Court sentences chief suspect in Afrasheem murder case to three years for drug offence

The Criminal Court has sentenced Hussain Humam, the chief suspect charged with the murder of MP Dr Afrasheem Ali, to three years in prison after finding him guilty of a drug offence.

The Criminal Court ruling stated that on July 14, 2012, police arrested Humam while he was under the influence of an illegal substance and tested his urine which showed that he had used cannabis.

Moreover, during the trial Humam confessed that he was under the influence of an illegal substance, the ruling stated.

Including this ruling, Humam will now have a total of 10 years in prison while the Afrasheem murder trial continues.

In March this year the Criminal Court sentenced Humam to six years in another drug related case and also gave him an additional year after finding him guilty of objection to order, as he refused to give urine sample during police investigations into the drug case.

Humam has previously confessed in court that he murdered Dr Afrasheem, but later had changed his testimony and denied all charges claiming that he had confessed only after police threatened him to do so while in custody.

In Humam’s alleged statement produced by police during the Afrasheem hearing he claimed the idea of killing Dr Afrasheem was given to him by Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) officer Azleef Rauf, whom he met at a baibalaa tournament held in 2012.

The pair later met in person again at a coffee, according to the statement, along with two other individuals the statement identified as Abdulla ‘Jaa’ Javid (son-in-law of opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Chairperson ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik) and his brother ‘Jana’.

According to the prosecutor’s statement, Humam was promised a sum of MVR 4 million (US$260,000) for murdering the religious scholar. The statement said Humam later asked Azleef Rauf why Afrasheem was to be murdered, and was told that one of the reasons were Afrasheem’s remarks during the day former President Mohamed Nasheed controversially resigned.

State prosecutors accused Humam, along with Ali Shan – who is also facing the same charges – and a minor identified as ‘Nangi’, of going to the residence of Dr Afrasheem and murdering him with a machete and a bayonet knife.

Dr Afrasheem was a well-known religious scholar and the MP for Ungoofaaru constituency. He was stabbed to death on the night of October 1, on the staircase of his home.


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