Child care worker at Villingili orphanage arrested for mistreatment

Police have arrested a female staff member working at the Villingili children’s home, after she allegedly physically abused a boy living in the centre.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that police had received reports of the incident.

“It’s very difficult to provide further details of the incident at this time,” he said. “I can only confirm that police have received a report that this incident occurred.”

Deputy Minister for Health Lubna Mohamed told Minivan News that media reports of the arrest made in the children’s home were correct.

“A child care worker working at the Villingili children’s home was arrested by police after we learnt that she had physically abused a child living there,” Lubna said.

Lubna said the issue came to light after the director of the children’s home noticed that the child had visible external bruises.

“The director informed us of the incident and we immediately reported it to police,” she said. “We have zero tolerance for such actions. All staff working in the children’s home have to respect the rights of the child.”

Lubna said the staff member was summoned to the Criminal Court which granted a five-day extension of her detention.

In October last year, the Maldives Police Service and the Health Ministry commenced a joint investigation into “erious issues” concerning the mistreatment of children at the children’s home.

However, no information on the matter was divulged.


9 thoughts on “Child care worker at Villingili orphanage arrested for mistreatment”

  1. We have to protect these innocent kids. Haveeru twisted the story. Good work health ministry and thanks.

  2. Doesnt the management do a complete police clearance check before giving jobs in sensitive places (like orphanage) to people like this?

  3. Minister should take precsutions before its too late, a women could be a homemaker, like wise
    child care centre should be headed by a women, and as far as I know, a man is in charge of child care centre.. In the country statistics shows that 99% of child abusers are men .. Thank you

  4. Well dear pin-head or but head, i am not agree with that! woman can be brutal very much as man!! then who is going to believe a woman going to abuse a boy ehehe
    And also here, what this take care people doing with them? this has to be see before, but also here who cares? I sure not I close my eyes! just not to be involed! the it is to late ....

  5. Bravo @ibrahim yasir. No, the management doesnt do any sort of background check on people they hire. If only everyone is as insightful as you the world would be a better place.

  6. Thats Reeko, but I wouldnt say its mu insight. Its common sense. When we recruit people to high risk jobs like health care, orphanages, care homes etc we should do a complete police check or clearance before we hire them. Unfortunately our Maldivian governement officials who are mainly secondary school drop outs don't get this !

  7. Here, here Ibrahim and Reeko-police checks for people who work with vulnerable people should be compulsory, as should training and monitoring staff, these things are common sense to most of us.

    I spoke with someone high up in the health ministry about this 3 years ago when someone I know was badly mistreated at a care home, they agreed saying they would make sure it was priority.....I'm still waiting and every day we hear more and more about these bad things that are happening. Guess the ministry has more important jobs to do than look after the vulnerable, can't think what though...

  8. Well show their face!! What kind of reporting is this???
    You need to plaster this persons face so everyone can keep their kids away from them and make sure they never work with kids ever again. Come on minivan news crew, earn your pay cheque!


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