Boy denies charges of terrorism, robbery, assault, kidnapping and possession of pornography

A male aged under 18 has denied charges in the Juvenile Court of robbery, assault and battery, kidnapping, administering illegal drugs, and possessing a pornographic picture in his mobile phone.

Evidence presented to the Juvenile Court by the Prosecutor General’s office included a medical report of the alleged torture and seven witnesses who claimed to have seen the victim with the defendant and a group of people from different areas of Male’.

The defendant, who represented himself, denied the charges against him and requested the prosecution lawyer present evidence proving he had committed the crimes.

The prosecution lawyer presented a medical report of the victim to the court, however the defendant denied the charges saying that the medical report did not state who had carried out the torture.

The Chief Judge of the Juvenile Court Shuaib Hussain Zakariyya fined the boy Rf 666 (US$51.82) for possessing a pornographic picture in his mobile phone, and concluded the hearing saying he would declare a verdict for the case during the next hearing.

The Criminal Court this week also sentenced two other males to 10 years jail in connection with the same case.

Police arrested the underage male along with a group of men in October last year. Police alleged the group kept their victim hostage, robbed his wallet, used his cash card, and tortured him. He reportedly suffered bruises and cigarette burns to his skin.

During a police press conference regarding the case last October, police claimed the kidnappers kept the victim hostage before releasing him for Rf 25,000 (US$1950).

Police alleged the group called the victim’s father and demanded he pay the money for his son’s release.


14 thoughts on “Boy denies charges of terrorism, robbery, assault, kidnapping and possession of pornography”

  1. The Lale' Youth International principal abused children with inhumane punishments like beating with a belt and he was fined 14 dollars, this kid has some stupid nude pic in his phone and gets fined for 51 dollars??? STUPID and RIDICULOUS, is what this is!

  2. Totally agree with "CHUS! on Mon, 30th Aug 2010 7:08 PM"

    if i had believed in sins Maldives will be one country GOD will punish just like "Pakistan (flooding), turkey(earth quack), Indonesia(tsunami) ".

    unfortunately i don't believe that crap. all i hope is some sane rational thinkers. specially for judges.

  3. You have be practical.
    a) Boys will have pictures of girls (naked and otherwise). and vice versa for girls.
    b) Check all private handphone, PCs etc. More than 90% will have porn material. Guaranteed.
    c)He needs to be punished for the robbery, assault if he is guilty of them. But not for porn material mentioned here.
    d)if you stone to death, for adultery, how many of young population will fit the bill?

  4. By the way... possession of pornographic materials is a crime in Maldives?.

    Aw crap, I'm in trouble... I think I have about 20 gigabytes worth of that stuff... IN MY MIND!. LOL.

  5. And why Rf 666? Does the judge think the guy's the devil? This country is going down the drain.....the guy assaulted and kidnapped another but get's fined the Devil's number for possession of pornography?

  6. Out of all the charges you are worried about him being charged for pornography?Shame when you ignore all the other charges just to push the fact that Maldives is an Islamic state yet even in US underage lovers who sent their own nude pictures have been charged and found guilty of child pornography.

  7. @Aishath Maleesha

    Good one, but I don't think they will be convinced.

    Porn is a crime in Islam and our constitution says porn is illegal, that's why, I think he is being charged.

    When will these people called Ahmed Aliased stop hating Islam?

  8. I think this report tries to underplay the real issue ...the kidnapping...and everything seems to be soon we was just last year we saw pics of the kidnapped boy , burnt and even a bloody eye...these guys were brutal..i say chanrge them will all we could ...yes even terrorism was for the other two... these delinquents thinks there is no consequence in life..need to teach them some lesson

  9. WTF - the juvenile charged Rf 666 for some PORN! If everyone who watched Porn was charged - not enuf jails and not enough police. If you rape in Maldives then its fine - you will not face charge and prbly get off free. Great judges great legal judicary. Thank you (dis)honrable judges.

  10. @ Aishath

    possession of porn and sexting is two different things. These youngsters in US convicted distributing child porn where they have strict anti-child pornography laws. Not possession of porn. point here is judges are not able distinguish between possession of porn and child abusing. how is possession of porn is bigger crime than child abusing?

  11. @heck To prove my beliefs i don't need to convince them or any others. Even if they don't believe in Islam doesn't make me loose faith. The problem is that everyone wants to shove their point down our throats. Form the mullahs who want us to adhere to there sub standards to the atheist who to prove god doesn't exits need to bash Islam.Everyone should get a life and move on from the political bigots to the judicial thieves. This country is way past its expiry date.

  12. How much blood needs to be spilled before the government is able to bring and end to the gangsters and thugs that rule our street.Now its not even news that thugs walks into restaurant and cafes full of people and drag people out to be stabbed. Every other day someone gets stabbed or murdered right outside on the street. Do they carry so much political weight that the government and the opposition are both helpless and stuck and bow to their every demand. The protest today wont be criticized or reported much in media. Why people are scared to speak.How many youths have been murdered in the past 5 years9everyone lost count including the MPS).How many were convicted of these crimes? none.I think its about time we learned to win elections without having to appease the violent elements of our society.


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