Civil Court orders Islamic Ministry to reconsider Hajj group selection

The Civil Court has ordered the Islamic Ministry to reevaluate the proposals of four groups it previously rejected from arranging Hajj pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia this year for Maldivians.

The court ruled that the tenders of Al-manasik Private Limited, Al-fathuh Hajj And Umra Group, Al-Safa Private Limited and Classic Hajj And Umra Private Limited, should all now be reviewed by the country’s religious authorities.

The case was filed at the Civil Court by the four Hajj groups, which claimed that the Islamic Ministry had failed to comply and follow the correct procedures in selecting local companies to take Maldivians to Saudi Arabia.

The Civil Court ruled that the Islamic Ministry had followed the correct procedures in its decision to reject the tender proposals submitted by the four groups.

State Islamic Minister Mohamed Didi today confirmed to local media that a decision had already been taken to appeal the ruling at the High Court.

Didi also claimed that the Islamic Ministry had already divided the Hajj quota among eight groups, adding that any changes would create more problems for pilgrims.

On Sunday (April 14), Didi expressed concern to Minivan News that Maldivians might not be able to make the Hajj pilgrimage this year if the court case contesting the ministry’s choice of eight groups was not resolved in time.

The Civil Court issued a stay order or temporary injunction (Dhivehi) on Thursday (April 11), instructing the Islamic Ministry not to proceed with the chosen Hajj groups pending a ruling on the legality of its selection process.

Didi said at the time that the Islamic Ministry would soon have to sign an official agreement with the Saudi Arabian government to finalise the approved Hajj Groups.

“We have already sent the names of Hajj Groups that we have allowed and the Saudi government will call us to sign the agreement any moment now.  If we had to say no we can’t sign the agreement because we are not sure these Hajj Groups would be able to take people to Saudi Arabia this year as planned, then the Saudi government might not give us another chance,” Didi explained.


4 thoughts on “Civil Court orders Islamic Ministry to reconsider Hajj group selection”

  1. LOL. The mullahs are worried that their associated tour agents won't get to make any money. People should just stop wasting their money on these mullahs, their businesses and their Arab overlords. Sensible Muhammadens boycott this pagan circus because of the Wahhabi destruction of the sites. But Maldivians aren't sensible. They'd kiss the feet of their Arab masters even when being whipped and abused. They'll make excellent case studies of Stockholm syndrome for a psychology seminar.

  2. Let us hope that pilgrims wanting to perform their Hajj will not be subjected to humility and disappointment!
    Somehow it does sound that these traitors are ready to let the Saudi authorities know the true story about their failure, accept judgement and amend!

  3. In mordiss, only filthy rich can go to hajj. Such is life in Mordiss.

  4. The pilgrims, after return, do not usually want to talk about the experience, in fear that God would not accept their Hajj. Usually after a few months, they tentatively come out with their sane thoughts. Among them
    a) The Jeddah Airport toilets are the worst he has ever seen.
    b) The Saudi Arabs treat any Non-Arabs, like dogs. Literally.
    c) The pilgrims, are so arrogant, inconsiderate, so maniacally obsessed, it does not matter who they shove, trample, stampede... practically negating the purpose of pilgrimage.

    The stupid Arabian donkeys give the word 'lazy' a new dimension. Had it not been for the black gold (which will run out sometime) and their religious money mint, the tourist stream, which will dwindle and the countries slowly learn the deception there-in.


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