradually) during past 40-50 Years. Who will take responsibility for that?

    The whole Muslim community is under attack today(& for centuries). But, Insha Allah, Islam will spread and it will become pure and strong (the more they try to defeat it). It was decreed by GOD Almighty and no one can change it.

    Allah Knows Best
    May Allah guide us to Truth, and forgive us for our mistakes.

  32. How much blood needs to be spilled before the government is able to bring and end to the gangsters and thugs that rule our street.Now its not even news that thugs walks into restaurant and cafes full of people and drag people out to be stabbed. Every other day someone gets stabbed or murdered right outside on the street. Do they carry so much political weight that the government and the opposition are both helpless and stuck and bow to their every demand. The protest today wont be criticized or reported much in media. Why people are scared to speak.How many youths have been murdered in the past 5 years9everyone lost count including the MPS).How many were convicted of these crimes? none.I think its about time we learned to win elections without having to appease the violent elements of our society.

  33. If there are HOPEFULS on the allowance of religious freedom in Maldives simply for someone standing UP and saying "I have problems understanding Islam" then they might as well start singing a long LULLABY!

    Remember that polar bear and doggy? Up on a cold cliff singing "ROCK-A-BYE- BABY" !!

    How IMMATURE would Maldives have been if it allowed "religious freedom" just when Nazim announced his apostasy????

    APOSTASY is a state of mind! They need counselling.

    Is Maldives a public toilet on a HIGHYWAY after all?

    I recomend you all watch "Nastik" (agnostic) at the end of which even the Superstar Amitabh declares "Aaj Mein Maanta Hoo Ke Bagwan Hei"

    Simple, yaar!

  34. Ridiculous. Crimes of belief? And how, dear courts, will you present evidence for or against someone's beliefs/faith?

  35. Mr. Nazim has got more power than we imagine. weather Maldives is 100% muslim or not .... is all up to Mr. Nazim's decision. So Maldives better go down on your knees and plead Nazim to stay a Muslim. I thank Nazim for keeping Maldives 100% Muslim for the time being.

    Magey salaam.... Zakir Nike ah.

  36. No court case UNLESS rules and regulations are broken.

    Evidence will be the "action" perpetraded by WORDS or deeds.

    It will be presented to courts by eye witnesses, forensics or other REASONABLE evidence.

    How do dear courts collect evidence for verbal threats?

  37. @heck

    Quoted from the holy Quran translation.

    [2:85] Yet, here you are killing each other, and evicting some of you from their homes, banding against them sinfully and maliciously. Even when they surrendered, you demanded ransom from them. Evicting them was prohibited for you in the first place. DO YOU BELIEVE IN PART OF THE SCRIPTURE AND DISBELIEVE IN PART? What should be the retribution for those among you who do this, except humiliation in this life, and a far worse retribution on the Day of Resurrection? GOD is never unaware of anything you do.

    [12:111] In their history, there is a lesson for those who possess intelligence. This is not fabricated Hadith; this (Quran) confirms all previous scriptures, provides the details of everything, and is a beacon and mercy for those who believe.

    [40:54] (Their history) is a lesson and a reminder for those who possess intelligence.

    [13:36] Those who received the scripture rejoice in what was revealed to you; SOME OTHERS MAY REJECT PART OF IT. Say, "I am simply enjoined to worship GOD, and never associate any idols with Him. I invite to Him, and to Him is my ultimate destiny."

    [15:91] They accept the Quran only partially.

    [6:114] Shall I seek other than GOD as a source of law, when He has revealed to you this book fully detailed? Those who received the scripture recognize that it has been revealed from your Lord, truthfully. YOU SHALL NOT HARBOR ANY DOUBT.

    [12:3] We narrate to you the most accurate history through the revelation of this Quran. Before this, you were totally unaware.

    [37:157] Show us your book, if you are truthful.

  38. @Heh

    the site u suggested read

    beginning of the site it looks like he/she prays for the chosen prophet's house,friends,furniture and everything which he owns. then again in the article it says Muslims don't differentiate among messengers, which is a commandment in the Quran it self.

    since all the prophets are no longer with us,the few ways we can differentiate is in what we attribute to one prophet and to the other i guess.

    quotes from the site u suggested:

    "Muslims believe in all Messengers of God and do not differentiate between any of them."

    "Peace and blessings upon His chosen Prophet, and upon his household, his noble blessed companions,and upon all the messengers and prophets.

  39. For god's sake Bismut. before this country turns 100% atheist, please try to do something more than commenting & jabbering on minivan news. looks like religion is not doing much to this country. democracy is kicking-out the ass of everything thing in this country.

  40. Hmm…

    Abuse children; 200Rf fine.
    Eat during ramazan: 500Rf fine
    Dealing hard drugs: Go free.
    Speaking your mind in matters of religion: Lynch mob calling for your spleen on a blue platter.

    I see a... significant problem. Why is this place considered a 100% muslim country again?

  41. @bin dust bin


    First of all when you have QUOTED Quranic verses, this is talking about you, not me!

    And what are you talking about? Who surrendered and who demanded ransom?

    You a have proven that you are absolutely INCONSEQUENTIAL.

  42. @meekaaku

    "Those who advocate faith by force"

    Yes. These hyper religious ATHEISTS are trying to force their religion on Maldives. Isn't that bad?

  43. heck on Thu, 2nd Sep 2010 7:43 AM:

    Muslims, athiests, christians etc forcing others to follow theirs are in the same boat.

    This is different from Muslims, athiests or christians standing up for their own freedoms.

    When you really look, it is precisely the freedom of conscience that enables you, me and everyone else to be Mulsims too. It just happens that this freedom of conscience is not protected for people who hold a belief that is different from majority backed state mandated belief.

    As I said above, if one day Maldivian constitution states "...Maldives must be 100% christian.." or atheist or buddists and enforced by force of law, it will be the day Muslim scholars (& majority of maldivians) of this country advocate for religious freedom.
    Its a pity that they don't realise its just the other side of the same coin that some are living in already.

    Some people will say 'We' will not let that be written in the constitution. Maybe. But that will still be tyranny. It just happens that some minority are living under this tyranny right now. Is justice to be served when their crowd is a certain size? Do not each individual deserve justice? Or is it related to their numbers?


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